March 28, 2020
Duoplane Ecommerce Order Management for Shopify

Duoplane Ecommerce Order Management for Shopify

Hi, and welcome to Duoplane. Duoplane is drop
shipping and ecommerce automation for your Shopify store. Dropshipping is great for helping
you grow your product selection while keeping your inventory costs low
But now you find yourself spending way too much time managing orders, vendors, and catalog
information. You’re feeling like you’re not in control, customers aren’t happy and you’re
just not enjoying running your store as much. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And Duoplane
is here to help. Duoplane is a full featured ecommerce management platform that plugs right
into your Shopify store to give you a wide range of automation tools including automated
order routing, an advanced order and inventory manager, an intuitive vendor portal with vendor
scorecarding, and seamless accounting integration. Duoplane gets you back in control,
frees you grow your business, and helps make your customers happier. So how does it work?
Let’s run through a typical order. When an order is placed on your shopify site, that
order is automatically imported into Duoplane Duoplane splits up the order based on which
supplier or warehouse will fulfill each item. Duoplane then sends the purchase orders to
each supplier according to a schedule that you set.
The data format and the delivery method can be easily customized per vendor. Once the
vendor receives the order, they can login to their own vendor portal, confirm the order
and even communicate with you about it – all right from the order screen. The vendor can
then print out a branded, customized packing slip and include it in the package. Once the
order is shipped, tracking information will flow right back to Shopify and to your customer.
If you’re a multi channel retailer, Duoplane centralizes orders from all of your selling
platforms. And with our accounting sync, you can even automate the flow of financial data.
Sales information as well as vendor invoices are automatically synced, so you don’t have
to manually enter or transfer data again. Duoplane keeps you on top of your orders by
clearly displaying what needs your attention right now. And, to help you improve your business
over time, Duoplane offers insightful vendor scorecarding and profitability reports. Best
of all, setting up Duoplane is a snap. Many customers can be up and running in minutes.
To learn more, please visit our website at, or sign up for a free trial
to see it for yourself. Thanks for watching. And we look forward to working with you.

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