March 29, 2020
ECommerce Company Sees 242% Increase in Email Revenue in 3 Months

ECommerce Company Sees 242% Increase in Email Revenue in 3 Months

we have been able to create a new
benchmark for where our email and ongoing retention marketing should be
for our organization I am Laura Beatty I’m the VP of Marketing
here at VitaCup. Vitacup is a vitamin infused coffee and tea pod for
single serving use VitaCup is newly formed company we just launched in April
we were incubated out of our agency here IMI we launched in April and we had
a really quick rapid growth we didn’t have the ability to pull all the
resources that we wanted to support our our project because we had to work on
a really lean team that meant that we had a lot of people trying to do a lot of
things and we couldn’t give the time and attention from the very important
channel of email since the group of us that started VitaCup all came from a
digital marketing background it was something that we knew we needed
somebody with real expertise for a lot of us came from organic search or paid
media backgrounds and we know that email is its own specialty our goals in
launching the partnership with campaign creators was that we wanted to bring on
somebody who had a very deep expertise in the email space we needed a group
that was able to navigate from beginning to end in the technology in the
messaging and in the integrations how we could be more effective with our
marketing some of our specific goals for email were to be able to grow our list
and improve our retention and loyalty we wanted to get to a 20% 25% 30%
repurchase rate from our customers and being able to partner with somebody who
could help us with automation strategies and messaging strategies to meet those
goals was really key I don’t know if I can count on my two hands the number of
things that they did to really give us value from helping us create custom
templates that were repeatable and well thought-out really worked for responsive
sizes across different devices to helping us build our promotional calendar and
get really deliberate there to helping us with messaging strategy is that they
knew worked for their clients in the past that were also in the consumer
packaged goods space we were able to not only start to take our results and
really catapult them to drive ROI and drive some significant business impact
very quickly we were also able to take in your reduce spam complaints avoid
issues getting cut off from our email service provider because of the issue
because of spam complaints or non-compliance they were able to help us
with really careful segmentation and make sure that we weren’t messaging
customers who weren’t responsive and reduce the amount of issues that we were
having overall the number one thing that I can say about campaign creators is anyone
would be impressed with how they go the extra mile they have worked with us
tirelessly to make sure that all of our quick moving booths definitions as a
start-up are still able to come to market that they’re nimble and able to
respond quickly to changes and that they have driven significant results as a part of that campaign creators has really performed
excellent work for us we have been able to create a new benchmark for where our
email and ongoing retention marketing should be for our organization at this
point in December only seven months after our launch our email channel is
already comprising 26% of our overall our automation flows are providing
about three percent of our overall revenue revenue without anyone having to stage
or create a new campaign driving value that is just in place and easy to
continue to manage we’ve also been able to show significant increases to our
performance from a click-through rate and from a purchase perspective our
revenue is regularly at this point about 3x when it was even about three months
ago with our remarketing strategies the single biggest reason that I would
recommend campaign creators is that they drive results and they are committed to
their clients they go a hundred and ten percent every day and they are
thoughtful and very savvy at what they do they would make a great partner for
any startup or mature business I would say that to me the campaign creators are
just an extended part of the VitaCup family we have loved working with the team so
much and it’s not uncommon for them to come in and give us a great big hug
because we’ve all grown so close throughout this experience we’re very
very fortunate to have been able to partner with them

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