November 22, 2019

Dropshipping Tools Review: AliDropship vs. Rival Solutions

I will share with you 7 reasons why choosing
AliDropship you will benefit more than going with any other solution on the market! Hi everyone! I’m Olesia from AliDropship Team. Today, we’re going to review the main features
that make AliDropship stand out from the competition. After watching this video, please check out
another one which explains exactly what you get when you buy AliDropship Plugin. Find the link in the description! So, what’s the first advantage you will
get with dropshipping stores powered by this plugin? Some eCommerce platforms keep entrepreneurs
under their thumb. Once you’ve decided to launch your dropshipping
store with one of these services, you sign up to their rules. Otherwise, you’re going to lose all your
data and have to start all over again. The use of these dropshipping tools is based
on a subscription. That means you have to pay a monthly fee to
continue using their service. When you stop paying, they just cut you off. Besides, when you subscribe, you accept all
the restrictions and rules an eCommerce platform has. Sometimes eCommerce platforms close stores
without explaining anything. If you get an explanation, it will sound something
like “your business presents a level of risk that they will be unable to support.” It’s really frustrating to lose hours of
work with no real reason given. You will never find yourself in such a situation
with AliDropship. AliDropship plugin is WordPress-based software. WordPress is a free content management system
for standalone sites. Having a standalone site powered by AliDropship
means that nobody will shut down your business all of a sudden. There is also no subscription required, no
monthly fees, no restrictions on the number of products to import, the volume of orders
to process, the amount of profit to make and so on – I’ll get back to this a bit later. You’re free to do whatever you want with
your shop. You’re a 100% owner and decision-maker. For most of the dropshipping tools, you will
have to pay every month. AliDropship requires no monthly payments or
any other recurring fees. You pay just once for the plugin, and that’s
it. With AliDropship, you need minimal investment
to start, and you save loads of money annually. Let’s work out the minimum sum of money
you need to maintain your online store with AliDropship for a year. Then, you’ll be able to compare it with
any rival solution and make your decision. By the way, if you don’t know what domain
and hosting are and what you need to get a standalone dropshipping site, watch the previous
video on our channel – I will leave a link in the description. Let’s get back to the numbers. AliDropship plugin is going to cost you $89. 1 year of hosting costs $48. 1 year of a domain use costs around $10. That’s all! Sum up these expenses. You should spend only $147. You can invest the rest of your money in marketing. And the next year you will only need to pay
for hosting and domain use. We don’t think it’s cheap, we think it’s
fair! We make the dropshipping business available
to nearly everyone. Most dropshipping tools offer you various
subscription plans. Unfortunately, the cheaper the plan you choose,
the fewer products you can add to your shop and the fewer orders you can fulfil per month. The good news is, there is nothing like this
with AliDropship. No subscription plans, no limits, no glass
ceiling. Import as many items as you wish, get dozens
of orders – nothing’s going to put any limits on your activity. You may have heard about AliExpress Affiliate
Program. Simply speaking, when you’re registered,
you get your reward for every order you process through AliExpress – up to 12% of the product
price. What’s more, this feature is built into
the AliDropship plugin software. Many other dropshipping tools makes it unclear
how to get this additional money, or it is almost impossible to add your cashback link
in the interface of these tools. With ALiDropship, in addition to your profit
margin, you get the cashback from each order you send on AliExpress through our plugin. Many dropshipping solutions give you a poor
selection of tools to design your online store. Other platforms provide you with some interesting
options, but the themes they offer are pricey! Why would you pay so much? Our original plugin comes with free themes
that are designed to boost your dropshipping profits. All of them are available for you once and
for all, if you’ve bought the plugin. And you don’t need to pay anything in addition. AliDropship also has a WooCommerce version
so you can choose a WooCommerce theme for your store. Our developers test the available WooCommerce
themes and recommend the most profit-oriented. You can see the approved selection on our
site. What if someone on AliExpress has the same
product you’d like to add to your store for the better price? If you install the Google Chrome Extension
from AliDropship, you can find it out for sure. When importing products from AliExpress to
your store, in the left part of the screen, you can see a small menu. So, if you want to know if there is somebody
on the site with a better offer, just click on the “Search” tab. Next, you’re going to see a proposal to
check for cheaper sellers. Click on the “Go to products” button,
and you’ll see all the alternatives. You can choose the one that is better for
your business. In the same Google Chrome Extension, you can
edit product descriptions and pictures while browsing AliExpress for new dropshipping products. This takes no longer than a couple of clicks. When you’re on the product page, at the
top of the screen, you can see a field with two tabs: “Import” and “Edit.” Click on “Edit,” and a new screen will
pop up. There, you can easily make changes to product
descriptions, edit the images, set the price, etc. before importing the item to your store. The more clients you have, the bigger is your
profit. And to bring customers in, you need to outfit
your business with powerful marketing tools. Usually, dropshipping tools and eCommerce
platforms don’t include any promotional features. You have to search for external solutions,
make sure they’re compatible with your current plugins, and probably even spend some money
to install them. But, AliDropship plugin is an exception. It already contains a bunch of free marketing
tools. So, apart from its main managerial functions
that ensure a smooth daily business performance, it can also:
Provide customers with discount coupons Collect customer emails
Import customer reviews from AliExpress to your online store Let’s say you’re so excited about the
dropshipping business that you can’t wait to get started. You can easily get around all the preparations
and go directly to the business process. First of all, if you buy AliDropship hosting,
you get free installation service for WordPress CMS and AliDropship plugin. We also provide you with a free SSL certificate. If that’s not enough, you can simply order
a ready-made custom store. The team of professionals is going to take
care of the most difficult tasks such as: Niche research
Google Analytics integration On-site SEO
Design of your site and so on
In this video, the process of a custom store creation is explained in details. Please watch it and learn how you can get
your own custom dropshipping store in a week! Other tools have one or two features similar
to AliDropship’s, but ours is the only tool that combines all the benefits in one solution. You don’t have to pay money every month;
there are no subscriptions, no limits on the number of imported products and processed
orders. You can just buy a plugin once and enjoy the
full ownership and all the features! Or get a fully ready custom store, if you
don’t want to spend your time building a store from scratch. It’s up to you! Please visit the official site right to now
to learn more. I’m always happy to answer any questions,
so feel free to drop a comment below this video! And Like and Subscribe please – we will make
more videos for you! Bye!

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