April 7, 2020

E-Commerce Business कर रहे तो GST के इन बातों का रखे ध्यान | Electronic Commerce GST Filing in Hindi

Electronic Commerce in GST Electronic Commerce means Supply of Goods or Services or both, including digital products over “Digital” or “Electronic Network”. [Section 2(44)]  Electronic Commerce operator:-Means any person who owns, operates or manages Digital or Electronic Facility or “Platform for electronic commerce”. [Section 2(45)] Various Models of E-Commerce Business: – Business to Consumer (B2C): – Examples are, Flipkart, Amazon, Snap deal, Paytm, Shop clues, Uber, Ola etc. Business to Business (B2B): – Examples are Indiamart.com, Tradeindia.com, Sulekha.com, Truckers.com, etc. Consumers to Consumers (C2C): -Here Consumers interact with each other. These cover sale of second hand Goods. Examples are eBay, Olx etc Tax Collection & Payment: –
Tax collected at source will be applicable for E-Commerce Operator. Every E-commerce Operator shall collect an amount calculated at rate not exceeding 1% of Net Value of Taxable Supplies.(SALES-RETURNS) The Rate as above will be bifurcated as: – For Inter-State Supply: – 1% IGST
For Intra-State Supply: – 0.5% CGST&0.5% SGST The Payment Tax collected at Source can only be made from Electronic Cash Ledger. It cannot be done using Electronic Credit Ledger. • Supplier of Goods or Services shall claim credit in his Electronic Cash Ledger, of the amount collected and reflected in the statement of the Operator. • TCS available to suppliers for use as ITC or refund • TCS collected to be paid within 10 days from the end of month in which it is collected

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