April 1, 2020
E-Commerce Literalmente Desde Cero I GIANCARLO BARAZZA

E-Commerce Literalmente Desde Cero I GIANCARLO BARAZZA

e-commerce literally from scratch Giancarlo Barazza Giancarlo, if you want to share screen and Explain to us what this Funnel Genie tool is and what the benefits are, and then we reveal how people can earn a lot of money with this Well, Funnel Genie, I think Since 2013 I have been giving it on the internet, in a nutshell I consolidated all my experience in an internet tool that, anyone, really anyone, can start seeing results on the Internet. It is a very simple tool and we have here we are expanding in Spanish for Latinos, because it’s growing so much The Latino group and all that. Funnel Ginie, and as you see on this platform, You can choose a product you like, for example: This product, right? You want to sell this product (which is a projector) and here we have the video done, we are going to give you the funnel done; you will not have to buy no kind of Applications. You put the domain and create the ad, I’m going to show you exactly how to do it, And now, the system works. Very simple, ok? So, speaking of marketing, how do you sell such a product? If you want to sell it, for example in Snap Chat look at the video Very simple If you want to sell it on Facebook (which we also give training), see how it sells on Facebook The ad, look at the ad, the ad that is put on facebook. The announcement is here ready, ready to copy and paste. Here you see that it says “copy” (copy and paste) And, this video is obviously sent to a funnel: We are going to call it “projector” (you can put any name here) “Projector” And look! in less than five seconds Funnel Genie creates all the funnel With sales letters, with everything, look. You have the sales letter, the legal pages, everything, look how beautiful: with its logo, with pretty pics, with a gift, with everything everything everything. So, a beginner on the internet or with internet experience does not have to be spending hours creating these sales letters that take well … I don’t know then. Gus, with the experience you have, how long would it take? creating a funnel like that? Well, imagine; Only design takes a lot of time and money. That, apart from the “copy” or text of the “hook” that we are going to put in the headline, of the text that we are going to put as action calls, the photos that we are going to choose. That is, it’s not just time, it can easily be a couple of days, depending on how fast the designer is. And only for the first page! I’m not even talking about a complete funnel and the integration, which obviously must also be done between funnel. Look, in less than a minute I already have the sales letter, I have the sales form, I have where the information is placed to make the purchase This information even has to verify that it really is the phone number and address. And I have even additional products so that the value of the cart goes up and hence the letter of thanks, and confirmation of what the customer has bought. How long did it take me to create this, Gus? I think in less than two minutes three minutes now, and explaining. Exactly how our team works on all the offers we sell from affiliate marketing or e-commerce we create a system with which anyone can come, with passion, and all you can do is as I tell you in Funnel Genie; the The only thing you can put in is to customize. You can go here and you can enter your own domain. That is to say, that this projector obviously can here put a domain, which can be projector.top, or name it as
please, you can put it And it’s very simple to add a domain. Here you can put the domain (the domain you want), save it, and you can use it in all your funnels. As I say, I don’t know. At first you can also use the domain that Funnel Genie gives you. Obviously, if you don’t have a domain but obviously it converts better if you have your own domain Okay. All the products that are here are winning products that work, and you don’t have to take care of shipping products. We all have in the warehouse the order is drawn up and our warehouse takes care of Dispatch the product. All the client has to do is generate the ad and when someone shows interest we call the client we dispatch and your commissions are paid So…

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