April 2, 2020

Dropship Supplier Inventory Checking Software – How To Drop Ship on eBay- tips

Hi, it’s Neil Waterhouse I received a question from Blake Keller Hi Neil, firstly thank you for taking the time to share. I know you’re a huge fan of automation. My question is … I spend a lot of time mainly checking my dropship suppliers items to make sure there are stocks available. Can you offer any tips on how to automate this process? Sure. Great question, Blake. Now, there’s two options for automating the checking of your supplier inventory items. First option is to use low cost outsourced overseas staff And the second option is to use automated software. Personally, I always prefer to use software whenever possible as software doesn’t normally take holidays, sick days or normally makes less mistakes. It’s also cheaper in this case to use software For example, When we use to manually check supplies inventory items, it used to take my staff around 2 hours to check batch of 200 items. If you’re paying, say 2 dollars per hour for a staff member, it’ll cost you around 4 hours per hour to check each batch of 200 items. The reason we would batch out 200 items at a time, we found that if we have our staff check more than 200 items at a time, they’ll make more mistakes. It’s not the reason why I prefer to use software over manual labour. If you use outsourced overseas labour and if you have someone check your inventory, let’s say, once a day that is 30 times a month at 4 dollars per day. This will cost you around 120 dollars per month and they’re only checking your items once per day The next option is to use software. We use Scarcity Manager and it cost $29.99 per month for 100 items and additional $10 per month for every extra hundred items. I’ll put up a link for Scarcity Manager Scarcity Manager (SM) can track inventory for most supplies It has also several other functions including Re-Pricer and several features, but that’s for another day in another video blog. It’s very easy to set SM to check your inventory It’s simply just a matter of copying and pasting the supply URL for each of your items and clicking the checkbox marked Enable Supplier Inventory Checking. Hurray, the sun came out! I’ll put a screenshot of where you can simply paste the supplier’s URL and also the Enable Supplier Inventory Checking. What happens after you do this is If you’re supplier runs out of stock, Scarcity Manager will automatically change your eBay listing to zero available so nobody can buy it. As soon as your supplier gets more stock Scarcity Manager will automatically add more stock to your eBay listing. This is all fully automatic Another big advantage here is you can often be the first dropship seller to have stock back on eBay. That’s all for this week. Please leave a comment for me below Until next week. List More Sell More This is Neil Waterhouse

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