April 3, 2020
eCdemy – Powering eBusiness and eCommerce Education in India

eCdemy – Powering eBusiness and eCommerce Education in India

Want to make a difference in people’s lives?
How about starting with your own? Did you know that by 2030, India is going
to become the third largest economy at ten trillion dollars. Well that’s about 62 lakh
crore rupees, whose biggest share will belong to businesses and people ready to adapt to
the new world that defies intuition and encourages disruption. Uber, world’s largest taxi company owns
no vehicles. Facebook, world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba,
the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. Do you see a pattern? These companies are
disrupting the industry with technology and have achieved the unimaginable. eCommerce
has clearly come out as the future of business and is growing at the rate of 50% every year
in India. But sadly, the Indian youth isn’t equipped, skilled and educated for this opportunity. To bridge this gap, we bring to you eCdemy,
a structured full time 1 year mini MBA program in the eCommerce and eBusiness management.
For the first time in India, especially designed for those aspiring to be business professionals
or looking to upgrade their skill set to the eBusiness and eCommerce domain. The power packed three courses of the program
ensures delivery of relevant knowledge, hands-on experience with the latest online tools and
global exposure to the best practices by the eBusiness and eCommerce world leaders. By the end of the course the student is made
employment ready for positions equivalent to a general manager, or to become an entrepreneur.
eCdemy has partnered with individuals who teach eBusiness at the number one university
in Canada. And renowned digital marketing experts to ensure top quality educational
content and pedagogy. eCdemy brings to you the experience of North America at your doorsteps.
With the beautiful eCdemy campus placed at the foothills of Himalaya at Panchkula, expect
a serene environment for learning. eCdemy. Join eCdemy to build your and India’s
eCommerce and eBusiness future.

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