April 8, 2020
Ecommerce MARKETING: 5 Steps To Get Your First Sale

Ecommerce MARKETING: 5 Steps To Get Your First Sale

Are you still waiting for your first sales
after setting up your store? Do you want to know 5 easy ways to get your
first sales? Then don’t turn this video off! Hello, that’s Anna from “Dropship Club”
channel. Our topic for today is how to generate your
first sales in 5 steps. It’s all about traffic generation, customers’
trust improvement and some other marketing strategies and tips. If you don’t have any experience in online
marketing, this video is essential for you. For some of you this advice might sound a
bit obvious, but however, I should have mentioned it. You should create accounts at least on Instagram
and Facebook and link them with your webstore. Here you can place interactive and product
posts manually or using solutions for auto-running and auto-promoting your website on most popular
social networks like Social Rabbit plugin from AliDropship team. Don’t forget to switch your Instagram account
to a business one to get cool statistics about most popular posts and audience insights. This will also give you the access to posts
boosting. In one of my next videos I’ll give the detailed
instruction on how to promote your dropshipping store on Instagram. Here are accounts on Instagram and Facebook
of our test store with different kawaii stuff. Don’t forget about hashtags and fill your
account with pictures and texts which could be interesting to your target audience. Don’t forget to answer questions in the
comments. After you’ve created your store accounts
you can start promoting your store using different methods. One of them is through your personal account
in Facebook Ads Manager. Start traffic campaigns to your FB and IG
pages before testing other goals. This way you will see what products are more
interesting for your potential buyers and what are the characteristics of your target
audience. Also, this will help to grow the number of
your subscribers. I believe that almost every dropshipping store
should have its own blog with articles which would be interesting to its target audience. The first reason is that you can get free
organic traffic, which will probably convert in your purchasers. As for our stores around 30 percents of our
sales are from organics. And it costs us nothing. Write funny posts or make quizzes, it’s
up to you. At the very beginning, you can check buzzsumo
website for inspiration. Don’t miss an opportunity to add Banner
images on product pages and your blog leading to some bestsellers. One more tip: by promoting a facebook post
with a teaser to your blog article you can get a good amount of really cheap traffic
to your site. You could have noticed that I’m paying a
lot of attention to traffic. Thanks to traffic you can understand if your
dropshipping store is a promising one. It helps to analyze your audience and products,
test the niche. So, don’t ignore SEO optimization which
will bring you organic sales. It will also be helpful for your Google Shopping
campaigns, which are the best in sales and traffic generation especially if you have
chosen the trending niche products. It’s really the best way to get your first
sales. Moreover, make sure that you have already
set up your Google Analytics tag and created your audiences. Collect emails from all of your dropshipping
store visitors. You will be able to use these emails by creating
custom and lookalike audiences in Facebook and Google campaigns, but first of all it’s
the best way to remind people about the store and invite them to your special sales with
emails. If customers take their time to shop around
and end up leaving without making a purchase, you can send emails with a special discount
coupon to cart abandoners and past buyers. There are a lot of useful add-ons for email
marketing. Abandoned Cart Add-on from AliDropship team
sends emails to cart abandoners automatically, Opt-in-monster collects all the emails from
our subscribers and mailchimp website helps to create cool newsletters. Thank you for watching this video. I hope you liked it. So, now I want to ask you about your first
sale, when and how did you get it? Write your answer in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe! See you in our next videos.

6 thoughts on “Ecommerce MARKETING: 5 Steps To Get Your First Sale

  1. I got my first sale after my first 2 Instagram shout-outs. First one didn't bring any sales and then I switched to another influencer and it finally worked. That was quite simple. Getting more sales was a challenge though.

  2. Really excited once i got my first sale amount $19.80. I just login my Paypal to send funds and found out a new transaction there. That's a great feeling!

  3. great video! I'm new in dropshipping and still waiting for my first sale. wish me luck with my store!

  4. Nice video, however, you forgot to mention that the "Social Rabbit Plugin" doesn't post images like you have on that nice looking Facebook page.

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