April 5, 2020
Ecommerce Is Changing: Here’s How You Should Prepare For 2019 & Crush Your Competition

Ecommerce Is Changing: Here’s How You Should Prepare For 2019 & Crush Your Competition

Hey, what is up guys? It’s Rafael here your 7 ecommerce coach and today I’m going to teach you how to prepare for the new Shopify ecommerce drop shipping trend but you’re seeing a lot of people teaching you the same exact stuff Year after year month after month take a product from Aliexpress put it on Facebook outs and it’s gonna work Magically, well almost always that’s not the case. That’s when 99% of entrepreneurs fail in their first attempt It’s because they’re not following right processes, and they’re not adjusting to trends So I’m going to teach you how to prepare for the new trends how you can be ahead of your competition Absolutely crush it you want to watch this entire video, you know until the end so You know exactly every single step and every single thing you need to know to prepare. Let’s get onto it right now So first thing that you need to know is that drop shipping and ecommerce Shopify is gonna go from the general Random product, you know just building a random store to the brand route It’s gonna a lot of people, you know They had success building some general store putting some random products on there and selling them for random prices to random audiences They had success with that when Facebook ads were cheap when nobody was doing this Now that’s really really hard and the trend is going towards the brand route People are actually building legitimate companies and legitimate brands not just random products and random stores So I highly highly highly encourage you to Start building a brand start thinking of a legitimate brand to build not just some random store That’s gonna make you five 10k a month Know you want to build a legitimate business legitimate brand that makes a lot of profit that employs people That makes money long term. You don’t wanna make money for the next six months and then never make money again That’s so stupid. Right? So you want to think of this as a long-term game? It’s like you’re putting in the effort right now to reap the rewards in the next three six twelve months But giant rewards right? Not just a couple pennies a couple dollars So that’s the first thing right the trend is the first thing to watch out for and the trend Is that a lot of people are going from general source to niche stores and very branded stores And that’s one of the things that made me really successful Especially my swimsuit company is we built a legitimate brand we had our packaging We we were shipping from the US We had a brand that people could come back to every single time and when we changed from just being a random Sooo company to being a swimsuit brand and having that brand loyalty brand awareness a repeat customer wait went through the roof We are making more profit per sale. We’re getting sales from referrals. Right? A lot of people have bought our products We’re telling their friends about it and getting sales for us on autopilot. Basically, we started getting affiliates and our business just Skyrocketed from there as soon as we built a legitimate brand this is what you want to do for you know your entire ecommerce churning your ecommerce store is you want to actually build a brand and Niche down as much as possible. You can start off general Niche down build a brand and then grow up from there And that’s how you reach the seven-figure eight figure line figure level that I want to get to it. Very very soon now Second thing that you need to watch out for is that you need to use other types of traffic and not just Facebook right A lot of people are teaching you You know Aliexpress take some random product put it on Facebook ads and it’s gonna magically work Well, this is not the case anymore because Facebook ads are very very expensive right now So you want to combine Google Instagram Facebook organic traffic all together. That’s the best way that it works Facebook is great, but it’s great for you know retargeting It’s great for impulse buying it’s great in combination with Google and Instagram. I encourage a lot of my students a minor circle program To get coal traffic from Google and retargeting on Facebook That’s the best thing that I’ve seen working for me and my students is just using Facebook as a retargeting tool For that impulse buy for that You know brand awareness and then Google is the one that you use for the warm traffic because on Google you know have a training on that Google asset or you can check it out here on my youtube channel, and essentially people are It’s a higher buyer intent people want to buy that product That’s why they’re searching for it Then if you show it again on Facebook, they don’t buy from Google you show it again on Facebook. Boom you get the sale right away and you’re making like 10 dollars for every dollar that you spend if you watch the training and the First thing in the description I show you how weak you can get ten dollars for every dollar that you spend Through Google and Facebook how to combine those two and then how to add Instagram into it again So I see the trend going up like a lot of very successful drop shippers are gonna actually go the Google and Instagram route instead Of just doing Facebook ads a lot of people are just doing Facebook ads are gonna get stuck in the mud Back and they’re essentially not gonna make any profits Next year in the next couple years step3 Or thing three that you have to watch out for is you have to look for better suppliers Not just Aliexpress and what I mean by this is not like you don’t need to the high-ticket drop shipping Although I do encourage high ticket Products you don’t need to do high ticket What you need to do is that you need to start sourcing products from english-speaking countries as much as possible and you need to start Warehousing your products as much as you can a lot of these successful seven-figure eight-figure brands they have warehouse products in the US or they’re shipping from the US and with that that gives you an edge over your competition it gives you Cheaper shipping times it gives you a better quality It gives you like if your products are private labeled in the US or in in Canada UK Wherever your based or wherever your shipping out of it gives you an edge over your competition Like I have one of my students he’s doing like 3k a day right now consistently 3k a day and he ships 90% of his products from the United States So essentially he has he does have some products in China surprise finally Express, but most of the products are warehouse in the u.s Made in the US and then shipped out to his customers in two to three days and as soon as I did that with my business like I warehouse in the US shipped from the US I saw one my Repeat customer rate go up through the roof. Like I just talked about and then like just two reviews and what people thought of our company on our products went up through the roof because Those products were getting there like two to three days The quality was really high because it was source in the US shipped from the US and yeah that’s how I see the third thing going in this trend is that People are just gonna start using english-speaking countries as their suppliers and they’re gonna start looking for suppliers that are not in China They’re not Sketchy like some of the suppliers on Aliexpress if you want to check that video out that I made on how to ship in one To seven days from the US and all other english-speaking countries. You can check the link in the description I put it in there or here in the channel just check shipping in the channel. But yeah, those are the three main things It’s like one is they’re going to brand route and a lot of successful people are gonna go the brand route and a lot of people like You know are gonna make money it’s because they’re going to brand route and I’m doing that right now I’m gonna keep doing it the next months and years to come Second thing is look for a different source of traffic, right? look for Google Instagram Facebook and combine them all not just Facebook ads and it thing is That you need to start sourcing From english-speaking countries, not just Aliexpress because everybody can do that, right everybody some random kid in wherever he is He can take a brother from Aliexpress put on Facebook ads and then compete with you But if you have that edge over them Like my student nobody can compete with them because he’s making 3k a day 2k a day Just by sourcing from the US and shipping in two to three days Nobody can compete with that unless they do that and they put in the effort and the time In order to you know source from the US So the competition is like you abolish your competition in that moment and it’s like really easy to stay on top of everybody else So yeah, those are our main three things that’s how the trend is gonna change and those are my top three tips to watch out for on how to essentially beat your competition crush your competition in 2019 2020 so I’m 21 and whenever you’re watching this, I don’t know What time it is right now? If you want a comment below what time you know, what what period of what year what month whatever it is you’re watching this and if you’re getting value from it do hash tag value on the On the comments if you like this video thumbs up and click that thumbs up button subscribe to this channel Thank you so much for watching I have a free training on how to make ten dollars for every dollar you spend By combining Google Facebook and Instagram check it out in the first link in the description or check out the other Videos here on the channel Google Ads Facebook Ads ecommerce, whatever you want to learn. It’s essentially it I’m gonna give you a little tour of the beach here in Fajardo, Puerto Rico pretty nice and windy and I’m staying here in Puerto Rico for the next seven to ten days And then we’re going off to New York and then Croatia and then after Croatia Poland and then a bunch of other countries So you’ll see a bunch of nice views and nice videos coming at you on this channel And that’s it If you haven’t joined my free Facebook community for your Facebook group joining the link in the description, and you can also book a free One-on-one coaching call with the link in the description I’m offering them for the next couple months free one-on-one coaching calls with me to address your essentially the strategy I you need for your business because in nineteen thousand twenty whenever you’re watching this how to combine those three güell Instagram and Facebook to make $10 for every dollar that you spent because We don’t just want to make revenue. We don’t just want to make 100k months We want to make it’s better make 50k and then make 20k profit and make a hundred K and make ten K profit, right? It’s less effort. It’s more. Margin. It’s better for you and for everybody else So, yeah, also building a brand helps a lot with hiring when you’re hiring people You have a vision mission and principles, which is what I have I have a vision which is creating products that help people’s lives and when you have a brand a legitimate company, it’s easier to do that and it’s easier to Install in your team and saw into the people that you hire rather than just having a random Dropshipping store that you just you’re just doing it for money. Essentially you want to create something bigger than yourself I always think about that like create something bigger than yourself not just for monetary gain but for like actually Changing the world. Like that’s a lot of big big companies are very successful because they have that mission and ambition of We want to make something bigger than ourselves and want to make something that transforms it helps people, but it’s about it for today I’m gonna stop talking. I will see you

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