March 28, 2020
E-Commerce in China:  a guide for Australian Business

E-Commerce in China: a guide for Australian Business

TRANSCRIPT Narrator: After decades of rapid economic
development and a rising middle class a China strategy is more important to Australian businesses
than ever before. But it’s not just growth that should interest decision makers searching
for opportunity in China, it’s the emergence of innovative new ways of doing business. Tony Qiu: E-Commerce China changed the landscape
of traditional retail in China. Hillary Wang: The opportunity of E-Commerce
in China is huge. We are expected to have US$600 billion happen in 2015. Chris Guo: It’s not just a sales channel
but also a media centre, our new customer recruitment centre. Overall E-Commerce is
playing a very diverse role other than just a sales channel. Maggie Zhou: Mobile shopping is the convenience
way for them to shop. They can buy anytime, anywhere and buy anything from the internet. Narrator: With more than 300 million Chinese
turning to the E-Commerce channel last year, a sound understanding of what this discerning
consumer wants is fundamental to success. Hillary Wang: There’s lots of misconceptions
about Chinse consumers being price sensitive. They are not looking for cheap, what they’re
after is value. Susan Corbisiero: They’re looking for Australian
products that they feel comfortable in using, that they believe are safe and natural and
that they believe will also help for their family’s wellbeing. Maggie Zhou: Australia has a very good reputation
of the green, organic and the high quality products. Susan Corbisiero: The challenge for Australian
companies is how to maintain their product authenticity while also catering for Chinese
tastes. Narrator: Australian products are well regarded
in China but market competition is fierce. To stand out from the crowd companies are
reaching out to where their consumers go to share stories and find product information,
social media. Brent Moore: Online shopping is not just about
getting products, it’s actually a lifestyle and social media plays an important part about
that, about sharing product experiences with friends and family which provides really strong
social proof that a brand is worth buying. Hillary Wang: The story behind the brand is
also something interesting and will deeply influence their buying decision. Narrator: With the China-Australia Free Trade
Agreement boosting Australian business in market today, there has never been a better
time to consider China and it’s E-Commerce channel. Susan Corbisiero: There’s a number of different
ways that Australian companies can start in E-Commerce but the best thing to do is to
seek advice upfront. Tony Qui: I would encourage Australian companies
to enhance their own capability of working through a partner on digital marketing in
order to enhance their sales using the E-Commerce platform. Hillary Wang: E-Commerce can be a wonderful
way for Chinese consumers to access the merchandise across the world, especially Australia. [END TRANSCRIPT]

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