April 4, 2020
Ecommerce Empowerment Mastermind group info Dec 15th

Ecommerce Empowerment Mastermind group info Dec 15th

Thank You for your interest in Ecommerce
Empowerment Mastermind group I’m Jessica Hill and Gabriella Lilly and
I have established a PRIVATE EXCLUSIVE Facebook group where we teach you all
things ecommerce every week we release a new learning unit, kind of like college,
and every month we have a new class! So, we’ve already taught Retail Arbitrage
Basics, Retail Arbitrage Advanced, How to find a 101 Wholesale Contacts
in less than a minute! We’ve also taught Amazon bundling Amazon Meltables, we’ve taught how to profit your first $1000 at T.J.Maxx Ross
Marshalls and How to Fund your Business Creatively in over 50 cheap or creative
ways tonight is December 15th and we are teaching
an Etsy class Gabriella has been on Etsy for over eight years and she is going to
show us and teach us all about Etsy and how to become successful not only just
crafts and handmade items but also print on demand item and things that you can
automate! So in our in our group we offer 24/7 support Gabriella and I have both
been on ecommerce platforms for over a decade for me it’s over 15 years and
she’s been on e-commerce and various platforms for many many years. We
just want to share our knowledge with you the new seller! So, if you’re new if
you’re seasoned we have something for everyone and we’re always here to help!
So please sign up and join us in Ecommerce Empowerment Mastermind group!! THANKS!

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