April 6, 2020
eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Hello, this is Arlen with OmniStar interactive,
today I’m going to be going through a brief overview of the top 7 ways to increase your
conversion rate of your ecommerce website. For those of you that are not familiar with
what an ecommerce conversion rate is, what that is is a rate in which customers that
visit your site convert into actual paying customers. So the goal is to increase that
rate. So more customers that visit become actual paying customers.
So the first suggestion in which you can create and actually improve your ecommerce rate is
to create awesome product pictures. The better, more detailed, more high-quality photos you
can add is going to really improve your conversion rate. Taking a look at this example, from
amazon.com, it is an example of a Bissell steam cleaner for cleaning hard floors. So
looking at this, it’s just a really appealing picture, you can see the steam rising from
the floor, it’s captivating, and it really lets you know what exactly the product does.
Amazon offers a zoom-in image feature as well where you can actually put your mouse over
various aspects of the photo to zoom in. If your ecommerce shopping cart company doesn’t
offer that functionality, you should add as many various descriptions and different views
of that actual product that you actually can. Top view, bottom view, side view, whatever
you can do to capture all areas of that product. The second tip in which you can use to increase
your conversion rate is by simply offering free shipping and returns. By simply doing
this, you can increase your conversion rate by 50 percent and that is what studies have
shown. Zappos has done this forever and they really are leaders for selling shoes online.
And this is one of the reasons. It’s really painless to order from them. You don’t have
to worry about shipping, and returns and paying for that. It really pulls you in. This is
something that I always look for. If I see something that has free shipping and I’m
comparing it to another site that doesn’t, I’m going to go for that free shipping.
Most people have that same mindset. The third suggestion and tip you can use that
will help improve your conversion rate is by creating compelling product descriptions.
This example is taken from Amazon, again, and it’s an example of a down jacket. They’ve
got this nicely broken down into two areas: a brief, detailed description of the product,
which is a few sentences, that also includes the benefits of the product and areas in which
you can use it. And they talk about winter camping, long ski tours, alpine skiing, and
they go into some more details of the product. But they also have a bulletized list of the
key features that list out about 10-15 key features of the particular product so that
you can scan it, people that are browsing quickly may not want to read the description,
they may want to quickly see the features and decide to buy it. And move on.
The fourth tip that you can use to improve your conversion rate is by simply optimizing
your check out process. This screen shot at the top left was taken from Best Buy and it
appears after you leave their cart and you select to check out. It’s pretty painless.
You can either create an account if you want to become a returning customer and purchase
from them again, it will easily pull your billing and shipping information from that
next time that you come, or if you’ve already done this you can simply log in. But thirdly
they’re offering guest check out feature which I think is very key. Many people don’t
want to save their information. They don’t want to remember a login and password. They
may only be coming to this site every once in a while and they are fine with doing a
guest checkout every time. I know that’s what I do, many people look for that. Zappos,
on the other hand, offers something a little bit similar but they don’t offer the guest
checkout feature. They give you the ability to create an account and login in the next
time. They even give you the ability log in with an Amazon account. Which is very important
as well. Many people already have Amazon accounts. So if you already have that ability and shipping
information stored there, why not just log in with Amazon?
The fifth suggestion and tip that will help improve your conversion rate is by simply
adding user reviews to each product. This screen shot, from Zappos, is a view from the
bottom of one of their products. And as you can see they’ve got a pretty detailed reviews
section where they’ve got a five star rating system broken down into overall comfort and
style as well as a fit survey which talks about how the shoe or clothing fit: small
or large, narrow or wide, poor support to great support, and then on top of that they
also offer a testimonial from a customer. So the customers will actually put a written
testimonial of how they thought the shoes or the clothes fit and what they thought about
it. The sixth way in which you can increase your
ecommerce conversion rate is by helping to reduce shopping cart abandonment. I know this
is something that plagues many ecommerce companies these days. You’re probably dealing with
it: people coming into your cart, adding items to it, and then for whatever reason leaving.
One way to combat this is by simply getting questions answered at this point and making
it clear where they can go to get questions answered. Zappos does a great job with this
also by offering their 800 number at the bottom of the checkout page saying that it is available
24/7, 365 days a year, and also offering a link to email their customer loyalty team.
So you want to make sure that if people have questions at this point, you’re available
to answer them, whether it’s live chat, whether it’s phone, whether it’s email
support. And finally that brings us to the seventh
tip to increase your conversion rate, that is to highlight the accessibility of your
sales and support. Now this kind of piggybacks on top of making this apparent on your checkout
page. But not only do you need to do that, you need to make sure it is available throughout
your entire site. Zappos does a great job of prominently displaying this at the top
header of every page. 24/7 customer support, their 800 number, a link to help, and a link
to live chat. If you can do this, this will definitely help. People that are browsing
from site to site are going to have questions, you don’t know, they might have particular
questions about a product, they might have a particular question about your shipping,
returns, just anything. And the quicker and easier they can get help and get those questions
answered the quicker that they will make a decision to purchase from you.
And so finally, once you’ve gone through these seven steps, it’s more than just making
these changes to your site. Because all of these changes are going to have a different
affect depending on the particular site you are changing them on. So you may need to make
changes, test these changes, analyze them, and then continue to do research and then
determine what the best solution is. So all of this is going to be a continual process:
making changes, determining and analyzing the results, doing more research to determine
what the best solution is for you. But, these 7 strategies are proven to help increase conversion
rates on ecommerce sites. Once you’ve done these things, we are sure money will start
flying at you, you’ll have more than you can handle.
We hope all of these tips were beneficial to you. Thank you for joining me, and I look
forward to seeing you on the next webinar.

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