April 4, 2020
eCommerce Marketing – 10 Tips to a Highly Convertible Product Page

eCommerce Marketing – 10 Tips to a Highly Convertible Product Page

– Want to design the perfect
e-commerce product page? Watch this video for 10 great tips. Hi, I’m JD with Marketing 360. And we help small businesses grow with our marketing and
design, talent technology, through our number one marketing
platform, Marketing 360. We call marketing and design,
math, and we love math. And hopefully these videos will help you fall in love with math too. So make sure to follow us to learn tips, tricks and strategies, to grow your business and fuel your brand. So a highly convertible product page is just key to success
with any e-commerce store. But how do you do that? Let’s jump in and talk about 10 tips on how you can really optimize your store and your product pages, so they have the highest
conversion rate possible. Let’s jump in. Tip number one, is to have a big professional
product photography. It’s huge, it’s super key to success, because your product page
isn’t just on your website. If you think about it, you also have this
displayed on social media, on other sites like
Amazon and various places. Google Shopping, Bing Shopping. They’re all pulling in
your product photography. So if you don’t have
good product photography, you’re not gonna stand out in the crowd. Typically when somebody’s shopping on Google Shopping, for example, what they’re really seeing initially is the product photography. And you’re gonna stand out in the crowd if you have real professional, high quality product photography. So that’s key. But then of course, on your
productive page itself, when visitors are landing on your website, or navigating your website, and landing on these product pages, it’s vital that you have big, professional product photography, that’s kind of the first step. Or they’re going to hit the back button, which is called a bounce. And that’s the last thing you want. You want ’em to stay on your product page and it starts with your pictures. Tip two, is to have a nice
professional product video. And by professional, I don’t mean it needs
to be a high production, expensive type of a thing. You can even film this
with your smartphone, they have good enough cameras for sure. What’s important is it’s professional with regards to how you’re
introducing the product, the quality of the product. Talking about the different
features of the product, maybe how it works. This is important, right,
’cause this is your sales pitch. This should be your perfect
sales pitch for that product, that can be given to a thousand
people at the same time, that might be watching that video. So it’s crucial to have that. Think of this as if somebody
walked into your store and said, “Hey, tell
me about this product.” That should be what your product video is, it’s just on your website instead, which is your digital sales person. So don’t just have good pictures, also spend some time
to make a product video for each of your products, that’s going to be huge for
you with your conversion rate. Tip three, is to have some trust badges on your product page. Think of this in terms of,
what are the typical questions or concerns that your shoppers might have? Maybe when they’re talking
to you, or your sales reps, or your customer service people, they’re asking things like,
“Do you have free shipping?” “How fast do I receive my order?” “Do you price match?” Stuff like that. “Is it secure checkout?” These are things that you
should just put right there visible, right away on your product page, answer those questions right out the gate, this is gonna save you support time. It’s also gonna increase
your conversion rate, ’cause people are gonna see those boxes are checked
for them mentality, before they move forward, and you’re taking care of
that with these trust badges. It can be real simple designs, you can have a designer onsite do it. You can even do it in bullet points, although not as effective as images. Image badges look better, you can put ’em just right in a row. Maybe underneath your product pictures, or in your product description. Make sure that they stand out and you don’t have to scroll
down a mile to see ’em, that’s gonna help with
conversion rate as well. Tip number 4, is to have
an SEO optimized title tag and description. This is important because
people are searching on Google and Bing all day long, to find things that they
want to potentially buy. And you want to be
visible when they do this. So, you’re gonna want to
optimize all your product pages. Don’t have a title that
is just a catchy name, maybe that you’ve
created for your product. Think about how you can
have an SEO optimized title. What are people actually
searching when they’re looking for that type of product? That should really be your title. And if you want a catchy
little phrase after that, you can add it at the end. But having that SEO optimized
title in the beginning, is gonna be crucial to
ranking high online. And then integrate that into
your description as well. Don’t just have a one
sentence description. You know, try to get in
there at least 150, 200, even up to 500 word description. That’s gonna build content on your page and help you rank better as well. Tip number 5, is to have a
clear price and order button on your page. It should be real easy to
identify and find the price. And also easy to find and see
the call to action button, which should be to order
online or purchase now or add to cart, whatever
you want to call it. That should be big, it should
have a color that stands out, and it should be high up on the page so you don’t have to scroll
down a mile to find it. If you have those things, it’s gonna help people find
their way to checkout easier and increase your conversion rate. Tip 6, and this is one
that gets missed a lot, but it’s to have a lot of
reviews for your products. I can’t tell you how
many e-commerce stores, I look at their product pages and they literally have no
reviews, no reviews, no reviews, sometimes one review. This isn’t gonna be very effective, right? People want to have a sense
of confidence and trust when they go to your product page. And to have that, they really want to hear
from third party reviews. And what does that look like? And if those are strong, four and five stars with
some good comments in there, that’s really gonna increase
your conversion rate. It’s also gonna help your product
page rank higher in search which is key, ’cause you have
more content on the page. So spend some time, invest some time, into getting reviews for
folks that buy your products. Follow up with them, get those reviews, so that the product page
has a lot of reviews and that’s gonna equal a lot
of orders for your store. Tip number 7, is to have
social share icon buttons on your product pages. This is important, cause a lot of times
somebody sees something, they want to share it with their friends. Maybe this is a product one
of their friends would like, and they just could
click the Facebook button and easily share that online. Maybe it’s a gift idea they
want to send to their husband, “Hey, I’d love this for
Christmas,” or whatever, boom, they can click
it and share it online. So these social share buttons are huge, cause it’s going to
increase referral business. Which is something that you
may not be currently receiving, but it’s a huge opportunity
that’s out there, and it’s just as easy as
adding these social share icons to your product pages. Tip number 8, is to have
an easy to find call number for support or sales, and if you don’t have that, maybe a chat. That’s important because
somebody needs to easily identify and find these things on your page if they do have a question or a concern. Otherwise you’re gonna lose that business if they can’t easily find it. So have the phone number right there, maybe in your header,
so it’s easy to find, also in your footer. If you have chat, have chat. and make sure you’re available too. There’s nothing more
frustrating than a phone number without hours of operation or something, and you call it any nobody answers. Generally you’re gonna hit the back button and shop somewhere else. So think about those things
and get those on your site. Tip number 9, is to have a fast load time on your product pages, and a mobile friendly product page. This is crucial because 80%
of people are shopping online with their phone these days. They’re at the couch at night
kinda scrolling through, shopping, navigating. They’re not on their computers, they’re probably not really on iPads. They’re on a small
screen like their phone. So make sure that your product
page looks really good there and loads quickly, otherwise
your gonna lose that business. And tip 10, last tip,
is to compare your site, your product pages with your competitors. Pretend you’re a shopper. Pretend you don’t know yourself. Pretend you don’t know anything, and you’re just shopping
and you’re browsing. Click on your site. Navigate to your product pages. Look at you product pages. And then do this with
your competitors as well, and be honest with yourself. Would you buy from you,
or would be buy from them? And if the answer is them, you’re gonna want to make some
changes on your product pages and your sites so that it
converts at the highest rate and is really the best
compared to your competitors. So that people that are shopping
and browsing choose you, and not your competitor. So hopefully this video was enjoyable, you had some good tips
that you can take back to the fort, to optimize your product pages
and your e-commerce store to convert at a higher rate. If you like the video, like it. If you have any comments
or additional tips, please do leave that in the comments. Share this video with friends
that might be interested and also follow us for more content like this in the future. Happy marketing.

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