April 2, 2020
E-Commerce OR Affiliate Marketing? Which Should You Do?

E-Commerce OR Affiliate Marketing? Which Should You Do?

should you do affiliate marketing or
e-commerce in this video I’ll share with you the differences and similarities
between both online businesses so you get a more clear picture of which
business you should start if you’re looking to get into affiliate marketing
or e-commerce my name is Rachel Leslie and I do affiliate marketing and I did
do e-commerce right now my focus is affiliate marketing and I’ll share with
you reasons why and then I’ll also share with you in this video how I’ve been
able to scale with e-commerce and what you need to know if you are into
affiliate marketing online business and making passive income I will start
putting more ecommerce videos also be sure to subscribe to the channel and let
me know in the comments if you are an affiliate marketing in e-commerce
if you have tried one or the other which you like more the first thing to know is
that there is a lot of overlap between affiliate marketing and e-commerce
there’s a lot of differences but there is a lot of overlap so even if you
wanted to switch from another like you started in e-comm and it’s just not
working out for you and you want to go to affiliate marketing still a lot of
the things that you learned while learning about econ are gonna be the
same and vice-versa so one of the things that overlap is
traffic like you need traffic the fact that you need traffic for affiliate
marketing if you want to make money online and get sales online you need the
online traffic and then same with e-commerce if you if you won’t be able
to buy from your store or buy whatever it is that you’re selling there needs to
be eyeballs of people of real people that and we want quality traffic so
there’s different types of traffic and different types of traffic for both
methods I would say that if you are really serious about this online
business and you want to you’re not like that
fearful I mean we all have fear in us but the people that are brave actually
figure out how to invest in paid traffic and scale with paid traffic especially
with e-commerce a lot of e-commerce is just like cracking Facebook ads and then
with affiliate marketing a lot of that may be cracking the code on Google ads
and there’s other types of paid traffic too so if you already have a background
and Facebook ads you could consider like oh well then maybe I could figure out
ecommerce traffic faster or if you already have a background and Google Ads
maybe then you could apply affiliate marketing to that but they still both
work the other way around too so still lots of overlap as far as organic
traffic I use a lot of organic traffic for affiliate marketing and when I say
organic traffic it doesn’t mean I don’t spend any money on it because I
outsource but you can still do a lot of like organic traffic methods on your own
which may be what you’re looking to do for e-commerce there are organic methods
you could do like Instagram let’s say but it’s also going to take a lot of
time and you need to consider like is what is your time worth and could you
outsource it for cheaper something that also overlaps affiliate marketing and
e-commerce is the use of like a website or a landing page or a web page or
funnels so with the affiliate marketing like where are people going to buy they
have to were selling something assuming that people would pull up their credit
card and there’s order form so with e-commerce maybe you have an online
storefront or maybe you have a funnel which is like single web pages that
guide people through the buying process maybe you’re selling on Amazon or Ebay
even with e-commerce with affiliate marketing also people need to enter
their credit cards so maybe you’ll build out your own funnel or the good thing
with affiliate marketing is a lot of these affiliate offers you just have to
promote your link to the funnel they already come with highly
converting funnels you just grab your affiliate link to the beginning page or
whatever page and let the sales page and the funnel do the selling for you you
just focus on sending the traffic another thing to consider is tracking
and paid out retargeting for both affiliate marketing and e-commerce to
get more sales it’s good if we have tracking codes on there so we can
retarget our visitors and get them to come back often with affiliate marketing
you can’t put these codes these tracking codes and pixels on the pages because
you you can’t go in and edit the page with e-commerce I think sometimes you
have more flexibility with with adding things that’s something to consider
something similar between affiliate marketing and e-commerce is you don’t
need inventory and it’s like low upfront costs to start the business and there’s
no need to create your own product with affiliate marketing like you did a lot
of it’s just digital products or physical products but you don’t have to
buy this stuff ahead of time but the things that you would invest in is maybe
an email marketing system landing page software tracking software there still
are costs but not that much you wouldn’t also want to invest in your education
too and in traffic with e-commerce if you’re doing drop shipping or print on
demand also you don’t have to buy products ahead of time but you will find
like okay well you’re paying for Shopify or you’re paying for your domain paying
for the email system and there’s all these like software’s that you’ll find
here and there and it’s important to know there’s a never-ending supply of
software’s and software’s come and go so don’t get like too into investing all
your money and software’s right away I would focus on like learning but which
is what you’re what you’re doing but I would say real important must-have
software’s would be landing page software to build funnels a funnel
building software and email marketing software
another thing that affiliate marketing and e-commerce have in common but still
differ is branding like the concept of are you gonna build a brand or is it
gonna be like an unbranded item which is still a brand so let’s say for affiliate
marketing you can build a whole brand that’s not you it’s like like coca-cola
is a brand but it’s not a person Apple is a brand but it’s not a person but
then there’s also personal branding so my personal brand Rachael s ly
straight-up promotes affiliate offers but I also have some other brands I hide
behind other brands to sell affiliate offers and you can go both ways with
affiliate marketing for e-commerce you can also use a personal brand maybe you
want to sell merch where people just love your personal brands so much and
they’re buying the products that you created but let’s talk about this from
the standpoint if you’re not creating your own products perhaps you’re doing
dropshipping well maybe you want a brand an online store if it’s like a female
girly product you want to make the store look girly if it’s like masculine
survival things survival products then maybe you want your funnel to look that
way and be very bold and have like a feeling behind the brand with the fonts
and the colors that’s something to consider – another thing to consider is
when you do make a brand your brand can scale very fast I worked on some
different ecommerce projects where we just created a brand like we’ve bought a
domain we picked the colors we made a name for it and we’d like built this
brand but also if you scale too fast and customers have issues that could really
affect your brand because people can post bad things online and if it’s
you’re like okay well just make a new brand we’ll just rebrand the ecommerce
store you can do that but you can’t do that too much with your personal brand
so you definitely want to be hit wise with that
another thing that affiliate marketing and e-commerce some things to consider
with both is do you want to sell high volume lower pricepoint or would
you rather sell less items or products but it’s but you get bigger sales attire
ticket so if you are selling something that’s like only ten dollars do you want
to sell a lot of them to actually make money you’re gonna need like a lot of
traffic or you can choose to promote things that are more expensive and you
don’t need as much sales but you want to make sure that traffic is very targeted
and then finally another thing to consider which kind of ties back into
the branding is customer service if you’re doing affiliate marketing you
don’t really have to worry about customer service too much because you’re
just promoting another company’s products so they’ll take care of the
customer service they will that they should at least but that’s another thing
you may be promoting something and it has bad customer service and then people
get mad at you for promoting it and then another thing to consider too is refunds
maybe there’s not so many refunds with affiliate marketing but sometimes people
will refund and then your commission gets taken away and then with e-commerce
depends on your refund policy you can find a product that’s in China that
you’re drop shipping and you didn’t even know that it was gonna be crappy and you
sent out a ton of them when they you scaled so fast and you were selling 100
a day and then you’re getting all these emails of people wanting a refund and
you’re gonna deal with like how are you gonna do that are they gonna ship it
back are you just gonna give them a refund a partial refund who’s going to
be in charge of the customer service I worked on a project where we had a 13
customer service reps from the Philippines helping customers because
their products were getting lost or there were so many refunds because we
scaled so fast right now with my affiliate marketing business I have u3
va is helping me with my emails and helping people and it’s not usually
people complaining it’s people asking questions and by us answering those
questions I make more money because maybe they’re
not sure if they want to buy an affiliate offer or software or if it’s
right for them so any inclusion I do like both they’re both fun
everything that I said is like important as far as the branding and having
funnels and traffic and considering your expenses and considering the price
points but for me I’m into affiliate marketing more right now I kind of took
a little break from EECOM I’ll get back into it but for now I like affiliate
marketing more because I choose to promote software’s that I use or courses
that I have so it just makes it easier to create content about things that I
use and know and give tutorials on how to use them and make money from it but
maybe e-commerce is right for you I am going to put more research resources for
you in the description there’s affiliate marketing trainings ecommerce trainings
of an e-commerce webinar from my friend Peter who is also a to comma Club winner
for e-commerce but the thing is his course is teaching people how to make a
lot of money online and there’s a free webinar on how to do that so I would
watch that if you want to you’re still like on the fence or you want to know
more about e-commerce or if you’re ready to go because I think it’s really
important to learn from people who are already making money and knowing what
they’re doing and then I have a bunch of affiliate marketing trainings in the
description below if you like this video be sure to subscribe like the video I
would love that leave a comment below if you’re doing affiliate marketing or
e-commerce and I will see you on the next video

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