April 1, 2020
eCommerce Business Systemization Chapter 4 – Lesson Learned

eCommerce Business Systemization Chapter 4 – Lesson Learned

a lesson learned from the book the
e-myth since 1985 there has been one book that has become something along the
lines of Scripture for many entrepreneurs that book is the e-myth by
Michael Gerber while the book was originally focused on ecommerce business
systemization in the world of brick-and-mortar companies subsequent
editions have included data that is inclusive of the world of Internet
commerce however many of the ideas and strategies outlined in the original
Edition are just as relevant to ecommerce business systemization as the more traditional ones
that function with physical facilities the phrase E-myth is short for the
entrepreneurial myth which is easily one of the main reasons businesses of any
type fail basically this myth holds that if someone is an expert in a particular
field he or she should have no trouble setting up a successful business after
all they have the vision right Gerber systematically dissects this myth and
lays it out for all the fallacy it truly is within the pages of the e-myth there
are many lessons to learn that can help a fledgling business owner or even
someone who wants to start a business to avoid a lot of the ideas and situations
that ultimately lead to failure however there is one core lesson that you should
take away from Thurber’s work if nothing else in the books tips with you that one
lesson is to not work in your business but to work on your business but what
does that mean is Gerber urging business owners to be detached from the business
along others to handle everything as he or she blithely goes in whatever
direction they wish to go not at all the point Gerber is making is that the true
entrepreneur sets up a system that is able to allow the business to function
efficiently and with the full participation of the business owner but
the business owner is not bogged down in having to take care of so many different
tasks that there’s no room left to grow or work on the business
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