April 1, 2020
e-Ticaret Sitesi Kurulumu Eğitim Seti – Başlangıç

e-Ticaret Sitesi Kurulumu Eğitim Seti – Başlangıç

Hello friends, I Anas has in this video we go with you to set up e-commerce site. I’ve never had such a start to the series, but the half. I want to start again for the unfinished, 2017 with the new system, with new e-commerce information can buy products sitting in your own home, you can set up e-commerce site that makes money and without the need of any company. If you do not receive your order you are not institutional Daily 1500-2000. so in your own home and you can set up an e-commerce site, your small business no need to spend big bucks for it 100₺’y even in your own home, you can set up an e-commerce site for to be no record of an application etc. not necessary In our training, we will set up a website set as follows: vaay.co I sell phone case on this website. We will set up a website like this and you will see how we can make this website stages I’m talking about the identification of needs that our video. What do I need on my 2nd chapter let me direct from that stage? 1 hosting 1 fieldname 1 WordPress so: D they are adequate We will establish our website hosting We will install WordPress into whether integrated with fieldname We will do a WordPress e-commerce site e-commerce site will be what you make of our next step? credit card integrated We use SSL for secure payment of 3d for the security of We will establish such a system for the safety of users I researched a lot before selecting the system WP macento etc. the most dynamic, the most variable products without any changes, just change the interface, customize the interface, using plug-ins, reference system, rapid supply of products, mobile compatibility, the SEO uyumluğug the most efficient, the most cost-effective, I thought it was the system that anyone can use WordPress. So I have come to its conclusion We will set up a WordPress site with you We do here in this training set of product sales It may take an average of 10 video training kit After you have an e-commerce site and you will say Enes man, I Abiliyormuşum 50₺ done with it, thank you. I never enter my products without the hassle of sitting in their place with a company, I can get the money to sell my products. Thank you so much you have to say, make sure This first section My channel for other departments [SUBSCRIBE] you can I think the 2 videos a week on e-commerce to take part hopefully not a setback See you in the next video, bye to! bb

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  1. Bu yararlı video serisi için teşekkür ederiz Enes . Yeni keşfetmiş olmam benim için bi kayıp uzun zamandır isteyip fırsat bulup yapamıyordum.
    Başarılarının devamını dilerim

  2. merhaba Enes bey video serisi 2017 yılına ait bu yüzden soruyorum. şuan için de WooCommerce piyasanın en uygun verimli ve dinamik ticaret sitesi kurulumunu sağlıyor mu sizce?

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