April 1, 2020

ECommerce for Moodle, Totara, Joule, Brightspace & Kallidus courses: Discount methods

In this quick video I�m going to take you through the various discounting methods in Course Merchant. Basically there are three types: multiseat purchase discounts, membership discounts, and voucher or coupon codes. Let�s look at multiseat discounts first. These are pricing bands that you set for different quantities of a product. When a customer buys a quantity of seats that falls within one of your pricing bands, the discount is automatically applied before checkout. These are simple to set up and change within your Course Merchant administration area. There�s more on multiseat discounts in the video with that title, and the mechanism for allocating multiple seats to learners is covered in the video titled Multiseat Licence Management. Now let�s look at membership discounts. These are triggered by a profile field in your LMS. For example, you can have a �membership level� field with different discounts applicable for different levels of membership. Or you can give discounts based on email domain in LMS profiles, which gives a discount to purchasers from a particular organisation. They can be set to any profile field in the LMS, which makes them pretty flexible. But however you use them, they are automatically applied to your chosen catalog products when the user is logged in to Course Merchant. There�s more on this in the video titled Membership Discounts Based on LMS Profile Fields. And finally, voucher or coupon codes. You can create codes that are single, multi- or unlimited use and set an expiry date for promotions. They can be constrained to a product or a category. And they can be appended to your product URLs to create �Buy Now� buttons that you can paste into emails, blogs, web pages or tweets. Buy Now buttons with vouchers bypass your catalog and take the customer straight to checkout with the voucher discount already applied. So I hope that was useful, and please see the other videos here for more info on each feature.

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