March 28, 2020
eCom Product Research | How to Sell Products Online eCommerce Dropshipping AliExpress(case study)

eCom Product Research | How to Sell Products Online eCommerce Dropshipping AliExpress(case study)

What is up ninjas! We are going to go
over today exactly how to find the Absolute best products to sell on
Shopify we are going to look at a number Of very cool methods to find the Shopify
stores that are currently selling the Best how to see exactly which of their
products are selling the most units and Then how to kind of emulate you know the
people who are already successful in Building your own Shopify Empire so
let’s get right into it If you guys do like this video make sure
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how to be financially free forever so Let’s kick it off the first way that I
like to do it is by actually using a Website called my IP OMS what this does
is since all Shopify users and Shopify Sellers actually have to register with
Shopify on Shopify main IP address we Can actually run a query and see which
Shopify websites using my IP MS are Actually getting the most traffic so if
you actually do go into Shopify some Help you can see that Shopify is IP
address is twenty three to twenty seven Thirty eight thirty two so if we take
this IP address and we plug it into my IP dot M s we can see that the IP owner
it actually belongs to Shopify right and Then something that’s pretty cool that
we can actually do here is we can see other sites on this IP address right and
so when we look at this now all of a sudden we can rank by world site
popularity ranking right and this is using alexa which is kind of the
database for internet websites you know based on traffic based on things like
that now all of a sudden we can see a ton of Shopify websites based on their
popularity and this gives us a couple of cool insights right not only can we see
these websites right but we can also color pop calm we can see these websites
we can see what they’re selling but another cool thing that we can see is
all the little tips and tricks and plugins and just
kind of buyer psychology aspects that they use to get people to purchase right
so five dollars off your first order it let’s be friends enter your email right
this collects email addresses for a very cheap cost only five dollars off of an
actual order and once you do create a customer you know as any business owner
knows creating a customer is much harder than getting an additional sale from an
existing customer so they’re collecting email addresses for email marketing down
the line with downstream income and they’re also you know giving them that
$5 coupon to make them make the purchase today so we can implement this onto our
own website we can also see free domestic shipping over 30 free global
shipping over fifty right these are important things that this website
obviously has tested and proven are important to buyers right last call
extended twenty percent off while you still can
giving people discount codes you know this carousel type effect for their
products right so all of these things we can see are you know obviously working
if you guys this is one of the most highly trafficked Shopify sites on the
internet right buy two get one free so that is a cool way that I like to do it
and you guys can take a look at all of these different things right fashion
Nova Jeffrey cosmetics movement watches right a lot of us have probably seen
movements ads on Facebook they’re obviously very successful there and so
we can take a look at all of these kind of note you know which plugins they’re
using which type of kind of sales tactics they’re using and then implement
them on our own sites and another cool thing that we can do is actually use
what Shopify is kind of organizational structure of their domains to trick
these websites into actually showing us what their best selling units are so how
we do that is and we use this little extension this URL extension right
because Shopify organizes products into collections right and then they all
organize it if you sort by best selling right and I will include a cheat sheet
with all of this different information right the direct link to how you see you
know my IP you can see the direct link to see you know the most popular Shopify
sites I’ll give you the direct link on the cheat sheet if you do want to get
the cheat sheet of this best selling URL so you can just copy and paste it onto
any Shopify website right and if they do have
like super customized structure and then sometimes it won’t work but most of the
time it will right so we can tell here that their best selling unit is this
saucy pressed powder shadow palette right pressure powder super shock shadow
ultra metallic lip so this is a great way to kind of look at a specific niche
right whether you like makeup or fishing or you know outdoorsmen ship or
basketball or whatever it is it doesn’t matter right they’re usually or almost
always will be at least some Shopify websites in that specific niche we can
find those websites based on the tactics that I’m going to teach you whether
you’re using my IP I’ll teach you a few other ways to find websites popular
Shopify websites for any specific niche and then you can use this best selling
URL extension right directly into the URL to see what sells the best and then
you can kind of add your own little twist and create a Shopify store where
you know that there is existing demand so let’s take a look at one more on kind
of this main list just to kind of hammer a few things home and you know just
seeing somebody do product research for Shopify you know that has a little bit
more experience sometimes can be really helpful so we’re gonna look at fashion
Nova com and another thing to note guys sometimes
you know if they do have a custom URL schema and this collections URL does not
work right sometimes you can just type in collections slash best
– sellers and if they do have a custom scheme this is normally what it is so
it’s you can always kind of find their best sellers 99% of the time this will
work right you just copy and paste this directly after there you’re directly
after their domain name and it will work but sometimes if they have you know a
huge store and they do have a little bit more customization this is how you do it
so let’s take a look this is their best sellers here what I like to look for I’m
gonna show you another little trick kind of to see a little bit more information
as far as social shares right you want to see a lot of people talking about
whatever you are going to go into selling so let’s look for you know
something that’s a little bit more unique these are all kind of okay so
this is pretty unique I’ve never seen this before so a latex dress right so
another website that I like to use is called buzzsumo this basically analyzes
content you know how it’s performing as far as like key influencers you know
Facebook shares Pinterest and things like that so if we type in latex
Dress here into buzzsumo it will show us right so here we go so ten point three
Facebook ten point three thousand Facebook engagements 304 Twitter shares
Pinterest right total shares ten thousand and six so yeah so it looks
like kendall Jenner wears a skin-tight Lake touch dress and thigh-highs
for a dominatrix Halloween costume right so these are all kind of things that you
can take a look at right so this is in the past year we can let’s look at the
past month and see if there’s anything recent right so almost a thousand
Facebook engagement sorry Oh winter another celebrity Nicki Minaj right so
this does look like something that might be interesting it does look like people
are still talking about it right maybe it’s a little bit more seasonal related
to Halloween for costumes like that but you know that it that pretty much works
for any topic right if you’re looking at a fishing Shopify niche right you can
look for any unique products that you see type in those main keywords right it
could be bodysuit it could be you know something a little bit more unique it’s
harder with fashion sometimes but I wanted to show you kind of in the most
difficult manner just because you know these methods will work for much easier
things but fashion kind of is the hardest since you know it’s kind of
overcome by celebrities and things like that
but if you wanted to put type in bodysuit let’s see what we’d get up alright so 38,000 shares right cyclist
knocking off 0.3 seconds with a body suit sharing a thong and a potty suit at
71 years old right so it’s good to know that people are talking about the
product that you could potentially be selling right and so with a website that
is second on the popularity list in Shopify you pretty much have a very good
idea that there’s a ton of traffic coming here and let’s go over exactly
how we are going to figure out how much traffic and where it’s coming from for
any Shopify website or for any website in general for that matter so this is
called similar web com it’s free to sign up right and so this is just a free
account that I’m using it gives you a lot of data about any particular website
right so global rank 4,000 that of all websites country at
right so incredible incredible traffic here 11 almost 12 million monthly
visitors so you can be very comfortable that they’ve done a you know extensive
testing for the types of plugins that they’re using you know how they’re
getting people to buy free two-day shipping is obviously important to
people free UK and UK shipping 75 and up too fast international shipping only $10
free for over 150 right so incentivizing people to purchase a little bit more and
we can tell a lot more information and other than just monthly visitors right
so we we can see that the unique monthly visitors are only 3 million which means
that they have a ton of people coming back over and over again right ten pages
is the average right we can see where people are coming from which is
important because if you do have a Shopify website it’s very important to
learn about you know how to get people to come to your site normally that’s
through Facebook normally you know you’re building an audience with
Facebook groups or a page you’re building interests like you know on a
youtube channel talking about your products you know for your specific
niche and you’re running paid ads normally through Facebook and Google
Adsense and things like that right so you can knowing which country people are
coming from excuse me is very important because then you can narrow down you
know your target audience by geographic location so we can see you know how
people are actually coming to the website people are being referred by
these specific websites we can see you know how much is organic versus paid
which is obviously incredible here we can see social traffic is coming from
YouTube and Facebook mainly like we just mentioned right but they’re also getting
some traffic from Pinterest Instagram and a little bit from Twitter and other
places as well so we see that their top publishers actually are Yahoo over
Facebook which is you know interesting and we can see that they’re running ads
through a credo Yahoo Outbrain right some of the less famous ad publishers
right Facebook and Google obviously being the most famous we can see you
know outgoing links and all types of information right we can see website
audience traffic sources traffic destinations website content competitors
right all these different things and the more information that you have about a
competitor if you are thinking about coming into this niche the better it is
right because knowledge is power and that is why we’re going through
this and if you guys do need help with Facebook advertising definitely make
sure you check out my video on Facebook ads we talked about you know very
practical pragmatic tips and tricks all of these different websites usually
they’re free right we don’t do any high-level BS type stuff obviously we’re
showing you you know down and dirty into the gritty you know trenches of actually
finding the best Shopify products and similarly with my facebook video we
talked about exactly how to make very profitable Facebook ads right and so the
next thing that we are going to talk about is intelligence right so
intelligence is a very cool website and this is the only tip that we are showing
you guys that actually is this does charge but if you are very serious about
your Shopify website right I know a lot of people including myself who are
making you know six figures monthly shelling selling on Shopify from their
computers anywhere in the world right so it is a very very viable way to replace
your income right to quit that nine to five corporate slavery and to move into
the digital Nomad lifestyle if that is what you’re after right and so
intelligence is an investment in yourself it is a very cool piece of
software that we are going to go over that shows you the exact websites that
are performing the best on Shopify in any niche and it gives you a ton of data
and it does all of this for only a hundred and ninety seven dollars which
is a very very good deal right because obviously if you are going to invest in
building a Shopify Empire a hundred and ninety seven dollars in the scheme of
things is nothing right and they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so
if you guys are interested I do have the link for intelligence in the description
so give it a give it a try right thirty days money-back guarantee you
know if you have to do and you’re not and you’re not feeling it after 29 days
you can get your money back right so there’s absolutely no risk link in the
description check it out we are gonna go over exactly how to do it right now
alright guys so let’s jump into intelligence this is a very very
interesting piece of software that is very unique actually in the Shopify
space nothing else really out there does what this does which is why it’s
actually worth the $197 I’m not a huge fan of paid software on
less you know it’s very unique and does obviously pay for itself and provide a
huge amount of value so how we use this website is let’s say that we’re
interested in a cat niche for example right so we’re in the Shopify product
search category right now so we would actually type in cat for a product
search and it would give us a bunch of interesting data here right so it
defaults to show you the average daily visitors by Store and then it – and then
it shows you exactly which products are actually most are the bestsellers on
this tour so this specific product looks like it is the bestseller related to
cats so it’s a ridiculous kind of looking you know ski mask in the form of
a cat’s head at which people obviously like you know I’m not sure why somebody
would buy that personally but it doesn’t matter what I think it matters what the
data says so we also can see you know paws and years cat ring all right so
this is a cute little ring you could get for you know your boyfriend or
girlfriend or anybody who loves animals or cats or anything right so it has a
lot of Appeal very cheap this looks like a product that would be very easy to
drop ship and we are going to talk about exactly what drop shipping means and
kind of the two main ways that people use Shopify to create an online business
right the first way is creating an actual store itself populating that
store you know with different products and then you can use either you know
self fulfillment or you can use a fulfillment service like Amazon FBA to
actually through Amazon FBA a multi-channel fulfillment settings have
Amazon fulfill your orders when people buy your products right the second
method is using what’s called drop shipping which basically means a
manufacturer in China or wherever it is would actually make this product but
they wouldn’t actually make and ship it until you got an order so this meant
these are the two methods right the first is a bit more capital-intensive
but normally the shipping is much much faster because you’re shipping it out
actually from the USA drop shipping tends to be a little bit longer on the
shipping scenario more like you know one to two weeks
shipping bayi packet versus Amazon which is usually you know two to four days
right but the cool thing about drop shipping is you don’t actually have to
end best any money up front and you don’t
have to you know buy any inventory upfront which means you have no capital
intensive risk on to the front side because you’re only actually you know
shipping and on order when you get a sale so we’re gonna talk about both
methods a little bit later on but let’s jump back into intelligence so this is
the product search method right so it can it works for anything right you
could do phishing and an important part about Shopify guys just as a side note
is you want to build something that you’re passionate about right you don’t
you know there’s a there’s a balance you want to do your due diligence make sure
that what you are passionate about you know other people are passionate about
people are spending money on right you can use what we talked about before
buzzsumo you can use you know similar web you can look at you know the type of
social media presence if there’s popular Instagram accounts related to what
you’re passionate about right if there’s popular YouTube presence and those are
really good factors and good just you know kind of things that you want to
look for when you are going to jump into a Shopify niche to make sure that the
interest is there right so if we’re doing fishing right again we can see
Penn shaped pocket fishing rod right so click and shop obviously a shop of our
store it looks like this is you know some type of novelty item it’s not
working right now but we can see that there’s you know
some fishing shorts solar power portable fishing light yeah so here we go so a
pocket pen shaped pocket fishing rod so I don’t know if this is just like a
complete novelty item or if people actually use these tiny little things
but it looks like they actually do so I mean you know it’s a hilarious little
product and I never in a million years would have found this specific Shopify
store or this product unless I have been using intelligence in this specific
scenario right so it is a powerful software I know it is paid I normally
try to like hunt down every single method right using my IP and all those
little tricks using shop Shopify is IP address to show you guys you know the
popularity of websites for free but in this one case I do actually think it’s
worth it and with the 30-day trial right and there’s not a ton of risk so the
other cool way that I like to use this specific store is by you this
specific product is using the Shopify store Search tab right and so in the
same sense instead of finding popular products specifically we can actually
find stores Shopify stores that are the most popular based on daily visitors for
any specific niche so we can see here Universal mania is seems to be the most
popular Shopify site right we also have hot gear performance fishing apparel
right and so we can take a look here so this looks to be kind of like the
outdoor scene so you know they do have fishing but they also feature hunting
you know extreme sports type stuff so if we wanted to find one that was very
specific to fishing all right before performance fishing right in the header
right so this this is definitely for serious fishermen so you know and this
gives you such a powerful tool in – you know niche specific product research
because like we can tell from the other sites that we looked at right it seems
like free shipping on orders over $50 is a vital must-have you can see kind of
their you know social media presence see what type of things that they’re sharing
right 300 thousand likes that’s incredible obviously you know I would
expect that they’re sharing right lifestyle kind of videos related to
fishing you know showing a kid and his dad kind of exciting emotion how you
know advertising should do a face only a mother can love right so kind of like a
funny thing forty two likes one share so not a ton but you know they’re obviously
they’re obviously very cognizant of the need for social media engagement as
every e-commerce company needs to be right so those are the main two ways
that I like to use intelligence it’s an incredibly powerful tool you can you
know use filters if they have a Facebook pixel these websites right whether or
not they’re doing Facebook ad research you can you know do whether or not they
have a Facebook page how many likes they have Twitter profile Instagram right all
of these different types of tools and so another way that I like to kind of
take a look at what is selling is by using a well a little website that most
of us probably know called Amazon right so Amazon is a cool you know a cool
resource even for Shopify because Amazon is incredibly efficient at selling
products right and so you can be quite sure that any product that is
organically listed on Amazon’s first page related to a keyword as you know
high-volume as phishing is damn sure that it is selling a ton of Units right
so this is a best seller tag right I ignored these first two because these
are sponsored results these are not actually organic results so somebody is
actually paying for PPC clicks related to the word phishing to get these to
show and so the first one that does not have that sponsored is the first organic
search result which means to me that this backlit LCD display electronic
balance digital phishing postal hanging hook is selling an absolutely crazy
amount of units and again this is right so this is a live demonstration of what
the power of Amazon is showing us right mini portable pocket aluminum fishing
rod pen so what we just saw on that website that we found through
intelligence of you know the mini portable pocket aluminum-alloy fishing
rod we also see on Amazon and we do see that they have three out of five stars
which means that you know people are not very happy with the specific product so
what we can do here is we can hop into the reviews on Amazon you know we can
filter by one star and we can just take a look right missing an I just thought
it looks looks good but made cheap wasn’t able to fish with it worst piece
of garbage ever it broke in three seconds right so people are obviously
not very happy with the overall quality right not meant for a big fish this is
not a flush of functional fishing combo don’t waste your money unless you’re
looking for decoration so obviously if you are going to launch a Shopify store
you know in or sava five product in this specific category you would want to make
sure that your manufacturer or your distributor or wherever you’re actually
going to be getting these products is very conscious of quality right they’re
only charging you know what was it they’re only charging five dollars and
38 cents and free shipping so maybe maybe instead of charging only
five dollars and 38 cents we’re charging 20 but you know we’re making sure that
it isn’t as you know poor quality as this specific product seems to be so
Amazon is very good at organizing you know what is selling because every time
of unit cells Amazon makes money so Amazon obviously is incentivized to show
you the products on page one that are most likely to sell related to your
query so it’s a great way to kind of see what type of products are more likely or
quite likely to sell on Shopify all right let’s take a closer look now at a
few other different social media websites and product databases to make
absolutely sure that whatever product niche that you do want to enter with
Shopify or drop shipping you’re going to be
absolutely sure that these products are going to sell and so the first thing
that I like to do let’s take our cat example right because this is a perfect
little item for dropshipping or for adding to you know your Shopify website
in the form of a product because it’s small obviously it’s incredibly cheap to
make very cheap to sell right you want to be in kind of that impulse buy range
if products are more than you know fifty dollars sometimes people are less likely
to kind of buy them on a whim but if they are kind of in that five to $20 $25
sweet spot it’s much easier to kind of get that sale especially if you do have
a minimum cart value to get to that free shipping right so the first thing that I
like to do is check out Pinterest right so if we search cat jewelry on Pinterest
we can see again that Pinterest wants to show you the most likely product that
you are going to purchase right and so they’re gonna organize this by
popularity so if we look at these is a beautiful little ring right of these
cute little cats again a cat ring a cat earring thing you know cat earrings
again a little diamond with the cat ears and the whiskers right and so you can
get a very quick idea of you know these beautiful little items that are
available on Pinterest I didn’t see these on Amazon right I didn’t see any
of these specific models on you know any of the Shopify sites that we saw with
the highest daily visitors right so Pinterest is a great one whether it’s
fishing whether it’s you know fishing products it doesn’t matter what it is
right I’m just using these examples to show you guys kind of what how I can
figure out you know what is most popular as far as social
media shares what’s most popular as far as actual Shopify stores itself based on
daily visitors and things like that so Pinterest is a great way the next way
that I like to do it is with Google Images and Google shopping so again
Google is probably the most successful company in the world at organizing data
in a way that the end user us right is going to be most happy with the content
that we see based on our search result right so when we search cat jewelry it’s
not at all random the order that Google is showing us these products it is
incredibly you know it is incredibly complicated how Google’s algorithm sorts
these products you know based on popularity based on you know trending
shares and social proof and all of these different factors right that Google is
kind of calculating behind the scene with their incredibly complex search
algorithms but it’s showing us these products in an order that we can be damn
sure all right that these products are going to be
popular and that other people are clicking these sharing these liking
these and purchasing these right so again we can kind of look for
similarities between this and Pinterest whatever catches our specific I write
what you know and whatever we can actually find from a manufacturing
perspective to be able to actually create these right because that you’re
not gonna be able to find every single one of these products on all the Express
or Alibaba right to find a manufacturer to make them for pennies on the dollar
and then sell them once you get them into the USA market or you know if
you’re advertising them on your Shopify site for you know 10 20 30 dollars and
you know obviously your profit is the difference between what you buy it for
and what you sell it for so again you’re looking for similarities between here
and Pinterest and you can use Google shopping as well to see for yourself
right what products are actually selling kay Jewelers Etsy right just a very
simple cat ring for $15 I can’t imagine that it has cost more than five cents to
make and it’s incredibly light incredibly durable very difficult very
cheap to ship right so it’s a it’s a beautiful it’s a beautiful little
product again these cat necklaces we saw a couple different versions of this we
can see that there’s you know sterling silver gold different versions a cute
little you know fat cat with a heart and so you can kind of start to Colette
these right make a little folder with all of your different favorite items
that you find right collect pictures collect you know different titles of
whatever the product you maybe this strikes your fancy and you also proven
is you know going to be a top seller by finding it with intelligence by finding
it with Pinterest by kind of cross-referencing all of these different
resources to see what is actually selling so the next one that I like to
look at is Etsy so if we look at cat jewelry again we’re starting to notice a
theme here it seems like rings and necklaces are kind of the most popular
items related to cat jewelry we do see a bracelet here again you can see social
proof this might be for Mom you know cuz a lot of mothers are you know whatever
love cats and from sons and daughters especially seasonality for these types
of products right for Mother’s Day for Christmas the demand for these products
is absolutely going to explode right and so even if you’re only selling a few
a day during the year all of a sudden during Mother’s Day and you know coming
up to Mother’s Day and during q4 and during Christmas and during these
different holidays these numbers are going to you know multiply by tenfold so
we see cute little cat necklaces again here’s that exact ring in the form of a
necklace which is another cool idea and these are at sea right so these are
handmade but you can you know I’ve had a very large amount of success automating
you know these designs and things that I do see other places whether it’s Google
Images or Etsy automating it and creating you know a very viable drop
shipping business with uber low which we will talk about how to you know very
easily import items from all the Express into your Shopify store and have it all
handled behind the scenes for you right when a customer orders from your Shopify
site your manufacturer in China ships that item directly to the address that
the customer inputs into your Shopify website and it’s all happening behind
the scenes you don’t have to touch or fulfill or create any of this yourself
which obviously you do have to do with Etsy so the last one that I like to look
at or excuse me the second to last one I like to look at is wish calm calm it’s a
little bit less popular of a website but it definitely is up and coming they’re
very popular on social media this is in Colombian didn’t there are
Colombian currency because I was just in Colombia but these are you know
obviously quite cheap this these are beautiful items in my
opinion right the silver and gold moon set that you can get yes for an
anniversary present for your parents or you know some type of anniversary
present for your girlfriend or boyfriend a lot of different stuff here so again
we’re not gonna look through all of this but I’m just trying to give you all of
these different resources for whatever product needs you that you are
interested in it does not have to be cat joy does not have to be fishing those
are just the first kind of few that came to my head and we can look here again on
eBay we do see that eBay sometimes will dropship right so you can actually buy
this from China 60 cents for this right and you could create you could create a
Shopify website put it on there for 1497 buy it from eBay for 60 cents and
obviously that you know the profit and the automation becomes very very
enticing quite quickly right and so let’s take a look at one other thing so
I like to use a website called ad espresso when I am creating my Facebook
Ads this is a very good way to kind of get some you know encouragement and
insight into what other people are doing right because it’s very difficult to
write an ad completely from scratch but if you do have something to look at you
know if things that have worked in the past
right 60% off free shipping in all capitals right there using emojis so it
just makes it much easier for you know you to write your ads which you are
going to need to do if you are going to get into the drop shipping or Shopify
business right and if you do want some more in-depth kind of videos on Facebook
advertising definitely make sure to check out our Facebook advertising video
on the YouTube channel I promise you you are going to like it so that’s just kind
of a quick little aside add espresso comm slash Academy slash as examples and
you can do this kind of for anything right fishing right do you love fly
fishing is flat fishing what your marriage is missing right all of these
different ads and you can kind of tweak them and make them your own but you can
see what other people are doing free shipping on orders of 75 plus with this
coupon code right reel in a free whatever
it’s just it makes it a lot easier to trust me I’ve written thousands and
thousands of ads and kind of sitting at your computer and typing it from scratch
is much harder than having an example to look at and so what audience insights is
is a service offered for free from Facebook on kind of for their
advertising accounts that shows you you know what people are interested in on
Facebook related to specific topics and so this is very important because when
you are creating Facebook ads which has always been my biggest kind of source of
paid traffic to my Shopify websites and once you kind of create a customer it’s
much easier to retain that customer than it is to you know get that first
customer in the door and to make their first purchase so a lot of the organic
sales come from email marketing right you’re building an email list once you
drive that paid traffic but it’s very important to be able to figure out what
people are interested in related to your products on Facebook you can you know
better target those users on Facebook when you are creating Facebook ads
bringing people to your Shopify store so if we type in cats here right so what
we’re looking at currently just for those of you who don’t know this is all
of Facebook right 54% of Facebook is women 46% are men right the lion’s share
of people are between 25 and 44 years old you can see right it’s about 40% 44
43 percent of people right and so if we type in cats will see that these charts
start to change right so 72 percent all of a sudden of Facebook users really who
are interested in cats are women right which is incredibly important right when
you’re creating ad campaigns you want to be as specific as possible so that
you’re not paying for ad clicks or you know serving your ad in front of people
who are not as interested as interested in your product as you can possibly
assume that they are right and so what we can see here is that you know 15
percent of people who are women on Facebook are 18 to 24 but again 25 to 34
and 35 to 44 are the sweet spots so when we are creating our ads bringing people
into our Shopify store right with cat jewelry or fishing products or whatever
it is we want to make sure that we’re targeting that demographic and again
mostly focusing on women in this specific case as
2% of Facebook users who are interested in cats happen to be women right but the
most important part of audience insights is page likes so page likes is basically
showing you what people are also interested in from a page perspective
from a Facebook page perspective related to cats so what we can do here is we can
look at all of these different Facebook pages right and then when we are
creating Facebook ads we can say hey Facebook only show my ad for this
amazing piece of cat jewelry to people who like these specific pages and it’s
incredibly incredibly important it’s such a huge factor right two million
people like this Facebook page called and my cat and so I I’ve never heard of
this personally I’m not the biggest guy in the world right I you know I like a
big fluffy cuddly cat like the next person but it’s not my thing as much as
some of the people right but obviously a ton of people like this 20 plus cats
that look like other things with obviously a click bait if Adolf Hitler
and this cat that kind of looks like Adolf Hitler all right but it’s super
important because you can you know you can say okay Facebook only show my ad to
women who are between 25 and 34 years old who have also liked the Facebook
pages and my cat heartwarming animal rescue home all cute all the time right
Pet Smart all the different things right and when you’re starting to narrow an
audience smaller and smaller and more targeted more targeted more targeted
then every person you show that ad to from a very targeted perspective is
incredibly more likely to actually click through to your website and then again
click through and make a purchase all right so the last method that we are
going to take a look at today is how we can find successful sellers based on
people leaving reviews on paid apps and I know that sounds a little bit
counterintuitive but hear me out so if somebody is going to pay you know
10 20 30 50 or even more than 50 dollars a month for an app for a Shopify app you
can make a very you know educated assumption that they are making money
with their Shopify store and this is a cool way to find you know new potential
niches because people who do review these apps have to do so with their
Shopify accounts so if we come into Shopify apps buy sorted by popular at
which again will be included in the cheat sheet that I do have in the
description if you guys are interested in it do go ahead and download it so
we’re gonna look here for some that actually cost money some some amount of
money per month so nine dollars a month is not a huge amount right so we’re
looking for some that might cost a little bit more so as we scroll through
these we do see up to thirty nine dollars a month here which is not bad
alright nine to fifty dollars a month there and we do see all right so let’s
just go ahead and do this nine to forty nine dollars a month right so it’s
guaranteed to be some amount of paid which usually will kind of weed out the
people who are just getting started and don’t have a ton of experience so and
then what we can do is we can just click directly on these people’s names and it
opens up their Shopify accounts which is amazing because you can get so many you
know so much insight into what people are selling you know and you can take a
look at all of these different types of stores that you’ve never really
otherwise would have been able to find just by looking at you know these people
Shopify stores so those first two are not great examples but I’m doing this
live for you guys you can actually see it right so down the rabbit hole
so it’s bottle of wine so it looks like you can actually this is an Australian
website but you can actually buy you know wine products which I probably
would not have thought of let’s see what some of these other ones are homes puns
and hands son so this looks like kind of like a crafty website which is kind of
cool we can take a look at some of the stuff that they’re selling and again we
could use the best-seller extension that I will have in the cheat sheet to see
what their best selling items are right so hands-on wearables kind of to give
like the child feel things like that right ten percent off this one doesn’t
look like it’s actually built out looks like a t-shirt one all right so this is pretty cool so they
have land silks Cotton’s alright this is a pretty well made design but yeah so I
mean it’s just a cool little way that you can kind of take a look at a bunch
of different websites on fire websites that you otherwise wouldn’t really be
able to find and you can make the assumption that they are you know at
least moderately successful if they are going to pay you know ten to fifty
dollars a month for this specific product and so the last thing that I
want to look at right now is a web app called uber low
so what overload is is a very cool app that allows you to import products from
Aliexpress which we will talk about in one second directly into your Shopify
store and it makes it so incredibly easy basically to you know import a product
from Aliexpress that costs $1 onto your Shopify store that you are selling that
exact same product for $15 and it does all of the behind-the-scenes work for
you where it actually automatically fulfills that order for you you buy it
for one dollar and then you sell it for fifteen and pocket the difference so
it’s an incredibly powerful app and let’s talk about how we actually use it
on all Express so to go with our you know main example we’ve been talking
about kind of for most of the video cat jewelry so if we head over to all the
Express and for those of you who don’t know all Express is basically a
wholesale website where you can buy you know individual products from
manufacturers in China and have them dropship it which means when you get an
order from someone here in America or wherever they are in the world you
actually ship it directly from China to your end customer and then pocket the
difference right this is a 2.52 cents per unit you’re probably gonna sell it
on your Shopify site for you know 1995 and so it starts to add up very quick
when you are making sixteen seventeen dollars profit per unit right and so how
I like to use Aliexpress is a few ways right so you can actually do best match
and it’ll show you kind of what’s trending and things like that you know
what people bought in certain price ranges whether it’s 70 cents to a dollar
37 it looks like most users are spending between 71 cents and three dollars and
one cent per unit buying from Aliexpress but a cool way that I like to use it is
actually sorting by orders so cap jewelry
is our keyword at six thousand four hundred and nineteen results and we can
see here that the actual most ordered unit right so people are obviously
having success drop shipping these particular items is the necklace tassel
cat dog paw print women right and so this looks like you know some type of
like Lord of the Rings s type stuff another little cat necklace and these
are two dollars and fifty two cents per unit when we normally would see you know
these exact same type prices for significantly more expensive on people’s
Shopify websites and so sorting by orders you can see a lot of information
about you know what’s selling what other people are buying from a drop shipping
perspective to kind of even further collect data which is so important to
launching a successful business and so if you guys can see here the over lo
Chrome extension which we did add this is what’s going to enable us to
automatically import products from all the express directly onto our Shopify
website you’ll see here that when you hover over any product you’ll see the
overload tag here and all you have to do is sign into your overload account you
know via your Shopify site and then literally all you do is one click for
your product and then it imports this product directly onto your Shopify
website you can drive paid traffic organic traffic from Facebook groups or
you know YouTube videos reviewing these type of things or you know any type of
paid traffic from Google or you know if you’re making Pinterest posts or you
have Instagram accounts directly to your Shopify product page where you’re gonna
put this exact same product for 14.95 right for 1997 whatever it is over lo
will do all of them you know hard work automatic automatic Lee for you you’ll
pop you’ll buy this product for a dollar and thirteen cents per unit and you will
sell it on your Shopify website for 14.95 1997 you know twenty four ninety
five whatever it is right because when you have seasonality you know for
Mother’s Day or things like that you can charge even higher prices which means
your profit margin margin is even bigger right and the beautiful part about drop
shipping guys is there’s absolutely no risk upfront because you only actually
have to buy it when you already have gone a sale
right so the last two things I want to talk about are the ollie price assistant
product price tracker so what this specific Chrome extension does is it
allows you to kind of see you know historical pricing on all the Express
for any type of item right you can analyze seller ratings and check the
seller you know check the seller out you can track historical prices of any ollie
Express products which is great because you know you don’t want to be overpaying
for any particular item on Aliexpress and let’s say that they were charging 30
cents yesterday now all of a sudden they’re charging $3 a unit and you never
would have known unless you use the ollie price assistant tracker so over lo
Ollie price assistant price tracker and the last one that is absolutely vital is
the Aliexpress seller check so what this does is it shows you you know all types
of feedback into sellers you can view detailed ratings of the seller
themselves and you can see you know if they’ve been on all the expressed for a
year ninety seven percent of clients are happy right you can see all different
types of data to make sure that you’re not going to be shipping you know crap
products here and customers which is never good right or you can make sure
that you know people are actually this manufacturer is actually going to ship
these products rather than you know lie and be fraudulent and not shift these
things out which is obviously a headache for you to have to deal with as a drop
shipper so these are the most three these are the most important three types
of Chrome extensions that you’re absolutely vital for Shopify right for
drop shipping and then the final thing that I wanted to talk about is kind of
how to use click funnels to set up a fully automated funnel for you to
actually you know build these drop shipping businesses if you didn’t want
to use Shopify right so the two most viable methods for drop shipping and for
creating Shopify businesses obviously is Shopify right you can create a Shopify
business fulfill orders through Amazon fulfill orders yourself or you know you
can create a Shopify drop shipping business where like we talked about you
find products on Aliexpress use over load to import those products directly
onto your Shopify store and then when somebody buys it from you for 15 you buy
it off all the Express for one and pocket the difference right and so the
last viable what method that I like to talk about is using click funnels and so
clickfunnels is a really cool way to sell you know any tiny number of
different products whether it’s a digital product whether it’s a you know
stroller hook and so I’m going to actually give away this funnel that I’ve
made a ton of money with to everyone watching the video if you guys are
interested it will be on the cheat sheet page you’re gonna be able to download
the cheat sheet on Shopify that gives you all of the URLs and everything that
you need to kind of see what best sellers are to use all the different
hacks right and it’s gonna lay it out for you in a very methodical order
that’s gonna make it a lot easier for you guys to find you know home run
products and so I’m also gonna give you this free funnel but you can download
yourself right click files is an incredibly powerful software and so it
makes it super easy right the – to order form where people can put their name
address and then immediately put in their billing info makes it incredibly
easy to sell right Amazon best-selling over twelve hundred ninety three hooks
sold kind of using some of those psychological tactics to make it seem
you know scarce and want people to purchase quickly right so give them
multiple ways to sell and if you guys are interested I would be willing to
make um a tutorial up exactly how I made a funnel for dropshipping that made me
over 100 thousand dollars profit and I will show you guys exactly how to set up
everything right how to handle the order details how to automate fulfillment
right how to set up a free plus shipping a right because those are incredibly
successful ways to kind of get people in the door because as you know if you do
have any type of e-commerce experience the most difficult part of creating a
business on the internet is to kind of get people’s initial interest right so a
free plus shipping model is incredibly useful right because how that works is
you give away the product right you give away the product for free and all they
have to pay is shipping and handling right and so you’re actually you so
you’re charging $7.99 for shipping and handling you’re buying the product off
Aliexpress for one dollar you pay one dollar shipping to all it Express they
they pay eight dollars for shipping and handling and then you pocket the
difference between you know the cost on Aliexpress for a dollar shipping on all
expressed for a dollar and then you’re charging eight dollars just for shipping
and handling getting that six dollar difference right
so free plus shipping I’ll show you guys exactly how I used click funnels and
drop shipping to make over $100,000 profit if you guys are interested in
that definitely make sure to leave me a comment below I’m not gonna make it
unless I get you know a bunch of people who are interested in it because
obviously it takes me a ton of time to create these videos for you guys so I
hope you guys enjoyed that that is exactly how to find home run products on
Shopify removing all of the guesswork right creating a Shopify business
creating a dropshipping Shopify business or using click funnels to create a fully
sustainable ecommerce business all within a week guys so that is every
single piece of information all of the methods I like to use all of the
software all of the tricks right all of the Chrome extensions so if you guys did
like it please make sure you do subscribe I’m making these videos all
for you guys absolutely for free so if it does help you click the subscribe
button make sure you press the notification bells so that you will be
notified every time I release a brand new video with a ton of ninja tactics so
if you guys enjoyed it I hope you did and we will definitely see you next time
if you do want to check out that click bundles funnel how I made $100,000
profit with one funnel drop shipping make sure to leave a comment below and
if I get enough comments guys I’ll make that for you absolutely again for free
like always so leave that nine-to-five behind and we will see you next time

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