April 7, 2020
Dropshipping Returns: How to Handle Returns and Refunds with Oberlo

Dropshipping Returns: How to Handle Returns and Refunds with Oberlo

In this video I’ll talk about how to handle
returns and refunds when dropshipping. When running a business, it’s inevitable
that you’ll have to deal with returns and refunds at some point. But what do you do when you’re dropshipping
products from the supplier straight to customers? I’ve helped many dropshippers process refunds
and returns, and I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Today, I’ll be giving you simple answers
to your biggest questions: How do returns and refunds work when dropshipping? What do you do with a returned product? And how can you turn a return into a repeat
customer? I know time is of the essence, so let’s
dive right in. Hey everyone, it’s Jessica from Oberlo. If you’re watching this video, you’re
probably the kind of self-starter who’s always learning and always hustling. But you don’t have to do it alone. Click subscribe to join our community of entrepreneurs
and get notified when we publish new videos every week. Now let’s talk about why returns and refunds
work a little bit different for dropshippers. In a traditional ecommerce business model,
the merchant keeps products in their home or in a warehouse. When a customer orders a product, the merchant
ships that product directly to the customer. If the customer isn’t satisfied, the customer
returns the product to the merchant. But when you’re dropshipping with Oberlo,
the merchant–that’s you–doesn’t carry inventory. Instead, when a customer orders a product
from your store, you then order that product from your supplier. The supplier ships the product directly to
your customer. In this scenario, if the customer isn’t
satisfied, what happens next? To answer that question, you need to keep
one thing in mind: customer experience. Think back to a time when you were the customer
looking to return or refund for a product. If the company fought with you or questioned
your intentions, you probably didn’t want to do business with them again. On the other hand, if the company was apologetic
and quick to fix the issue, you likely felt relieved. Personally, I’ve gone back to shop at stores
like that, because I know that if there’s a problem, I can trust they’ll take care
of me. Actually, we dropshippers can learn a lot
from our own experiences as customers. If you’ve had great, or not-so-great, experiences
when returning products, share them below so we can all learn from it. Keeping customer experience in mind, let’s
talk about how to address returns and refunds while dropshipping. [1. Ask reason for return or refund] If a customer requests a refund or wants to
return a product, the first thing you need to figure out is why. Politely ask the customer why they’re seeking
a return or refund. Make sure your tone is apologetic and positive,
not suspicious and negative. It’s really important that you ask this
question. Depending on your customer’s answer, you
could save a lot of money. That’s because you and your customer are
entitled to a refund if If you work with Oberlo suppliers and the product is broken, defective,
does not match the description, or never arrived. [2. If entitled to a refund, open a dispute] If your customer’s complaint matches one
of those reasons, you’ll get your money back and your customer will get their money
back. And the process for getting your money back
is easy. First, ask your customer for a photo of the
broken or defective product. If the customer never received their product,
you don’t have to ask for a photo. Once the customer sends you a photo, your
next step is to open a dispute within Oberlo. Here, I’ll show you how. In the Oberlo orders page, beside the order
you want to view, click the …. button followed by Order Details. In the help section, click to expand the category
that matches your dispute. In the expanded section, click Create Dispute. On the Dispute for order # page, select a
reason for your dispute. Describe the problem and attach pictures that
show the affected products. Click I would like to ask for a refund. Click Create Dispute. The supplier has two business days to get
back to you. They may ask some questions before they process
the refund. If there’s any cause for concern in this
process, you can always reach out to our Customer Success Managers. I’ll just note that the few times that I’ve
requested a refund, I’ve received it quickly and without any problems. Now, your supplier will probably ask if you
want a refund or if you want them to resend the product. It’s up to you to decide what is best for
your customer. Although you can offer a replacement or a
refund, I actually suggest doing both if your average product price is low. Yes, the supplier will only do one or the
other. You’ll have to pay out-of-pocket to do both. But, the extra cost is a small price to ensure
customer satisfaction. Your exceptional customer experience will
be a huge help in having them come back and suggest your business to others. Ok, so you’re entitled to a refund if you
work with Oberlo suppliers and your customer’s product is broken, defective, does not match
the description, or never arrived. Now, if your customer simply does not like
the product, you are not entitled to a refund from your supplier. I should mention that this doesn’t happen
very often. If you verify your product’s quality with
test orders, describe the product accurately, and price the product fairly, customers will
likely be satisfied with their purchase. But on the rare occasion that they’re not,
you have to have options. You can either either accept the returned
product, or let the customer keep the product and give them a refund. Let’s talk about returns first. [3. If not entitled to a refund, accept returns] How you handle returns depends on your return
and refund policy. Make sure customers can access this policy
on your website. Create a Return and Refund
policy page and include a link to it in your store’s header
and footer menus. Shopify has a handy refund policy generator
that allows you to make a refund policy page in minutes. I included a link to it in the description
below. [link: https://www.shopify.com/tools/policy-generator/refund] From seeing what works in successful dropshipping
stores, I suggest allowing returns within 30-60 days of delivery. Just make sure to let customers know you’ll
only accept returns in perfect condition. And where should customers send returned items? To you! Give customers either your home address or
a PO box that you rent out for your business. To refund your customer for their return,
you’ll need to log in to Shopify. Simply go to your Shopify
Orders and click on the order you’d like to refund. Below the order number will be a
refund button. You
can refund the entire order, or just a particular product. Now, it may not be practical to send the returned
product back to the supplier for a refund from the supplier. But that doesn’t mean you’ve lost a sale
entirely. You can do some really creative things with
a returned product. For example, you can use it to create product
photos for social media and ads. You can promote it in a product giveaway. Or you can just ship the product to the next
customer who orders it–in which case you make your money back. But if that sounds like a lot of work, there’s
another option. [4. If not entitled to a refund, give one anyway] If you’re not entitled to a refund from
the supplier, you can simply give your customer give one anyway. Yeah, you’ll take a loss. But you want have to hand out your address
or stockpile products at home. If your average product cost is less than
$10, this might be a simpler way to go. No matter how you handle returns and refunds,
this next hack could help you turn your customer’s frown upside down. [5. Turn a return into a returning customer] It’s entirely possible to turn a return
into a returning customer. I love this hack, because it’s something
most new dropshippers completely look over. If you handle returns and refunds politely
and professionally, you’re actually in a great position to make a new sale. Here’s how: In your Shopify admin, create
a custom discount code for 15-20% off any order. Then send your customer an email. Explain that you’ve processed the return
or refund. Then share the discount code as a token of
apology. If all goes well, they should appreciate your
professionalism and might make another purchase right then and there. Returns and refunds are part of running any
retail business. After all, The average return and refund rate
of ecommerce businesses, not just dropshipping, is around 6-8% If you try to avoid them altogether,
you’re setting yourself up for failure. Successful entrepreneurs are realistic and
find solutions to problems rather than fearing them. Good communication, a clear returns and refund
policy, and a genuine care for your customer experience will help you handle returns and
refunds like a pro. You’ve got this! And all of us here at Oberlo are available
to help. If you have any questions or doubts about
the stuff we talked about today, let’s get a conversation going. Leave me a comment and I’ll reply as soon
as I can. That’s it for me, just make sure to subscribe
so we can see each other next week. And until then, learn often, market better,
and sell more.

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