April 3, 2020
Dropshipping WITHOUT Aliexpress with 5-7 Days Shipping (New Silkroad Software 2019)

Dropshipping WITHOUT Aliexpress with 5-7 Days Shipping (New Silkroad Software 2019)

(Dropshipping without Aliexpress) In this video I’m gonna show you how you can start dropshipping with five to seven days shipping to the US and eight to ten days shipping International I know I have a lot of students shipping to Germany, France, Australia You can ship extremely fast and in less than a week to the United States I originally did not plan to do this video my friend, Scott Hills He released a new software with his partner and it’s absolutely mind-blowing. I wanted to share it with my audience as well So let’s find out how you can ship in less than a week build your brand and stop with the excuse Oh, but the long shipping times and get your business started today. Let’s find out Hey, what is up its Rothfeld here? like I said We’re gonna talk about a new software a new system that allows you to ship in less than a week To the United States products from China and also products in the United States that you can ship locally like a day or two So it’s insanely fast. You’re gonna be the new Amazon Essentially and you’re not gonna have to deal with those long 15:21 even some students have had 40 day long shipping times you get your account span from PayPal from stripe your Inbox just get flooded with customer requests We have like three bas now We’ll probably have to lower that amount of team just because we won’t get as many customer support requests in the software It does deliver on what it’s promising also with this software You can get custom invoicing and custom branded private labeling so even if you’re not a Brand yet, and you’re just doing like a niche store or you’re doing a general store You can still brand the products and it looks way more legitimate less likely to get returned It’s less likely to get charged backs and just build a better brand and a more profitable business For you before we start and I take you into the software to show you how everything works make sure to comment Down in the comments below your video Idea for the next couple of videos that I’m gonna do if you’re on the channel We’re getting super busy here with the mentoring and obviously the dropshipping businesses So it’s gonna be hard for me to think of new ideas If you comment below the new video idea plus subscribe and hit that notification about I’ll choose one of you to get on a one-hour Sultan called with me directly in every single video. I get on a one-hour consulting call with one particular student and Comment subscribe hit that notification about and you might win also check the first link in the description for you. Step-by-step Zero to forty two thousand per month case study that case study is gonna blow your mind check that first link in the description Right now. Alright. Let’s go to Silk Road right here You can see in for important viral products to your store in minutes, and it says from liable US Canada United Kingdom And that’s true. They do have a lot of multiple suppliers all around the world in the bottom You can see here why you’re so corroded. It’s easier to use which it is We just process two orders to test orders through it and it is quite easy to use they fulfill insanely fast So it kind of works cycle. Barillo. It’s pretty much the same system. So it’s easy to transport yourself from overload. Just Silk Road It’s just the same software and the same type of usage and the same user experience So it’s gonna be very easy to use you can do instant import as well here and then you can import Fulfill it and ship it pretty much like a Barolo. You’re gonna know how to use it If you’ve used over low for dropshipping you’re gonna know how to use so growth. There’s three plants There’s a free one which you can just get started today with the free one If you want to sign up the link is the second one in the description It is not in a feel it link. It is the official Silk Road So it’s not a feeling link and then the second one is the pro one it says a limited orders per month as well as the branded invoicing and the bulk ordering which I highly Recommend if you’re doing multiple orders per day per month per week You will have to do bulk ordering obviously as well as the branded invoicing this is gonna give a better experience for your customers And it’s just gonna help you a lot. Also, the Express shipping is a huge I’m gonna show you how fast These products actually ship and these products and ship in less than a week if you have the express shipping so if you’re just testing it out take the free one if you’re doing the Like heavy volume and you’re starting to sell a lot then do the purl one then if we go to login here if you go To incognito and click Silk Road or the Silk Road calm actually not Silk Road If you click on the Silk Road Daioh it’ll give you – it’ll To this particular page where you can create your account with your email your password pretty much the same as any other Software you would create you signup You pretty email your last time your your password and then when you click login I’m already signed up and logged in it’ll take you to this page where you can choose your product that you want to start selling for example You have all these in the home page just like Alberto is to say it’s the same system if you understand where though You’re gonna understand here. You can also search the product or just go look by category So let’s say I’m selling stuff in the kitchen Gage and I have products here the watermelon cutter You have the fruit cutter here. You have the egg maker young multiple products also one thing that I love is that the products on Silk Road are actually within the price of Original Aliexpress suppliers or even cheaper? There are some products for example is looking at the indestructible shoes There are like four to five dollars or less then the Aliexpress top suppliers and some of the other products for example If we go to the fish-scale scraper right here and we go to Aliexpress and compare it to Aliexpress You can see that the top one is 152 to 179 And then we have another one here 178 this particular product is 210. So the cost change isn’t huge It’s not like super less expensive or super more expensive. It’s just pretty much well with the line of Aliexpress So in order to transition over to Silk Road from Amarillo or from whatever you’re using right now It’s not gonna be like a huge bump in your business If you go to the shipping time Which is what I absolutely love is it says the country delivered time and the cost for the US? You have a delivery copy over time of eight fifteen to eight eight days to 15 days Then you have international eight to fifteen days I have students selling in Germany sort of selling in Australia United Kingdom. France Spain Italy and eight to fifteen is actually really good for international especially for Europe where it takes like maybe 2025 days for a product to arrive to get into eight days insane and in the USA Express five to seven days you can be shipping in five days to the US for just 350 it’s crazy And also the processing time is – three days how to process orders pretty easy if you want to add a product essentially the same thing as Wilbur Lu you just click Add to Import list you go to the thing Add to import list and I’ll be set to the import list of the app just like on overlook So if you click there we go to add it to import list and an import list here We can click on that and it’ll show us the product and then you can change the description You can change the variance change the images that you have on here Pretty much the same as a verlo add tax collections product type and just import it to the store and now it’ll be Imported to the store and then now you’re gonna have it in your store essentially now in order to process orders What you’re gonna do is go to the dashboard here. We process to test orders and you’ll see them right here You’ll see the total sales total profit and then the orders to fulfill you’re gonna go to orders to fulfill Fulfill order and then you’re gonna click on that payment status is paid. So paid by your customer You’re gonna say the date customer in this case, it’s me I was a test order and then the payment status paid you’re gonna fulfill that order and now we’re gonna click fulfil and Now we will see the processing. So essentially oh, this is pretty cool So when I clicked on the first one It asked me for payment details to actually pay For the product to send it to the customer now that I’ve already added payment details All I have to do is click fulfill and this is with the free plan actually So if you upgrade you can do multiple orders at the same time So if you have like 50 orders, you need to fulfill them all at the same time, which is awesome which is what I’ve been talking about that Alberto is Having trouble with and then we can use the aesir’s to do that silk road doesn’t both at the same time Which is very solid you can click fulfill or orders here on the top before we go on. I do want to congratulate Matthew Cooper Matthew Cooper for being the winner of the past videos consulting call if you want to win a call directly with me Comment down your video idea subscribe hit that notification bell. Yeah thumbs up button If you’re enjoying this video then if you can’t find your product Which is gonna be the case with a lot of people one of my students for example Could not find this product that’s making like 10,000 20,000 a month what you can do is Let’s say you click on made in USA and you want to find a product that’s made in the US, but it’s not here Let’s type in like dog led leash. Let’s type that in and it will say sorry We couldn’t find any matches don’t see the product you’re looking for request of product And what you’re gonna do is put the product link on a Shopify store I’m there in the request product and they’ll essentially get the product for you. They’re starting to get as many products as possible. Obviously It’s a new software don’t expect it to have hundreds of thousands of products like Roberto has but they will start to add More and more and more. It’s gonna be awesome. Alberto has mentioned of acquiring them. So it is gonna be a huge software I really like the platform and I really like what they’re doing with the platform It’s people that have transacted millions of dollars and their experience with it’s not like it’s just some types out there We have not tried it on our official store like getting multiple orders for getting a max amount of orders Most of our products are not even on here. So we requested them and now we’re waiting for that This is just gonna change the scope of dropshipping a lot again it’s gonna get a lot more people into the platform because They’re not afraid of the long shipping times as well as it’s gonna make it easier to start a drop shipping business to build a drop shipping business and to actually scale it up because Pregnant processors charge backs at long shipping times are usually the things that hold us back now It’s gonna be sort of a free to scale type. I love the platform Let’s see how it develops before I was talking about wheel. That was gonna do the same. We always kind of a disappointment So I’m just hoping Silk Road really delivers on what they’re promising That’s it for Silk Road If you want to learn how lens fall a brand that went from zero one hundred thirty thousand per month exactly Hope the data and the whole strategy click the video right there There’s gonna be a video right here how Glenn’s ball went to a hundred and thirty thousand per month Also if you want to apply to mentor directly with me You have students doing a hundred thousand 150 thousand month a thousand dollars a day You can apply for mentorship in the link down in the description. That’s gonna say apply for mentorship You just click that and it’ll take you directly to the application Page to apply and you will get you started if you fit in the mentorship application Click that and we’ll see you subscribe a their notification about I will see you in the next

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