April 6, 2020

9 thoughts on “Easier payments for Progressive Web Apps – Progressive Web App Training

  1. Might be helpful to talk about security around autofill. Looking forward to setting up mobile pay instead, feels more secure to the end user and offers a cleaner, simpler, faster user experience. I enjoyed the presenter, follow them on Twitter, great engineer.

  2. Reason PC is favored over Mobile is because it's easy to lose your phone or get it stolen and then bad guys have direct access to your financial information. It's very unlikely someone will break in to my house and take my PC.

  3. More like an attempt at the "Best Marketing Style Video" award. Which by the way, almost.

    Also, learnt something new.

  4. Auto-complete is great, but you need to be very thoughtful when using with payment information. The CVV/CVC data should never be stored (PCI-DSS guidelines) and enabling the auto-complete stores the value. Add this to the rest of the credit card information being also stored with auto-complete and your card information is no longer safe.

  5. Udemy's 'new credit card' checkout page uses improper autocomplete tags (e.g. autocomplete="udemy") as of June 14th. Yes, I still bought the course, but it was a pain to have to go find my credit card.

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