April 10, 2020
E-Commerce Websites to Stop Cash on Delivery

E-Commerce Websites to Stop Cash on Delivery

After Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes were demonetised, the Indian citizens were encouraged to carry out payments online instead of cash. Still in India many people prefer to pay cash. 60-65% of the people prefer to make their payments for their online deliveries by cash. Customers prefer “COD” because they don’t know if the website is real or fake and they are scared to make online payments because of cybercrime. The E-commerce companies have a big problem with the “COD” option. If payments are made online, the money goes directly to the account. Cash on Delivery payments take a week to reach the websites. E-commerce websites do not like “COD” as sometimes the delivery fails and it is a big risk for the company. These websites are slowly trying to encourage customers to pay online. They are encouraging people to pay online by providing discounts to people who choose to pay online.

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