April 10, 2020
E-Commerce | How to reduce shopping cart abandonment

E-Commerce | How to reduce shopping cart abandonment

Did you know that a complicated, long
checkout process or a one-second delay on your pages loading speed has an
effect on your conversions? Watch our video today to see how to reduce pain
points and win in the long run. According to the Baymard Institute, only
3 out of 10 customers go through the checkout process. 3 out of 10! Today we’re going to be talking about some of the reasons for cart abandonment and what to do in order to solve those issues. So, starting out with reasons for cart
abandonment, the first one states extra costs are too high. So, say that they’re
going through the checkout process, all the fees and everything is very
transparent, but once they get to the end there’s an additional cost for shipping
or hidden fees, things like that. A lot of times customers drop the cart
at that point in time. The second is that the site wanted me to create an account.
It’s really up to the merchants if they decide, according to their business
models, whether it’s relevant or not because in a lot of cases the customer
really doesn’t need to set up an account. They simply just want to purchase a
product and/or service. Third reason is that the whole checkout process is way
too long and it’s way too complicated. There’s many pages, many steps,
redirections – it’s too much. And the last is that they didn’t trust the website.
This usually occurs if there’s redirections in your checkout process, so
they’re going to a different page. So now that you know the main reasons for cart
abandonment, let’s talk about some of the ways how to solve this. All you need to
do is adopt a very simplified checkout system. You need to have a checkout
system that can handle various languages, various currencies. You need it to not
have redirections, customer goes on to your website they
want to experience it for what it is and they want the checkout process to be
just like your website. You don’t need to redirect them to another website. Speed –
it’s very important to have a quick checkout process, under 2-3 minutes, for
everything, including shipping address, and speed is also very
relevant for the integration, for your developers. Second, you want to have
‘Remember me’ feature and one-click options, so if a customer comes back to
your website the information is already stored there. If they’re on one of your
partners websites, their information is always there as well.
User experience is key. You want to have a simplified user flow, the website, the
checkout process needs to be sleek and sexy. And last but not least, you want the
checkout system to have a seamlessly integrated cross and up sales. If you do
so, your conversion rates can even go up by 30%.
That’s it today. For watching our video thanks so much,
enjoy the rest of your day. If you have any comments or questions leave us them below. Bye!

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