November 19, 2019
eBay for Business | How to set up an ad campaign | Promote your listings | Sell on eBay UK

eBay for Business | How to set up an ad campaign | Promote your listings | Sell on eBay UK

Getting found on eBay is the key to
making a sale but what if you’re launching a new product or you’ve got
lots of competition how do you stand out from the crowd? There’s a great way to do
this it’s our advertising service called
Promote your listings it can help you boost the visibility and impact of your
listings and the best bit is you only pay for the service when it leads to a sale. To use this feature you need to have an active eBay shop subscription. Here’s how to set it up. Go to Seller Hub and click Marketing. Select Promote your listings
followed by Create a new campaign. There are two ways to create a new campaign. You can either select listings individually in the campaign management
tool or you can use our bulk upload feature to upload a CSV file which
contains the listings you wish to promote. In this video we’re going to
show you how to create a new campaign using the first option by selecting
listings individually. All your eligible live listings should appear. If you’ve already got campaigns live, listings which are already being promoted are
hidden by default. If you can’t find the listing you’re after you can search by
entering keywords or individual eBay item IDs in the top right-hand corner or
you can narrow the list down using the filters on the left. Simply tick the
listings that you’d like to promote. Once you’ve selected all the listings you’d
like to promote you’re ready to set your ad rate. The ad rate is the percentage of
the items final sale price excluding postage which you’re willing to pay to
promote an item. You can set your own ad rate anywhere between 1 percent and 20
percent with increments of 0.1 percent or you can apply trending rates.
Once you’ve set your ad rate select Review. Give your campaign a name,
a start date and an end date. You can also push your campaign life without
specifying an end date. Before you can launch a new campaign you must accept
our Terms of Service. Select Launch and your campaign will be live within
minutes. If you’ve got thousands of listings to promote the bulk upload
feature might be easier for you. There are some tips if you’re not sure how to format your file. If you found this video useful make sure you like it comment and
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11 thoughts on “eBay for Business | How to set up an ad campaign | Promote your listings | Sell on eBay UK

  1. Ebay become more giddy than ever.Increasing the subscription fees for shop at 2-3 yrs ,more and more.With this new market tools is more fees to pay+another 12% fees for an item sold.They take 12% for the total amount even for postage costs.That money even isnt in a seller pocket.When you made a complain to them,you will very often heard as a response from the assistance " if you dont like than you are free to go"

  2. It works fantastically, I have used it for a very long time now and I run weekly promotions to boost sales. The best effect takes place before seasonal periods and monthly day pays.

  3. Thank you so much, Honestly it is fabulous and creative thinking.
    Just i want to ask, that it is not applicable on few categories means it is limited to some categories can you enhance it to all categories?

    Thank you 🙂

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