April 8, 2020
Ecommerce Inventory Management Made Simple – Acctivate

Ecommerce Inventory Management Made Simple – Acctivate

Whether you’re new to selling products online or you already have multiple channels for order taking, adding another system to your operations can seem like a challenge. So how do you handle multi-channel orders
while keeping inventory counts in sync and your customers happy? Keep it simple with Acctivate’s Web Store
Integration. Treat your web orders the same way you would
treat direct orders. Acctivate integrates with many popular ecommerce
platforms so you can connect your web store to consolidate your inventory and sales data. This allows you to automatically sync up:
New orders New and existing customers
Product availability Shipment tracking information
And Order status By storing and managing orders in Acctivate,
you can fulfill and streamline your day-to-day warehouse operations while providing accurate
order information across the entire company. Improve customer service by reducing errors
and start shipping products faster and more reliably. Give your ecommerce platform a boost and easily
handle your multi-channel orders. Acctivate. Powerful. Easy-to-use. Affordable.

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