April 10, 2020
Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions – Lesson 3.6 Course summary

Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions – Lesson 3.6 Course summary

Congratulations! You have almost completed
this course. At this point, you should have learned about some useful, in-depth reports
for understanding customers and analyzing their online shopping behavior. You should understand the principles behind
segmentation and its usefulness in comparing different groups of data. You should also
have a sense of how to choose reports based on a measurement plan and be able to conduct
more in-depth analyses with your data. When performing in-depth analyses, here’s
some advice to consider: Don’t restrict yourself to the metrics defined
in your measurement plan. Instead, look for metrics that will help you tie user behavior
back to your KPIs. Think about your data in context. What are
the related business factors responsible for that data? Compare your data to your target
KPIs and ask yourself why it might not line up. You can add further context by using benchmarks
like your own historical data or industry data, which can also help define your KPIs
and targets. Use segments beyond those defined in your
measurement plan to divide data into specific subsets that will help you understand why
your KPIs rise and fall. This can help you compare metrics across channels, device, and
other customer characteristics to make more informed business decisions. Finally, when segmenting your data, focus
on things you can actually control like your advertising campaigns or site layout. This
will ensure that the insights you discover serve the ultimate purpose of improving your
business. To finish up the course, please fill out our
quick survey to help us better understand your needs. We’ll use this information to
design upcoming courses. Also, don’t forget to take the final exam so you can show that
you completed the course with our certificate of completion. Thank you for your participation
and we look forward to seeing you in our next course.

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