March 29, 2020
Ecommerce emails & LAUNCHING THE STORE | Webflow Ecommerce series – Episode 6

Ecommerce emails & LAUNCHING THE STORE | Webflow Ecommerce series – Episode 6

– Hey Designers. Welcome back to my online
store build series. I’m taking you through the full process of creating my new online
store using Webflow Ecommerce, and we are nearly at the end. This is the last video in the series, so if you’ve missed all the rest you have missed out on a
lot and I would advise you to go check out the rest of the videos in a playlist linked on a card up there and also in the description. In this video we are putting the final touches onto my store. I’m gonna be setting up the emails that’ll be sent out to customers
when they place an order. I’m gonna run through the checklist, make sure that I’ve covered everything, that all of the details
that need to be filled out have been filled out and
that I’m ready to go live. Let’s dove in and start with emails. (“Hackbeat” by Kevin MacLeod) Let’s take a look here at this checklist. There’s lots of green
ticks, which is good. There’s not a lot left for me to do. The main thing is designing
my ecommerce emails, so let’s click this and
go to the email settings. Basically, there’s a
bunch of different emails that I need to layout. Some of them are what I will receive when a customer places an order, like this one here that you can see. Some go to the customer. Basically, I just need to make sure that all of the content is
saying what I want it to and that all the colors match my design. Things like that. I definitely want to add
my logo to this email. That’s for sure. Think that’ll make it look
a lot more professional. (upbeat music) And as well as the logo and the color, I can also customize a lot of the text within these email templates, so let’s go through and make sure they’re all saying what I want. Sounding like they’re
coming from me essentially. (upbeat music) This first email is
one that I will receive as the merchant when a
new order comes through, so it’s gonna be especially
important to make sure that all the copy and things
is right on this email. If you’re building a store for a client, they’ve gotta understand when
they need to fill an order. Since this one’s just
coming through to me, I’m gonna say like well done you. (keyboard clicking) Who doesn’t love a bit
of self-praise, you know? (upbeat music) And this next email is
one that my customers will be sent when an order is placed. (upbeat music) There I’ve done the copy for the email a customer will get
when an order is shipped and also when an order is refunded, if they request a refund. I’m just gonna quickly
send myself a test email, just to be sure that they’re
coming through how I want. Here we go. This is what my email’s looking like. Looks like that’s all good to go. Let’s revisit this checklist. It looks like we are almost ready to go. I just need to enable the checkout. One thing that I have done
that I’ll just show you is I upgraded my hosting plan. You need a different hosting plan to a regular website to
be able to use ecommerce, so I’ve just gone for
the standard one here. That’s just a thing to note is that if you are hosting a
website on Webflow already, you’re gonna need to
change your hosting plan in order to be able to use ecommerce and it’ll tell you hat in the checklist if that’s something you need to change. All I need to do is enable my checkout and my store will be ready to go. Super excitng. Then, just like publishing
any other changes to Webflow site, publishing
a store is the same. I’m going to go publish
the selected domains and that’ll send my
store live to the world. Let’s take a look at my store. This is live on me site. I’ve got these hover states on my images here on this home page and they scroll. If I come over to a category here, like you saw this is my
category organization, and if I click into an item this has got the colorful
background that changes depending on the category of the print and then I’ve got my
little image switcher here. And because I literally just
published it just this second I don’t have any orders
yet, but I wanna show you where they’ll come in once I do. It’ll be here in this
editor version of the page. There’ll be a list of the orders I have and I’ll be able to fulfill them and send off prints to their new owners. Then one more thing I wanna
show you to do with ecommerce, if you come over here and to the settings look at this integrations tab that I don’t think I’ve gone through yet. You can set up to sync your inventory, like all of your products, with Facebook to run Facebook and
Instagram ads with Google, as well as run retargeting ads. That’s a really good way to
drive sales to an online store. I don’t know if that’s something that I’m gonna experiment with, but, if it’s this easy, I
might as well give it a try. I just wanted to show
you that it’s an option and that’s a thing that you can do or that your clients can do if you’re setting up a
store for someone else. And that, my friends, is
it. That’s my online store. Thank you for sticking with me throughout this whole build process. I know it was a lot of
detail that I went into. I appreciate you watching. I hope you got some value out of it. I hope you maybe got some inspiration for creating your own online
store or online store designs or if you just found it interesting to see how I built this out. If you’re felling inspired by this and you wanna make your own online store then you should check Webflow at the link here onscreen right now or link down below in the description and just get playing with it. Get building. There is still a lot more that
I need to add to my website, like right now it doesn’t
even have a portfolio section. That’ll be the next section that I tackle and I’ll be recording the
whole process of that, so if you’re not subscribed
to my channel already and you’d be interested in seeing that then make sure you subscribe and hopefully I will see you when that series of videos comes around. Thank you for watching. Hope you have a good day. And I will see you in my next video. Bye. (“Hackbeat” by Kevin MacLeod)

12 thoughts on “Ecommerce emails & LAUNCHING THE STORE | Webflow Ecommerce series – Episode 6

  1. webflow looks incredible. i always see ppl use shopify or wix or set up stores on amazon and the like. i would rather design my shop myself instead of using standard templates.

  2. Great video! I love the design of your channel too!! I just found you and subscribed, so Iā€™m going to check out the earlier videos! Really enjoyed this!!

  3. Sorry but i'm getting a bit off the course here but in watching your video I couldn't help but notice that your glasses appear to be progressives or you might call them vatifocals? Either that or they are just single vision to correct farsightedness or as you may call it longsightedness. If you're wondering i'm a retired optician so I tend to notice things like that in glasses. If you don't mind my asking where do you buy your glasses from? They look very nice on you by the way. Have you ever considered ordering your glasses on line? It's a really great way to save a lot of money considering how expensive glasses are even with insurance. Back in my working days one of my young female opticians came in to work one day wearing a pair of really nice looking glasses that didn't come from our store. So O asked her about them and she told me that she got them on line from a site called Zenni Optical ( and they only cost $16.00 and that included her prescription lenses as well She even got an optional AR coating (anti-reflective) I asked her if I could see her glasses because I really wanted to take a better look at them. She took them off and handed them to me and I looked them over closely and was impressed at the quality they were. The AR coating was very good and I puled out her chart to check the accuracy of the prescription lenses and they were made perfect to her prescription. That was 15 years ago and since then I have placed many orders with Zenni. They actually have a rather nice selection of glasses starting at $6.95 and they also include the prescription lenses. But they have several hundred for under $13.00. Since you now seem to be wearing glasses full time you might want to have several pairs of glasses in your prescription just to change your look a bit. Or maybe you need a nice pair of prescription sunglasses for those sunny days.

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