April 8, 2020
E-commerce Influencer Outreach Case Study (25% Cold Email Reply Rate)

E-commerce Influencer Outreach Case Study (25% Cold Email Reply Rate)

– What’s going on with the
t-shirt company, with Wohello? I’m sure you’re wondering. Well, I’m here to tell you,
today, what’s going on. This is launching a
fashion brand part two. As you can tell, I’ve
got a Wohello shirt on. This one’s Basquiat. It’s all embroidered. Looks sick, bro! So, here’s where we are with Wohello. As I mentioned in video number one about the launch of the fashion brand, the biggest thing for
us to find out right now is what are our main lead
generation channels going to be? The original theory was
Facebook ads to cold traffic and Instagram ads to cold traffic. As we saw in video number
one that did not work. And at the end of video number one, we talked about the
influencer outreach strategy. So, I hired somebody on UpWork
to do influencer outreach and they were sending this
message out to influencers. “Hey John, how are you? “We are a startup t-shirt
company called Wohello, “and we wanted to compliment
you on your Instagram feed. “If we send you a shirt,
would you be interested “in repping slash making a
post with you wearing it? “It’d be awesome to work with ya. “Let us know.” That was her script. After a full week, we had
three influencers lined up. Three out of, if you remember, the goal is to give away 133 shirts to test this channel. So not good. At an average of three
shirts given away per week, that would give us 44
weeks to hit our goal. So, that wasn’t gonna happen. Luckily, a consultant
client and now acquaintance, soon to be friend I assume? How does friendship work? Anyway, this guy reached out,
Jack’s Business on Instagram, and he runs an influencer
outreach platform called SocialFlight, that promises to get new
likes and new followers to the Instagram channel. I wasn’t so interested in that, but he told me that he could do lead gen. So, he gave me a free account and I sent him a list
of Instagram accounts that are like ours. These are brands that are in the streetwear section of fashion. Things like Comme Des Garcons
Play, Off-White, Supreme. I know some of these brands, or all of these brands, are unheard of to most of you. They were unheard of for me as well. I had no idea what was going on until I started doing this research. But the first list he provided was a list of 9,000 people that followed Off-White, and I took that list and boiled it down to only relevant influencers. Relevant meaning mostly men, although there was some
women left on the list, that have high engagement and have their email addresses listed in the document. So we have the lead set up, and we boiled the list of 9,000 people down to 128 people that
matched our criteria, and we sent them an email that got a 43% open and a 20% reply rate. And I’m filming this video 24 hours after the emails went out. Maybe a few hours more, maybe like 28 hours after
the emails went out. And our give out number, remember it was three out
of 133 before we started, by the end of this email going out, we’re up to 23 shirts
given out out of 133. So of course I’m gonna
fire the Instagram person that I hired on Upwork. Because, come on, sometimes
it just takes a little hustle. So let me show you the template I used because I broke a lot
of our cold email rules and it still worked, and I’ll tell you exactly why. The subject line was free shirt. This was a 40% open rate, so next time we’ll probably rewrite this. Then the email said, “Hey huge fan “of what you’re doing on Instagram. “I run a startup t-shirt
company called Wohello. “If we send you a shirt
would you be interested “in making a post with you wearing it? “It’d be awesome to work with you. “Let me know. “Thanks, Alex.” Very similar to the Instagram message. No customization at all, not even a first name in here. Which if we customize,
maybe it would go up. But the reason why we
didn’t customize in this is because it’s so customized already. “So, huge fan of what
you’re doing on Instagram.” These are all Instagram influencers. When these guys read the email, they’re gonna think it’s custom to them, because obviously I’m a huge fan of what they do on Instagram. It’s right there in the email. So it looks custom enough and the subject line, free shirt. I’m giving them something for free. If you look on the Wohello site now our prices are premium and I bumped em up. In the last video I
think we were at $32.99. And the reason why we went up to $100 is because I went to Las Vegas and I started trying on a
lot of these clothes. Alexander Wang. Comme Des Garcons. Off-White. I tried these pieces on, and I realized, one of these
sweaters I was wearing, from Alexander Wang was $650. And looked very similar to these. Same with Gucci. So if we wanted to be
a brand like Off-White, or like Comme Des
Garcons, or like Supreme, we would need to charge
those type of prices. This also changed our economics. Every influencer, if
the shirts cost $32.99, every influencer has to sell one shirt for us to break even. If the shirts cost $100, and the hoodies cost $275, every influencer only has
to sell a piece of a shirt. Maybe 15 or 20% of a shirt and that’s a much more
realistic conversion rate, I hope, than the other one. But again, we’ll see as this continues. So we sent the email out, response rate was about 20%. All positive, I didn’t
get a single unsubscribe. I didn’t get a single,
“I hate your shirts.” Everyone was very into the content, which is interesting because that means we’re not a brand. Everyone was into the
content, into the clothing, which is interesting because that means we have jumped the first
hurdle of fashion brands. Meaning we are not a company
that can’t even give them away. We can give them away,
now can we sell them? So this is where we stand right now. I raised the prices up to 100 bucks and I still have not seen any sales. None of these influencers have posted yet but this was only a day or two ago. Like I said, it was about 24, 48 hours ago that we sent these emails out. So it’s gonna be weeks before they post and in the next update,
we will see if that traction channel works. The theory is, if an influencer with 20,000, 30,000 followers
and good engagement posts about a brand,
people will buy the brand. And actually the theory just says people will buy one shirt. If somebody with 30,000 followers posts a picture of a
Wohello, them wearing it, someone that follows
them will buy one shirt. That’s the theory. If that doesn’t work, we’ll have to find
another traction channel or close up shop. But honestly, I’m passionate
as hell about this. This is cool, look at this. I already showed you this one. I got so many on the site. On to part three. And if you want to check out part one, that’s down below. Let’s talk free things. If you want the proposal
that we used to get new business at our
documentary company, Larellia, that is at experiment27.com/proposal. If you want the actual contract we use to close new
business at Experiment 27, that is experiment27.com/contract. And if you want more enterprise clients for your digital agency,
check out experiment27.com. I’m Alex Furman. Thanks for watching.

7 thoughts on “E-commerce Influencer Outreach Case Study (25% Cold Email Reply Rate)

  1. Aww man I do love your content but you really have no idea about influencer marketing lol. First of all, because supreme and off-white cost $200+ doesn't mean people would buy your $100 shirts. Nobody knows your brand yet, how can you compete with companies that have spent 10-30 years building their brands? lol. So that price is a fail, maybe $25 for a start.

    Secondly, that free shit doens't work with influencers who can make a difference anymore. You should look for influencers with 100k-200k followers (I can help out) or meme pages in the millions. Those with 30k followers probably bought 80% of their followers, so they will jump at a free shirt offer lol. Only big brands like gucci can give out free items to big influencers who will accept an unpaid collaboration, you have to understand the economics.

    Lastly, getting email response from influencers is not a big deal, especially if you're offering them money. Most of these influencers don't have jobs, they rely on instagram and youtube to feed, so free stuff would definitely not get a reply lol.

  2. Love that your trying new things, building upon previous skills and successes to create new challenges for yourself like this. fun to watch, and informative.

  3. Following along with this. I'll be interested to see how the site does in a few months and the strategies that work for you. T shirts are a huge commodity and it's so hard standing out in the space even with cool designs. Keep posting the progress 🙂

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