March 29, 2020
Dropshipping During The Christmas – 5 Top Tips

Dropshipping During The Christmas – 5 Top Tips

Christmas is coming! And this is one of the best times of the year to make as much profit as possible as dropshippers and eBay sellers. In this video, I want to show you the top five tips that I would recommend to do to maximize your profits during this amazing time of the year. Hello everybody! So the first thing that I would recommend you to do is to go to your suppliers and first let’s start with what products should you find? And which type of product should
you sell during this time of the year? And what you should do after of that? So the first thing that I would do, I would go to any supplier, it’s very important that the supplier will have fast shipping time in the United States because they don’t have enough time
to send these products from China. So I opened here, three type of different dropshipping sites, Chinabrands, Costway and So let’s start with, Costway if I go to Costway, it’s very easy to find here the dropshipping product for Christmas, you can just go to their site and here you will see the Chirstmas product they just advertise it here. It’s very easy to find,
it so what I will do, I will go and open the first page here and then I will just start and list everything from here. In the next tips I will show you, How to maximize the profits? and what to do exactly when you
list the products from here? but let’s see. So I will go here and take any products from here mostly here, it’s a Christmas trees but that’s not all start and open your mind search on Google for gifts just write a gift for women, gift for men, everything like this on Google and you will get a lot of different ideas of what you can sell for Christmas because usually people give gifts during the Christmas and presents and this why I recommend you not only sell things that are directly connected to Christmas like Christmas trees but also gifts. So if I go to Banggood, for example, I can also write here “Christmas” it’s really easy and if I just write here, “Christmas” I will find ton of tons of different products. It’s very important, if you do it from Banggood to go to so you will find only the products that are located in the United States warehouses of Banggood. This way, you can make sure that
it will arrive before the Christmas and soon I will also show you how to make sure even more so your clients will not be confused and will not be upset, if something not arrived to them. So here, we can see tons of different products you can see that most of them are with reviews you can sort it also by most reviews and then you can just use the AutoDS Helper grab all of the page and list all of these products by bulk upload so you can really maximize, in this time of the year, I really recommend it to list now as much as possible products that are related to Christmas to maximize your profit. The second tip here, is about Branding. so let’s say that we found any product and it doesn’t matter. Take
any product from here. For example this one, copy the link, go to AutoDS, here I will choose Costway US, and it’s very important to choose
Christmas template. Now, when you choose Christmas template for Costway for example, we have 60 days of returns which will give us a huge advantage over our competitors so, I will choose the 60 days of returns template and click “Grab Details”. AutoDS will grab all of the details for me let’s wait a second For the title, I would add also “hot for 2020” just for the optimization and I will go down here and I will do here some interesting things. The first thing that I would do is I would go here and add under the tag we have the tag field for AutoDS I would write here, “Christmas”. Why? Because this way I can after it
find easily the products that I uploaded that are related only to Christmas and then I can easily remove
these products. Now, after I list the product from here it’s not enough to really brand my store and show people that this is a store for Christmas. So I recommend it to go to YouTube, write “How to increase eBay sales” or just “Branding
Strategy of AutoDS” and you will find this video. In this video, I am explaining How to do the exact branding for your eBay Store. Now during this Christmas I recommend you to go and take this video follow the instructions there but make sure that you are branding your store for the Christmas after that you will brand it again for the New Year. So here, I would write things like Christmas related store put here something for Christmas put here a background for Christmas really make the buyer feel that your store is store for Christmas. That he arrived to the right place to buy products specifically for Christmas. It will increase your conversion rates by a lot of percents and this really highly recommended. It will take you around 10 minutes
maybe to do this, maybe even less and it will make a huge difference for you. The next thing that I recommended to do this is actually the fourth tip. The first one was about the “Christmas Product”, Second one is about the “Branding and Template”, and the third one was about the Tag. Remember! the tag is really, really, really important. Now, what I recommend you also to do Is to go to our Uploader or in any monitor with your using. Click on the “Edit Template” then here find the “Christmas template” click on the source and here what I recommend you to do is to add here a small note of “May arrive after the Christmas” Now, why do this? I do this, not because it’s something
that is, must by Christmas but because they don’t want people to buy and then be upset about me. So it’s better to lose some sales, because the sales will still be huge but write this here and people will know that this product may arrive after the
Christmas, Now when I recommend it to do this? I recommend to start doing this
after the 18th of December because this is when the shipping may be right delayed. So if you add this, you will be covered, It will be easier for you to solve cases after the Christmas and this is really huge tip. If you already uploaded products without this and then you want to edit them you can just go to the active listings, make a filter by the tag that we just created so if you go to the filters go here under the tag find the Christmas tag that you just created then go to bulk change. Click “Apply to All Listings” and just change the template here to the new template that you created this is something that it’s critical will save you a lot of headache after the Christmas and in the New Year. The next thing, that I recommended to do and this is my fifth tip after the Christmas, so not after but before the Christmas on the around the 20th, 21st of this month December I recommend it to go
and remove the Christmas product now, don’t remove the gifts because the gifts can continue
sending even after the Christmas but things that are really related to
Christmas like Christmas trips, Christmas trees, I recommend to remove them from your eBay store but here is a big a big big thing and this is really important when you remove the things that like Christmas trees it can help your store because you will remove a
big amount of products in one time. So what I recommend you to do if you remove 100 products go and list immediately in the next 100 products instead of them. Search for products that
are related to the New Year, seasonable products, like things for the winter, things that people will buy after the Christmas. Think about these and list with these niches I really recommend and this is really from all for experience. We saw that if someone removes
big amount of products and don’t, doesn’t list new products
instead of these products eBay will decrease his
visibility. If you will immediately list the same amount of product that you just removed your visibility will stay the same and even will get higher because it’s a new product in your eBay store. I hope that this video helps you, don’t forget to click on the like button. Subscribe to this YouTube channel because we release a lot of videos
with high, high, high value for you, that will really help with your dropshipping business. See on the next videos! For any question I’m here in the comments just ask everything that you want and I promise you that personally I will go and answer all of your questions. See you
on the next videos! Bye bye!

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  1. If I already have items listed on ebay, then I start using AutoDS. Will AutoDS automatically integrate those products that I already have listed on ebay into its system?

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