February 26, 2020

32 thoughts on “eBay Suspended my Seller Account [but I DON’T Dropship on ebay – HERE’S WHY!]

  1. I feel your pain brother. They got me a couple of months ago. I've called twice to plead my case and have basically been told to go pound sand and that I'm done indefinitely. They even suspended my wife's account for having the same address

  2. Diversification man, so that any changes to the platforms like YouTube, Amazon, eBay, etc mean it doesn't massively affect your business. Multiple income streams is where it's at. Looks like you're doing that already anyway Bryan. (And taking control of our audience)

  3. Im a noob dropshipper!! and I heard u talking about other platformes that are making you more selles than ebay. U said Amazon and what else ? I couldn't hear u properly

  4. Hopefully your theory about eBay going after YT dropshipping gurus is correct. Best way to headshot the growing problem……. stop the recruitment

  5. You must have Plan B,C….i think people need to stop talking about this and actually start thinking about multiple income streams..if you have 1 ebay account you are not running a business.

  6. You're so relateable Bryan and you always share applicable information that we can use. Thanks for sharing

  7. its not alot of sellers being suspended, its just email losing top rated which I think is a mistake as well so no one actually got suspended ( like 2-3 people only). People are just spreading rumors and bs. Let's connect on Instagram!

  8. Not drop shipping but was suspended and you didnt get a straight answer for why? Out of 200 transactions you cancelled 2 sales? Makes no sense…I mean if they suspended your account it has to be a pretty major issue…or multiple offenses of the same rule…I dont believe you dont know because eBay will reinstate you and you have to know why they suspended you? IDK man….fishy

  9. Have you ever wondered why you are the only country that playes american football? How can you call it a world series?lol.

  10. Ebay allows you to have more than one account. I have 6 accounts which works out perfectly for what you're saying. I have been suspended for 30 days before and all I did was create the same listings and used the same pictures from that account to one of my other accounts. It may take a little time if you have a bunch of items, but much better than letting your merchandise sit dormant for 30 days.

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