February 25, 2020
eCommerce Business Systemization – Chapter 1 – Introduction

eCommerce Business Systemization – Chapter 1 – Introduction

introduction the ability to do business
on the worldwide web has changed the way people think about companies especially
when it comes to the prospect of owning their own business it seems as if the
Internet is loaded with all sorts of potential just waiting for the lucky
entrepreneur to tap into those vast resources and begin making a fortune
already millions of people have taken a shot at starting an online business and
creating a whole new way of life for themselves unfortunately very few of
those millions have actually made it while there are a number of reasons why
an internet business would never get off the ground there’s one that stands out
above the others the owner failed to learn how to
systematize the business and make the best use of all the resources available
this applies to resources within the company as well as online support
services that could have made all the difference in the success of the
business enterprise all too often entrepreneurs have a
wonderful idea that has unlimited potential to make money the problem is
that the idea is often all they have there’s a tradition in the business
world that tends to divide business people into two categories the first
category is reserved for those who are known as visionary purportedly
visionaries are the ones with the creative juices to come up with great
ideas for products and services creativity is the name of the game for
the visionary who can foresee the product taking the world by storm and
making a fortune for everyone involved the second category is generally known
as the drone or a traditionalist drones are directly concerned with how a
business is organized setting proper schedules for things getting done and in
general has the background and skill set to handle the everyday operation of any
business the drone knows how to market a little advertise a little handle the
accounting oversee employees and basically keep the ship moving along
what the drone laughs is the vision to foresee changes in the industry and come
up with creative ways to stay ahead of the competition what the Internet has
done is allow visionaries to explore their ideas to their heart’s content
unfettered by practical matters well that sounds good it simply doesn’t fly
in the long run the great idea flounders because there is no network to market
sell and deliver the wonderful brainchild of the entrepreneur people
who have been successful with online businesses know that you need a great
idea and the resources to cultivate a customer base for that great idea they
also know the same sort of day-to-day housekeeping that is done in
brick-and-mortar businesses also apply to internet-based businesses and take
steps to either learn those skills or outsource them to trusted and reliable
sources internet business systemization is all about marrying the vision with
the practicalities of the business world and becoming successful there is no
great mystery to the process although many people are intimidated by words
like ecommerce business systemization if you are a reasonably intelligent person it is
possible to learn how to effectively systematize your business and position
yourself to be the proud owner of an online business that consistently makes
a profit this chapter of the e-commerce business systemization and automation
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