April 8, 2020
EASY Tips to INCREASE eCommerce Conversion Rate

EASY Tips to INCREASE eCommerce Conversion Rate

– Hi there. It’s David Gregoire, Mr
eCommerce and the founder of SnapShop, the app that makes
product photography easy. And I’m answering today,
Shawn’s question about improving and increasing his conversion
rate on his website. Shawn I went on your website
a few minutes ago and I noticed two things. First, you didn’t have any
popup asking for the client’s email. You have to try to monetize
every single visitor on your website. So this really is the first step. If I were you I would like
wait something between eight and 10 seconds to
display a popup offering a compelling offer to your
client, prospective client, and I’d get the email address. Also I didn’t see any proactive chat. I was there like 30 seconds. What you could do is use
a software called Zopim, and there are other
softwares that do exactly the same thing. You put that on your website
and after a few minutes, a visitor on your website
gets a small popup at the bottom right corner of the website, asking a question to him or
something, interpelling him by starting conversation. Don’t just ask, can I
do anything to help you? Ask something compelling
about your product. Your website looks good. You say you do email marketing. Email marketing really is
a great way to get more people on your website and more sales. So you should try to
send an email at least, at least two or three times per week. And I don’t know if you
have integrated the abandon cart emails, but it also works very well. If you want good examples
for that, go on hardcases.ca. This is a friend of mine that
have a eCommerce website, and he uses very, very
good copyrighting for abandoned cart emails. So, thanks for watching. Please share this video
to other people that are struggling with their conversion rate. It’s David Gregoire. Snapshop dot c-a-m, the app
that makes product photography easy. Have a great day.

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