April 3, 2020
Ecommerce Disruptors: Making Your Website A Progressive Web App

Ecommerce Disruptors: Making Your Website A Progressive Web App

Hi, my name is Denis and I’m a developer
here at Electric Enjin and today I want to speak to you guys about Progressive
Web Apps and why your website should be one. Progressive Web Apps combines the
benefits of the native application as well as the share ability of a URL link.
There are three major principles to getting your website in a progressive
state we’re just gonna quickly go over them today.
The first principle is the interactiveness. Fast and responsive
behavior of a native application to bring that over to a website as well so
anything you can do in terms of adding animations to page transitions form
submissions drop downs button clicks anything about anything like that to
really give your website a more premium feel. The second principle is the idea of
loading offline first so using a technology called Service Worker,
developers are able to control how a website is loaded so that can be
something as simple as a no internet custom page or serving files that are
already stored in a browser cache so that a user with no internet can
navigate and still shop around pages that they already been to all the rest
of the site trickles in. This greatly improves the user experience as well as
forcing the website to be served over a secure connection something that should
be done regardless in this day and age and then finally for a truly native app
light feel is to tap into the native app features of the phone so just things
like the camera push notifications gyroscope maybe even the fingerprint
scanner those really make your website more memorable and enjoyable to use
finally creating your website as a progressive web app is the logical next
step in terms of enhancing the website it can really provide a seamless
browsing experience that improves conversion rates and create some happy
loyal customers that’s it for me if you have any questions or
comments please comment below and like and share if you found it enjoyable
thank you

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