January 18, 2020
Earn more from Google Adsense this way, I do it for my blogs | Digital Marketing | Roy Digital

Earn more from Google Adsense this way, I do it for my blogs | Digital Marketing | Roy Digital

Hello, Guys Hi, Welcome To Roy Digital And This Side Hrishikesh Roy Your Digital Marketing Trainer And Friend Guys Today’s Topic Is Definitely Thumbnail Was Also Detected And Also Appearing On My Board We Are Talking About Google Adsense guys Why is YouTube so important on YouTube? And why blogging also has so much focus. If there is a digital marketer blogger then It definitely writes on this topic because it is an earning platform. This is the platform of Google where we earn it available you and the rest of the bloggers make it very popular So it is very popular and there is another reason is that Health way Of earning Yes why in this Google gives you direct pay you money So guys, It is healthy again Google who is one of the best and huge
giant companies of this world there is from we get Direct payment is received definitely I will make a video on this in the future so definitively it may not be very genuine earning online and that is why it is so much focused and I also have reason to make this video today. Definitely, I will make a video on this in the future but… I have received so much comment on how to improve AdSense how to use AdSense, how to earn a maximum earning from AdSense Can I do it So what am I doing today? I will definitely make this series of videos one by one so the topic I am taking is that this is how you really help you to make a big earning Guys, if I talk about you, have to earn from Approval of AdSense is of no use is at all asked question to me, Sir, how to take the approval of AdSense, should the underage approval of the copied content be approved? This is the whole policy, you will also read from where you are on Google’s own support platform if you go https://support.google.com/adsense Policies are not a big deal because policies definitively you will not get anywhere to listen and see how Google ads are approved what is that I have clarified I have also done a video on that if you want Google ads, then that is the new way of Google What is it that I can get genuine approve if I follow the same thing what I clearly mention if you follow all those things, then you will definitely get the approval, I have given link in the i button this video must watch it after this session I am going to tell you today. If you go then you can make more So let’s come to my board I am going to tell you exactly the point is so valid that you So its benefit is going to be a very big level so I write 3 major points here. Taking care of those points, first of all, (Traffic Sources) are very big mater if you have to earn a lot of earn money from Google I said On this Google Adsense approval is not everything after that, you have to focus all these things if you have to earn more than Google. 2. CPC and 3. is CTR Guys These three things will matter to you a lot more if you have to earn lakh of rupees from your particular google Adsense which are attracting lots of bloggers and publishers trust me Guys. Let me tell you a little definition of 3 and its major factors that affect your Google Adsense revenue, listen to the focus are important to traffic sources. First of all, if you want to earn from Google, then you have to take care of this thing in your site. However, the traffic site wherever Google AdSense that is running on this particular traffic source that should be the organic means Google SEO. Guys, if you are getting traffic to your site from SEO, then you will start searching with optimization I have created lots of videos no search engine optimization. Click on this (i) button and watching that playlist will definitely give you an idea of ​​how to rank your site Now Google believes it Is that the particuler which has more traffic than SEO inside its CPC which is always high. CPC means (cost per click) what is a cost per click, how much does google pay you for a click, CPC means as an example if there is an ad published on my site and one of my visitors clicks that ad Given that one click, how much revenue will I generate? You can say that CPC is why I get a 65% average revenue of CPC. For example, if I have a website and here an ad runs and here is my content and this is an ad Now if my visitors click this ad and this is to click on the gate of Amazon, let’s assume a bid of ₹ 10 for Amazon now you click on this visiter, as soon as the visitor click on this ad google earned 10 rupees from amazon it will be 10 percent divide by Google publisher and Google. who is a publisher for example me And who is google And who is Google who has put this ad here Google Is a middle now the publisher gets 65% and Google takes 35%. This is a tentative figure, it does not have any fixed account. No Deceleration have been Yet So for this, let’s assume it is 65 to 35 a publisher which is higher side So this means 10 rupees which go to the 6.5 rupees website owner and 3.5 rupees which are with Google… so this means that this amount is what we say for example CPC based amount is that if Google clicks on my ads, Google pays me 65% of what I got it Guys keep in mind as it is that the CPC of a click is high and it will be high only when your first factor is coming from the organic means SEO is coming from its region, its region I have told you very big, you may or may not, but I don’t know, but I tell you its base, this is the amount of money that is when Amazon ads run, display ads are running special. Then the keyword What is the targeting keyword targeting? The keyword that Amazon wants that if there is any content on this keyword then my ads will run on that keyword and the content of that keyword which is my content is right to say Google Find out if this keyword is on this page or not, only when this keyword has been ranked on Google I hope it is clear it means I am ranking on some keyword. So Google knows which content is within this keyword and as soon as Amazon bid on that keyword, the ads started running inside your personal site what happened to it that Amazon also started getting a business? with this keyword and for that keyword, he is ready to pay high amount and Google starts running ads on your site on your keyword, then it will be organic traffic has a big role Guys keep mind If you Want to earn by becoming a publisher on your site to be organic results same traffic on the same advertiser Facebook on Fetch from Facebook you’re no use 6.5 may get 1 rupee for one-click for 1 rupee, it can also happen if you have social media traffic if you have another source of traffic, it has been seen that getting a click of 1 or 2 rupees, but there will be organic traffic. So the same ads everything the same. Maybe you get a click for 6-7 rupees to 10 rupees to 20 rupees. The biggest factor which is the main factor is to keep the traffic source organic so you found out. If you have a high chance of going CPC high, then you have to take care of your content, on which keyword you are focusing more, or on which keyword centric you are creating content, then you must keep this thing in your mind. CPC will definitely go high, now the thing is CTR is its click-through rate means how many times your ads are being clicked get your ads Do not show a manipulated click to Guys. against the policy If I am explaining to you for example, if your site is running ads and you are telling your friend to click on this advertisement then definitely he is going to suspend is sure to suspend, so you click Clicks are not manipulated, but still, CTR is concerned, so what is the same CTR, what is CTR, if your site has 1000 daily visitors, for example, it is your visitor And from this, let’s just say 50 clicks come, so this is 50/1000 * 100, so this is your 5% and 5% is your CTR. That means how many visitors come from it, how many people click on those ads, then it is CTR. So Guys CTR should also be your high, then Guys should be the first to say that there should be a lot of CPC, and how much will I get for a click and how many people of CTR will click my ads If both of these are high then the revenue earned from Google Adsense will increase more than it means that you have to earn a lot more than the start of the traffic in the evening. that I am earning 1000 traffic, let’s say 1000 rupees. He is earning 200 rupees only on 1000 traffic, because in my case both these things are high and in his case both of them are down or both of them. There is a down it is important to take care of as well Right then this is meager, which will help you in earning a chance from AdSense, so today’s was a complete theory part. Related to AdSense in which you can earn from your publisher site from your blog site so I have told you what it tells me in your comment which part is not clear enough and you are feeling more Need to elaborate and need to disburse, then I will try to make more videos on it and try to explain to you in a clear way, Guy’s I hope you These videos must understand and you’re putting like have not yet subscribed to have and if you tell me on the comment Did you find this video valuable or not so please don’t forget to tell me that’s all for the day and stay tuning in this channel and wait for the next video till then have a nice day and bye-bye…

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  1. Sir, thnxs for your video, but my question for tonight is, what if no-one is clicking on the projected adds on the site?

  2. Hii sir, I have one question jaisa ki aapane kaha CTR high hona chahie agar CTR 10 to 12% hota hai to fir kya hoga

  3. https://www.thetechbook.in/ ye website hai meri aur ispe adsense se phle under construction aa rha tha ab nonsensical content aa rha hai kya kroon sir

  4. Sir mai website se google AdSense k liye apply kiya hu 30 se jada article posted hai. 💯 percentage uniq article hai. 5 bar reject kar chuka AdSense approval k liye. Har bar under construction ka error dekar. Samaj ni aa raha kya kru. Website bhi bHut achi hai. Top notch content and roylti free images use ki hai. 4 bar theme change kar k dekh liya. Mere hisab se blog 💯 percentage ready hai but mil ni raha approval! need your advice !😫 any suggestions about theme customization..plz help me sir.. Blog hai Punjabpolicerecruitment com . Content approval k baad chnge krunga. Pahle ye aproval lene ke liye health se related likha hai 😕

  5. Sir hi I have one question…Meri website already ranked on Google top 5 pages in many keyword due to which I am earning daily 3 to 4 dollars…so Kya Mei auto posting website Mei convert KR lu apni website koi problem toh nhi hogi..
    Please suggest…thanks

  6. Namaste sir! Jaisa ke aapne kaha high CPC bhi rehna chahiye. Lekin maanlo ke particular keyword ka CPC hai Rs. 100 lekin visitor ke click par mila sirf Rs. 2. Kyunki uss visitor ne kuch products apne google par search kiya hai. Cookies se uske liye wahi ad run honge jisne woh browse kiya hai na ki high C.P.C. wale. Am I right??? 🤔

  7. Urdu/Hindi websites ko phir kis se MONETIZE karen?? google adsense urdu/hindi websites k liye kese advertisers ko choose karega???

  8. Brother but Organic traffic to first time hi aayega. Second time to user to website url pta hai to wo direct url type karega and even that websute name url me hi show hone lagta hai then hamesha organic traffic kaise aa sakta hai ?

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