April 2, 2020
eCommerce Accounting-Does Your California Business Need Help?

eCommerce Accounting-Does Your California Business Need Help?

(Music) We’re relationship based, and we’re looking for a client that
really needs a slew of services. Because that’s really our sweet spot— providing more of
a full array of services. So a small business. In terms of revenue, most clients typically
fall in startup to about ten million a year in revenue. We have some clients that are
larger than that, but that’s were generally 90% of our clients are. The next thing we look at is what type of
help do they need. So we’re looking at helping support the bookkeeping function, either as
actually doing some of the bookkeeping for them. It might be more of a high level controllership
review. Maybe we’re just reviewing things doing the monthly financials to make sure
everything is being done correctly. And then handling the year-end tax planning and tax
return preparation as well. If the client needs help in those four different areas,
it’s typically a good fit. If somebody says, “Hey, I just need advice on this one specific
issue,” or “I just need someone to do my tax return for me.” Then that’s not
a good fit, because we’re looking at really engaging people more on an on-going basis.
We provide more value as kind of having our hands in different pots and being able to
look at the 40,000 ft. level and say, “Hey, you’re doing this over here. Let’s be
thinking about this.” The quality of our advice can be much better, in the sense that
we can have a fuller view of everything going on. (Music)

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