September 19, 2019
Dropshipping: 7 Facebook Targeting Ideas you DIDN’T KNOW about

Dropshipping: 7 Facebook Targeting Ideas you DIDN’T KNOW about

Eager to find some good ideas for promoting your dropshipping store? Want to get a better understanding of the detailed targeting settings in Facebook Ads Manager? Let me show you some amazing examples of targeting settings you may not know about! Hello! My name is Helen. I’m one of the members of Dropship Club. We help people to start their online business and boost their profits using our free guides and unique marketing services. Make sure you join our club at the website. Today I’ll show you seven examples of detailed targeting settings you might find useful for your store. If you sell something that could be suitable for an upcoming birthday, try to offer them your products at the right time for their celebration. Maybe you can offer them nice jewelry or trendy accessories and so on for their special day. Here is how to find this audience. Go to your Ads Manager “Audience Settings”, click “Browse” in the “Detailed Targeting” section. Then go to “Demographics,” “Life Events” and choose “Anniversary within 30 days.” Why not? Friends of those with an upcoming birthday [they] might need this reminder from you along with gift ideas. Just ask yourself if you have an item that would make a thoughtful gift! You can find them right here. Select “Friends of” then choose “Close friends of people with birthdays in a month.” Another Life Event that can work for you is starting a new job. Using Facebook, you can now target these individuals. They might be interested in certain office supplies and [they] will probably be interested in updating their work wardrobe! Go to “Demographics”, “Life Events” and select New Job. If you sell anything connected with kids, you might want to reach their parents. These settings are essential for those who sell toys, shoes, clothes, and accessories for kids and kids’ room decor. Also, if your store is dedicated to maternity products you will love these settings. It’s easy! Just browse “Demographics,” “Parents” and select a suitable category. If your product or service is especially high-tech you can target the audience on how they adopt technology. You can find this audience in the “Behaviors” section. Select “Behaviors,” then “Digital Activities” and select “Technology early adopters.” Sometimes you may want to exclude these people. To do that select “Exclude People” and choose this audience here. What if your store is full of great travel accessories or comfortable clothing suitable for travel? Maybe you have some gifts that travelers would really love! Depending on your type of products, you can target a certain type of traveler. From frequent travelers, to commuters, to people who have returned from travel, you can target them by type. To find this audience browse “Behaviors” section, then click “Travel” and feel free to choose your best audience! People are most likely to engage with your ad or page if their friends have. You might find some new loyal customers this way! Using Facebook Connections Targeting, you can target people [people] that are friends of people that like your page. As you see, Facebook advertisers can pretty much reach whoever they want, whenever they want. If you need any help with your Facebook Ads feel free to order our professional ads service. Just go to our website and check our Services section. Use coupon YOUTUBEADS for 10% off our premium ads package! (Use the link in the description) Of course, you should combine general settings, [combine] demographics, behaviors, and interests to reach your perfect audience. And don’t forget to test and optimize your ads! Please like and subscribe to our channel if you find this video useful! See you in our next video!

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