March 30, 2020
E-commerce website with manager support – web shop business

E-commerce website with manager support – web shop business

Java EE webshop application, Open Sourced. Administrator Logon Product browsing view. Administrator panel: May add managers. Manager editing view, add and remove store managers. Needs an address, as the managers should be able to place orders. The new manager is ready for work Time for the manager to work. The manager’s menu: Process orders and Create products and categories. Create a new category called Agile. (Success Message) Create a new product in the newly added category. Set stock count and product price. The product image is added in edit mode. (Success message) Find the product in the ‘Agile’ category. The product view, image, description, title stock count. Enter product edit mode. Upload a new product image to replace the placeholder. Modify the stock count in relative values to allow concurrent updates. The stock count was updated. Find a product by name search “sharks”. Update the product description. Creating a customer account. Account details; Shipping address. The empty shopping cart. All orders, placed, waiting, shipped. Buying the recently added product. Filling up the shopping cart.. Time to place the order! (Success message) Creating some more orders.. Remove a product from the cart. Create an order with a quantity larger than stocked. The manager won’t be able to pack this one yet. Create an order emptying the stock of C++ for Dummies All placed orders with order status. Time for the manager to pack the orders. Instructions for packing an order. First order to pack.. Products have already been deducted from stock. Now out of stock, the last was ordered and allocated. No more orders to pack, the last order placed is not packable until the stock is resupplied. Customer login The packable orders have now changed status to shipped. Viewing the order details. The product is now out of stock. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more!

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  1. now rebooted! tons of fixes: performance, security, mobile support and swish payments!

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