March 30, 2020
EASY 3D Tracking in FCPX – Step By Step Guide

EASY 3D Tracking in FCPX – Step By Step Guide

– This video is sponsored
by Pixel Film Studios. In this video what we’re
talking about is how you add graphics or video to any
elements within your environment. Whether that’s a wall,
or you’re doing like a screen replacement. This is a plugin that you
can use to basically make this process super easy. Let’s get into it. (dramatic music) So what we’re talking about
in this video is a four corner point tracking plugin. Now what this allows you to
do is be able to put objects in your footage and be able to track it to the environment. So essentially what this
plugin does is it tracks four corners. And so if the camera
shifts, if the camera moves, it’s tracking that
perspective so your footage is gonna look like it’s
in the environment. Now this is really cool
because it’s not very easy to do this kind of tracking in Final Cut. If you wanted to add something
into the frame you basically have to go point by point and adjust the perspective yourself. So essentially this plugin is
doing all of that work for you and then whatever you’re
adding into your footage is perfectly tracked
within the environment. Guys, if you’re new here to this channel my name is Jeven Dovey. I do a lot of filmmaking
tutorials, some product reviews, and also some YouTube training. So make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn on those bell
notifications so you don’t miss one of these videos. Alright, so let’s jump into Final Cut and let me show you how you
actually make this work. And how easy it is to use
this plugin to track objects within your frame. So to make this work
well and look seamless there’s a few things
you really need to have in your footage. First is you need to have
a clear and visible surface throughout the shot. And second is you have to have
four clear trackable points in the corners. Now there’s two tracking types, and you’re gonna use the four corner point if you have reflections or moving objects within the desired area
that you are tracking. So let me just show you
this easy trackable shot that I have of a woman working out with a green screened iPad in the background. So the first thing you
wanna do is drag your auto perspective tracker
on top of the footage. It’s gonna add a layer above the shot that you’re working on. And you wanna make the plugin
layer the exact same length as the shot that you’re trying to track. Now put your play head at the
very beginning of the shot and you’re gonna highlight
the adjustment layer. Go over to your info tab, and we’re going to click track editor. So once you’re in here
you’re gonna see a few different tools. At the bottom here below
your footage are the controls to be able to zoom in
and move the image around so you can see what you’re going to track. One the screen you’re gonna have your box and your four points that you’re tracking, each of the corners. And then on the right hand side, you’re gonna have a few controls. So the default tracking type is planar. And this one’s gonna be
used most of the time unless you have something
moving within the box that you’re tracking. And then underneath that
you have track quality. So if you pull it all the way up to 100% you’re gonna do the
most detailed tracking. However it’s gonna take
more time to process. So depending on how clear
the four corners are of your shot, you will adjust this setting and find what works best. Because this shot is super
clear I’m just gonna leave it at 50%. Now what I’m gonna do is
take my selection area and drag the four corners
to the exact four corners that I want of the trackable
object in the frame. And you can see here on the right side there’s a magnification so you can get it perfectly in the corner. Now the last step you
need to do is just hit the play button, and watch it track. So it’s gonna take a few
minutes to render this out depending on how long your shot is. Now once it’s done you
can go back frame by frame and make sure that each
of the trackable points are exactly where you want them to be. If there’s any issues
within the shot you can go to that frame and then position
it where it needs to go so that it’s a perfect track. Now we’re going to export this data, and when we go back to our timeline you’re gonna make sure that
you’re cursor is at the first frame of the shot. Now again you wanna select
the plugin adjustment layer, and you’re gonna see a few
controls in your inspector. At the top is your track editor
which is what we just did. If you just wanna start fresh
you can clear all data here. But underneath that is
your drop zone controls. So first you need to turn this on and it’s gonna put just
a basic gray drop zone over the space. You can playback your
footage and see how it looks with just the gray, making
sure that the four corners are mapped out perfectly. Now what you wanna do is
make sure your cursor’s at the first frame and you’re
gonna select your drop zone. Now you’re gonna select
the clip that you want put in that drop zone. And you have a few controls
once you select this. You can move it on the X and Y axis. And you can also scale
it so you can make it bigger or smaller. Now underneath that you have two modes. You have your blend mode
and you have your opacity. So depending on what kind of
effect you want it to have with the footage in the
background you can use these effects to make it look more natural. So because this is just a
clean screenshot I’m not trying to have any of the
background show through. So I’m just gonna leave
the blend mode in normal and I’m gonna leave the opacity at 100%. And then at the very
bottom of your inspector is your motion blur. So if you have some
motion blur in your frame you can match that by using the slider and pulling it to the right. And just like that you now
have your four corners tracked, you have embedded your object, and you either have footage or your graphic placed
in your environment. So now let’s go through a graphic element. It’s gonna be the exact same process, except for you might add some texture by using your blend modes. So this is a shot from the Azores, and I just wanna put a
graphic on this wall. So what I’m gonna do is
the same exact process. So I’m gonna find four
points around the area that I want to track. And then now with the drop zone I’m gonna add in my graphic. So from here I’m gonna do a blend mode. So I’m gonna use the overlay
and see how that blends on the wall. And from here I’m gonna
drop down the opacity and not make it so prominent. And because I did these two adjustments, it looks like the graphic was in the scene when I shot it. (gentle music) So this tool is super
powerful if you’re looking to track objects within your frame. It’s great if you wanna add graphics or if you wanna add footage. For me personally I do a
lot of shoots where I have screens that I need to replace. My production company is a
fitness video production company and a lot of the commercials
that we do are people working out at home with a screen. So I’m always doing these
kind of screen replacements and this makes it super
easy for me to track that and just add that footage in. Now there’s lots of other
applications for this. You could put graphics in, text, anything in your environment
to basically enhance the experience for your viewers. Guys, if you wanna see
more information about the perspective tracker I
put a link down below in the description. And there’s also a discount
code down there for you. So I highly suggest going
and checking it out. If you’re a Final Cut user, it’s an awesome plugin to
add something a little bit different into your footage. Also, I did another video
on auto tracker which is a single point tracker. This allows you to track and
add anything within your frame but it’s used when you
don’t need to have that perspective shift. So guys I’ll put that
video right here so you can check that out. And that’s it. I’ll see you on the next one.

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  1. Yoooo this helps big time. I was just thinking about how to do this one. Seen it in other creators and wondered how can I do that.

  2. Love the setup! I watched another tutorial on FCPX Auto Tracker but this explanation is much easier to follow. Thanks!

  3. I think that if you would use samples that are not suffering from the wrap effect of the GH5 your video would have more credibility. I was amazed how many of your samples suffered from that. Time to get a better camera?

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