April 6, 2020
Ecommerce Expert Gains Clarity and Confidence – Vancouver’s #1 Mastermind Group

Ecommerce Expert Gains Clarity and Confidence – Vancouver’s #1 Mastermind Group

– My name is Ali Tavanayan. I am the owner and founder
of TEI Web Solutions. I started back in 2005, and I was solo and doing everything by myself. Then in 2008, I hired my first employee. That was a big change
because I had a fear of how can I grow my business? Taking responsibility
of new person, make sure I can pay them, and you
have tasks for them, that’s a big challenge all the time. The growth of the business
was really important to me all the time. Then in 2013, I’d grown out suddenly to 12 employees, I felt some
pain, because I didn’t know how should I manage a larger team. And it was the time within
less than a few months I realized I lost about
$75,000 on just wages and it was quite painful. And I end up almost
firing everyone overnight and going back to only one employee. And the only reason was, I didn’t know how should I grow properly. To be honest, before I met Dan, I had different kind of mentors. I met about five or six different mentors. I had wrong mentors, I
have unvalued mentors which they didn’t know
and couldn’t understand my business style, my business
type, my business scale, or the things which is
related to my business. At some point I hired the
mentor, which learned to realize he is broke himself. Another time I hired the mentor which I knew he was successful,
but he used to manage company with 4000 employees. Not a company with only 12 employees. And that was the wrong mentor. Throughout the time, I learned
who is the right mentor for my company. And I learned I have to
choose the right mentor. When I met Dan, I realized,
yes, he worked with the same scale of the
business that I have. I’m in e-commerce and web development, he had the same experience. He’s familiar with my business. When I’m sitting in his sessions, I’m listening to him, I realize, yes, he knows what he’s talking about. Because it’s exactly about my pain points. Exactly what I need to
know to grow my business. That’s the reason I would love
to continue working with Dan, and I’m glad that I know him, and actually let me share with you a
small, quick story about Dan. I remember first time
Dan started the event, and his first Vancouver
Entrepreneur Group, he was at the stage, and he was saying, okay you know what, if you’re here, and if you’re a bad apple,
I’m gonna use all my power and kick you out. I was poking the person next to me, I said ‘You know, I think I’m
one of those bad apples.’ I didn’t hear anything original
from him, whatever he said, I heard it’s from Colleen, from Iman, from here and there, there was
nothing original about Dan. Until the next invitation for events. I said hmm, I’m gonna go
and listen to this guy one more time. And guess what happened
by end of the session? I was begging Dan, Dan, Dan, can I become your mentee? Could you accept me to be my mentor? Because I realized no, he is original. The data and the
information that he shares is original and he wants to help. It’s not a sales speech. You go to lots of sessions
and feel like, yeah, they just wanna sell you something. Or they just want to motivate you but don’t give you the solution. Or they give you the solution but they don’t motivate you. Dan motivates you, gives you
a solution, gives you a hand, and mentors you, and tells you exactly where you have to go. One of the biggest challenges that I have to working with really successful mentor was to be able to realize ‘Okay, can I really afford a mentor?’ A multi-millionaire mentor. Because I realized this
guy is not gonna work with the smaller guys. I was still a small-sized,
medium-sized business. Dan introduced a solution
that I could afford. And that was actually
really motivating me. It was really motivational,
because I realized yeah, the structure he put for
the fees that I have to pay for this mentorship, it’s not the fee, it’s actually motivating or pushing me to become more successful. Then I would start seeing it not as a fee, actually as the way how
can I grow my business. And I love how Dan
designed this structure. The experience with
Dan and his mentorship. It’s different. It’s different in a way that
he sits and listens to you and what is your pain. What’s your issue. And any issue, whenever
I shared it with him, right away, on a stab,
he has a really solid, viable, applicable solution for it. There is no BS. And that’s what I like about Dan because he is right to the point, he knows exactly how to solve it. I would say the word that can
describe Dan is knowledgeable. He knows. That’s good about him. He knows exactly what he has to do. And he tells you what you have to do. Because he wrote all
those books, he attended all those mentorships,
and he invested in himself a lot more than me. And guess what? He has absolutely no resistance
to share it with you. I get all the information I want from him and he’s open. I just need to ask. How working with Dan
changed doing my business? First thing is, I have more confidence. Because I know that I have a backup. If I have difficulty, if I have questions I’m not gonna have any doubt anymore. I know someone knows the answer. I just need to ask him,
and definitely a solution, a good solution, that will
come out of that question. Knowing that there is a
backup that you can rely, and you can get help is a
really good peace of mind. That, the best experience I
have within a year and half of working with Dan, that I know there is someone to lead me. One of the good things
that I love about Dan is his networking. He is connected to lots of peoples. And I love this, because
I probably couldn’t touch or reach those people without Dan’s help. Part of that network is the inner-circle. The inner-circle is the
people that I confidently can share my business success, as well as my business issues. And I still feel secure, and I know they care about my business. They are not my competitor,
they are not gonna get unhappy if I’m successful,
or happy if I’m failing. This is the inner-circle,
this is the trust-circle. We are helping each other, and we are trying to grow together. I would recommend Dan
to other entrepreneurs because I know he can help them, too. If I can see an entrepreneur who is struggling with his business, who is trying to grow
but they don’t know how, or they already tried and failed, or they have some gap in their knowledge or in their business, I
know Dan can help them. That’s the reason I’m gonna tell them yes, I know someone who
can fix this for you. Then I will invite them
to one of the VEG events and ask them to come and
see it for themselves. And I know, when they see it once, they’re gonna come back later. Everyone needs to have a mentor, we all know, even Bill
Gates or Steve Jobs, everyone has a mentor. Doesn’t matter how small
or how big you are, you need someone to look after you and guide you from outside. You need someone who
knows better than you. Dan is the one who knows better than you. (electronic music)

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  1. People who really want to learn, and can't afford to learn directly from Dan… simply watch all the videos from this list(Dan Lok Inner Circle (DLIC)) and listen to the stories the people who work/worked with him share. So much value and tips, and stories… just listen and learn.

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