April 3, 2020
Ecommerce Expo 2017: The Importance of Data

Ecommerce Expo 2017: The Importance of Data

Hi I’m Beth and I’m at Ecommerce Expo
in London and I want to talk to some retail experts about the importance of
data. So in today’s world I think marketers are looking at Google Analytics typically to analyze website traffic but typically we now
have seen that it’s more important to understand the customers behaviour so
looking at kind of abandonment rates conversion rate of the website and
lifetime value for client’s sites. When I talk to customers and a lot of retailers that I work with – we look at things like customer CSAT, look at NPS but
more and more often these days we’re really talking about what we call
customer effort and how easy is it for you or for your customers to actually
engage you as a brand and get the support across their channels as they want. When it comes to email marketing, most marketers focus on their opens and their clicks, which is great it tells you how any individual email performs but very few if any
e-commerce providers make money off of an open or a click it’s all about
driving people the website and ultimately converting that into a sale. Whilst opens and clicks are great, really focus on the revenue That’s it from us, want here the latest
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