April 6, 2020
E-commerce Website Testimonial | Display Centre Review Exposure Ninja

E-commerce Website Testimonial | Display Centre Review Exposure Ninja

– My name’s Chris Jones. The business is The Display Centre in Segensworth just outside Fareham. We sell shop fittings
and display equipment around the world. We’ve been working with Exposure Ninja for about four or five months now. We were working with someone else and we found Tim. Tim surprised us by coming
back with a review of our site. And what we’re impressed
with straight away was his focus on the ability
of the website to convert the user experience and
the ability of the website to be a money-making sort
of part of the business, rather than the softer elements of design that a lot of agencies seem to major on. Our experience with
Exposure Ninja has been extremely positive. Tim clearly has sort of
nailed down the fundamentals of making money out of
the Internet, if you like. And that is what he’s fed
through into our website, which is all we could ask. I would definitely recommend
Exposure Ninja to others. As I say, we’ve been, we’ve had a website for 10 to 12 years, we’ve worked with six, seven, eight different agencies or
freelancers over that time. Very few, if any of them,
have Tim’s understanding of how to actually make
the most of the Internet. And that’s what, as a
business, you need to do. – We feel that we have been very lucky to work with Exposure Ninja. We’ve produced a website
that’s much more attractive, much more usable, and a lot
more helpful to our customers than we thought we would. Tim, who owns Exposure
Ninja, is fantastic. I first found him through
their website, but actually watched some of his SEO lectures prior to us going with him for our new website. And those lectures were
really good, really in-depth, really useful and it gave
me a lot of confidence that he knows what he’s
doing and he’s not just making it up on the spot like
some of the agencies are.

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