April 9, 2020
E-commerce in India- How Ecommerce website can help grow your online business (HINDI)

E-commerce in India- How Ecommerce website can help grow your online business (HINDI)

what is e commerce ? its like an online market where buyer and sellers meet that is known as ecommerce so why it is important how it is important for your business before starting anything i would like to tell you some stats acording to stats in India there are more than 84 million internet users or in todays time there are minimum 14 million users who love to online shopping so in the recent survey at the end of 2014 india will surpass the users of US Indian internet users will be more than US so we can imagine how much Internet is growing and also the need of internet marketing so that is why we cannot neglect the importance of ecommerce website in India so, what is importance of ecommerce? first importance is yes ecommerce is very much convinient how it is? convenient ? we all know that that people are having very hectic schedule these days they have even very less time for shopping even people have many problems in their lives so to fit in that hectic schedule of your costumer and even weather how it is convinient ? even during bad weather like rain or sunny but online shopping is more convenient for your potential costumers or a potential customer is very much busy in their ofiice work but they need to go shopping also then obviously the online shopping is more convenient for them if customer is comfortable then business will follow now will talk about the second point that is BRANDING and what do we mean by brand? from when the product is being named it is a brand in themselves in india people are mostly work or depend on the reference marketing but i think it is a traditional marketing in todays time you can create or increase your VISIBILITY through ecommerce business it is very easy to increase your visibility and can reach easily to the large number of population throgh social media marketing video marketing is also very helpfull and also by using SEO through them you can easily create visibilty of your business and can reach the large number of population the 3rd point is very important because of this reason people chose ecommerce website it really help to save a lot of cost and starting an ecommerce website is more cheaper than starting an offline business how it saves your cost? it saves your advertising and promotion cost according to stats an internet saves 61% of your advertising cost it saves your marketing and most important your travelling cost you don’t need many marketers you can easily market your business through internet by yourselves BJAAO.COM he started ecommerce website because he couldn’t afford to start a showroom BJAAO.com is an e portal of music instruments if the owner of bjaao.com can do it then why can’t you? lets now talk about 4th point yes it will save your time a lot like advertising time you don’t have to run for your promotion you just have to use internet marketing effectively you can easily advertise your business effectively through paid advertisement it can bring a lot of traffic on your ecomerce website i have seen that many famous and old businesses are from ten years old atleast because they have good word of mouth but through ecommerce it will take less time to spread your word of mouth it creates your business a fashion online beacause on internet people give reviews of your business through comments and ratings so it helps increasing your word of mouth in less time because digital marketing is two way communication

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  1. i also wants to start my online business 
    but i am not from business background  
    vipul suggess me whatt i do.

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  3. i want to start a small ecommerce business, what are the processes, should i have a warehouse ? i want to know.

  4. sir mjhe ye janna hai ki order ke baad ka process kya hota hai.kya hum wo chiz bechte hain jo hamare pass hoti hai.ya ham dukadaro ya company se link karke rakhte hain.kya hota hai kaise hota hai.agar koi jiske pass koi shop nhi hai aur wo apna shoping centre online kholna chahe to kaise kar skta hai sir kya aap meri help kar skte hain is baare me

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