April 1, 2020
Easily Hide Price Range for WooCommerce Variable Products

Easily Hide Price Range for WooCommerce Variable Products

Every now and then we wish to tweak some
of the features of WooCommerce. If you are selling variable products in your store,
then you might have noticed the price range for the products. While some of us seem fine with it, there are a few who would want to hide
the price range and show the product price when the respective variation
is selected. In this video, we will show a quick method that will help you Hide the Price Range for WooCommerce Variable Products. This method involves a simple
code snippet to be added to your website. You can add this code snippet at the end
of the “functions.php” file of your activated website theme. If you are not sure how to update a code snippet, you can watch our video on “How to edit
WordPress Source Code Files?” for the same. Once you have added the code snippet,
save the changes. Basically, this code snippet will show
the starting price of the product instead of the price range and
will apply on both regular price and sale price of the variable products. This code snippet is provided in the respective
video transcript. Follow the link given in the video description. When you move to the front-end of the store,
you can notice the price range is now replaced with the starting price of the product. You can choose the desired variation to see the price of the respective
product variant. Furthermore, if you wish to remove the starting price as well and
just keep the price in the variation, you can add another short code snippet
to do this job. This code snippet is also included in the said article. Once applied,
the starting price will not appear on the product page and will only be
displayed on the shop page. In this way, you can hide the price range for
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7 thoughts on “Easily Hide Price Range for WooCommerce Variable Products

  1. Hi there! Thanks for this video. However it doesnt work for me… is im missing something? Is this work in all theme or third party theme?

  2. Hi, Thanks for u video.
    But it's don't work for me (elemntor pro – last version)

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