March 30, 2020
eCommerce Business Systemization Chapter 3 – The Why

eCommerce Business Systemization Chapter 3 – The Why

why you should systemize your business
now that you understand that ecommerce business systemization is a good thing let’s
explore just exactly how this approach to your ecommerce business is good there
are actually quite a number of benefits that come with creating an organized and
systematic environment for your business here are some examples you can measure
your progress sure money coming in is one measure but what if you could also
figure out how to measure how well things are coming with that next big ad
campaign or the development on a new ancillary product that will enhance your
main product if your business is organized it is possible to do a quick
check on these and other ongoing business processes anytime you like and get real
data on what is going on little things get done on time without some basic plan
for each day the little things that keep operations going can build up and
eventually create a bottleneck for example if the posting on the accounts
receivable and payable are not being done on a regular schedule you could
find yourself with a lot of work to do when it comes time to cut paychecks to
employees or calculate your taxes for the current period an organized system
helps to ensure you don’t run into situations where your back is to the
wall and you have to drop other tasks in order to play catch-up there is
automatically time built in to work on business networking if your business is
systemic in its operations and functions this means you can spend some time in
networking activities that will help your business grow you’ll be able to
devote an afternoon to submitting online ads sending promotional emails or even
promoting your business locally at a Chamber of Commerce events best of all
you can spend time on these endeavors knowing that the company is moving right
along without your direct attention for a few hours you can take time off after
all wasn’t getting control of your time one of the reasons
you wanted to set up an internet business if your business is
systematically organized you can take time off for your son’s Little League
game or your daughter’s dance recital there is also a chance that you can take
several days off for yourself in order to take a short vacation if you like
best of all you can do this without getting any permission or approval from
anyone else and rest assured your ecommerce business will continue to move forward
in your absence now this juncture it would be a good
idea to take a moment and evaluate your own circumstances make a list of what it
is you want to accomplish with your internet business
don’t hold back anything no matter how small vague or inconsequential it may
seem if one of the reasons you want your own ecommerce business is so you can play
poker every Thursday night instead of working a part-time job to make ends
meet put it down should your goals have to do with finally being able to afford
a two-week vacation every year without worrying about how much money you spend
add it to the list once you have the list written put it to one side and keep
reading it will come back and address the list a little later and relate it to
the process of ecommerce business systemization in ways you may not have considered up to this point
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