April 8, 2020
Dream Car Winner with Builderall Affiliate Marketing In Only 2 Months

Dream Car Winner with Builderall Affiliate Marketing In Only 2 Months

hi everyone what’s up Rachel Leslie here
and with here with Chad Bartlett sup guys
we already know orange county I just came back from Hawaii in Orange County I
knew Chad lived over here so I said let’s link up so we did yeah I basically
got some lunch and then we’re like let’s do a facebook live talk to you guys and
also talk about how I got the dream car in just two months
yeah so I’m really excited for that if you guys are watching the replay
then hashtag replay in the comments so I know that you came here and consumed
this content and we’re gonna make it value-packed I was asking tried so many
questions and I’m like why don’t we just like so uh what the heck is a free dream
card sounds like some Mary Kay network marketing pink Mercedes thing like what
do we mean by free dream car yeah so basically I’m gonna fight for a certain
program and when I get a hundred active sales because it’s a subscription
program so every month people pay so I wanna get one hundred active leads or
sales they qualify you for a five ten or bonus towards your dream car just like
clickfunnels but it’s not clickfunnels it’s not a software called builder all
see yeah I’ve been using I said yeah I started this back in like I think is the
end of September early October um some guy actually like emailed he’s like
check you guys you gotta hop on it scold me and talk about this name program
because I was using clickfunnels it happened to me too and I was like I
don’t you to channel I just like I’ve done at the time I was doing a lot
actually marketing with clickbank Mac’s felony and using like email lists
Facebook guys stuff like that so I hopped on the call of them I was like
sure why not he introduced the Builder all to me and I was like okay looks
interesting and like a lot of people so they say let me explain what Bill girl
is yeah and um if you guys are just coming on say hi we like to go there
you’re here um and I’m curious for people who are
watching this do you use clickfunnels also I want to know that because there’s
so many software’s out of it have you guys heard of Bill bro yeah gone below
or actually I don’t even be curious to know like what landing page software’s
you guys haven’t heard of because even a lot of people don’t know what
clickfunnels and then what are they for though like a
landing page software or like a funnel software yeah it’s basically just you
know landing page to collect leads and mostly emails if you’re really building
a excels funnels anything you want really but you know a lot of people
would like like to compare click funnels and builder all and I don’t really see
them as competition because builder all’s more of like a digital marketing
platform so it has a lot of different tools I use like a script iterator it
has like a facebook inbox answer they’re coming out with a messenger bot
they have websites they have SEO page report tool they’re like all kinds of
like just done overall digital marketing platform so has a lot of extra stuff
where clickfunnels solely focus is on like e-commerce funnels and just like
digital marketing funnels and sales funnels in particular with people
marketing and then builder also has your own email so yeah well yeah so so for
the dream car like some of these affiliate marketing programs I mean it’s
for those who are watching this that are even interested in path passive income
and automated automating your income and they know it’s not for everyone no I’m
going live on my main page but it’s fine for those who are interested keep
listening and you can ask us anything else Chad anything you the good thing
about like promoting software’s and making affiliate Commission’s from that
is you get paid every single month but some softwares their affiliate program
has like even extra bonuses not only do you make a cut every single month you
can get like bonuses so for some of these softwares some of the bonuses is
they pay for your car you get like 100 signups they give you extra they give
you like a bonus pay per car you get 200 signups they pick
they pay for more so I asked Chad how fast did you qualify for the dream car
like when you first got started you such as two months yeah so took around two
months and the reason like obviously results are typical you haven’t been at
work but I did a lot of back-end work before I even knew about builder all
filling out the personal brand and I had a big audience or not a big audience
just like a couple thousand people in my facebook group an email list on YouTube
who you know a lot you know I was teaching a fully marketing how to do
stuff with Clickbank Maccioni stuff like that and a lot and obviously you need a
funnel for that and a lot of people like for just starting out and they couldn’t
afford like that ninety-nine three hundred a month with click funnels and I
just plug channels at the time I loved I’m not hating on everything but a lot
of people you know I literally get five misses a day like do you have any
cheaper alternatives to click funnels I can’t afford it right now sing and
that’s where I kind of got introduced builder I was like I’m gonna actually
look into a cephas religious software and make sure I can actually recommend
it to my brand that goal yeah I worked so hard to build up so after doing some
research I kind of liked actually bonding the Builder all and they have a
good affiliate program so I started giving I started like telling people
about builder all and kind of just started filling up like a networking
builder all and it’s basically like a two-tier system kind of like click files
but the difference is they give a hundred percent Commission’s upfront and
30 percent residual income on two tier levels so basically my cell gets a sale
he’ll also make I’ll also make thirty percent off his sale so what I did is I
basically made a free course on exactly how to promote builder all using
different strategies with Facebook YouTube email lists different funnels
just all kinds of different traffic strategies and it kind of gave away that
training and just kind of built it up from there and a lot of people like the
offer they like the platform you know like once I got used to using it and
once they got then once they figure out how to work it so that’s kind of how I
built that that’s super cool so you kind of used like the skills that you already
had with just digital marketing and social media only mark
yeah like guys if you’re selling any product like the way you do marketing
online it’s like the same like you can go start ecommerce it’s gonna be the
same way it’s just comes down to you know getting leads and converting that
leads getting traffic can bring that traffic building up the trust
relationship and just really combining a valium to people who you know want a
product and that product should be their solution just like and the cool thing is
like with some software’s you promote our affiliate marketing offers you know
why your competitions alike take your sales or you don’t really want them to
succeed not that you would like raja lemah you want to be the winner but with
the two-tiered system you want your people to succeed like because then you
make more Commission so with builder all they’re gonna you’re gonna be making the
same amount of commission as they are so like it’s almost a smarter move to just
keep empowering then yeah it’s a win-win situation now like with my team now I do
weekly live streams doing my content strategies just talk about different
things to keep the motivation helpful because obviously the more money they
make the more money I’m gonna make so it’s kind of a win-win situation and a
lot of people don’t try to like you don’t have to treat a full time like a
lot of people just use the software for their business whether it’s affiliate
marketing e-commerce whatever they’re doing and then if they want to promote
it on the side if they have some friends you know in the internet marketing space
that want to try it out or just make some extra money they didn’t run into
and make residual income that way so like some people use builder roles or
main business to like just focus on promoting build their own become like
their top affiliate and then some people just use builder own and they just have
an optional affiliate program they want to make some passive income just like
kind of balance assets you have the same idea but Bill girls actually been around
for over seven or eight years now now they’ve only been around in
english-speaking countries for a year so they’re like mainly in Brazil and South
America and then you know they got there one of the biggest people down there
they are makes people so they decided to come to you know America and just kind
of build up from there and they they learn they went from at zero to fifty
thousand active members of the past year so Greg how many great leaders I saw a
lot value in them random asks what’s the difference which
I think would kind of went over and I think it was a difference of
clickfunnels and builder all and we also kind of went over that it’s not that
they’re the same and there’s so many like squeeze page software’s this one’s
just like good like has a good like affiliate program and comp plan and then
all the other softwares that can with it like a script builder and app builder
email marketing Sonya asks an interesting question that I hear a lot
because I’ve recently started to promote builder all I was I learned about it a
while ago and I was like nah I can’t focus on builder all right now I focus
on click funnels then I got pretty automated enough with my click funnels I
was like you know what I can offer something that’s half the price that’s I
been leaving money on the table if I didn’t have an affiliate link for this
software that’s totally different actually and you can make good money
with it and it’s a lower barrier to entry for people to get started with but
Sonya said why do you prefer builder all over click funnels and like I don’t for
me it’s not even like a preferring over people just want to have like a winner
or like I feel like click thumbs people really want to like to fan click funnels
and feel like no you can’t use anything else like um where’s like you don’t have
to pick one or the other I’m gonna be doing being an affiliate for cartridge
and be researching cartridge and uh what are all there’s just like so many like
landing page software’s and WordPress themes that you could be making
affiliate Commission sauce if you’re an affiliate marketer yeah
but anything to add onto like just maybe the compet the people just being like
well which one’s better yeah I mean overall I’m gonna be honest
click funnels is user friendly it’s more user friendly than builder all the
reason being is because with click files they want you to do stuff a certain way
you can’t do anything you want there unless you do like this you mount stuff
but builder hauls more kind of like you can
do whatever you want so it’s more complicated to use more hard to learn
obviously it’s just a new software it works a little bit differently so it’s
really just comes down to personal preference also your budget
so obviously builder all our clique Bhonsle like one of the lowest things is
99 I know we can get lower banks overall it’s 97 is the cheapest option what
builder all its 990 and then they have twenty nine dollars and forty nine
dollars it’s the highest package for everything including being affiliate all
that stuff so it really just comes down to your personal preference when you see
more value in for me I just see a lot of value coming in builder all as they
start to you know really build up they’re getting a bunch of launches so
now I’m see how its benefits for me as an affiliate because a lot of people
don’t know about builder alt and then they just have all kinds of tools that
you know clicks all doesn’t happen you literally use every day until they’re
all paid $50 a month just from one of those tools and it has all the extra
bonuses like what’s the time say for me you’re like getting started what they do
is just kind of like free money because I was like well I just need to get one
person to sign up in order to make my forty-nine dollars back you get a
hundred percent commission the first month it’s like my audience is big
enough that I was like right away right away getting signups and it’s not
necessarily gonna be for everyone you still gotta put in the work you’re still
here making videos I’m still making YouTube videos random asks how many subs
do you have in YouTube and I was thinking actually yeah we talked a bit
about YouTube and growing audience yeah so I started youtube over a year ago um
and I didn’t I wasn’t talking about affiliate marketing I was doing amazona
at the time I was just kind of documenting what I was doing um so yeah
I started like over a year ago like year and two months ago and a half-round
8100 right now so but at the time when I started build are all like when I got
that dream car two months that was like in October now at like 2000 probably
1500 maybe and so one of the things like well we titled this how can qualify for
the dream car and what I want people to like get value with is like how they can
do similar things so could I mean Vikash we got some of
the top marketers on this Facebook right Brianna Williams I mean we got a lot of
people on here Marcus Campbell affiliate marketing dude and we got Catlin who
just qualified for his dream car with clickfunnels so maybe it’s time for him
to get his second car I’m going for two cars I want I want like a pink click
photos car and a blue builder all car Spencer Mika only got on here the top
clickfunnels affiliate and he’s a top builder all affiliate Marcus had a good
point in in in his comment he said your customers will end up buying one or the
other anyway might as well get paid on both like I think as digital marketers
it’s our duty to like educate people on how to use software’s and then it might
as well make a commission off of it it just comes down to what people want and
see oh yeah so can other people make YouTube channels like how do they do
that what should they make videos on it they want to make money with let’s say
with builder all well for builder all your in the digital marketing niche so
you’d have to have some knowledge around digital marketing maybe get tutorials
you know how to do email marketing haven’t set up this you know say me the
same way people promote clicks on a lot people do SEO it’s how to set up payment
gateways and stuff like that so it’s really the same thing just literally
going on YouTube see what people are searching for in that niche and digital
marketing and just going off that or you can make a video saying builder builder
I’ll review honest reveal where my thoughts are I have a video called click
phones versus build your own and I give my honest thoughts in comparison and you
know some people are gonna hate on the video some people are gonna like you
know just it’s all about wrapping the people that like you some people are
gonna hate that’s fine but as long as you get the people that you know come to
you that like you they’re the ones that can subscribe continue watching their
videos as long as you give value to them and you know they enjoy what they’re
seeing it’s like a win-win yeah cuz all you really gotta do is help
people Spencer says he first focuses on with his lead magnet and hits funnel
promoting click funnels and it’s not for them
and he’s helping them by showing them another option and seemeth builder all
you could lead the way with builder all and it’s there in your email sequence
and as they descend up they’re still not buying and could show them other things
yeah so I want people to get clarity on how he qualified in two months does this
mean that you are gonna qualify in two months to get a dream to qualify for a
free dream car you’d have to have 100 builder I’ll sign ups it that is
possible just depending on like how dedicated you are but let’s just say
more realistically someone was like okay well what about like in twelve months
like I’m down like any gear I want to be making Tier one passive income in Tier
two passive income from builder role and I want a new car and I want it paid for
uh a wall growing my email lists and social media platforms and sell it like
showing people other software’s and tools um twelve months what’s like a
good game plan or someone just started what could they do
yeah so for me I try to you know I try to tell my people to get like at least
once a week but it also depends like durty have a business or do you have a
work full-time job whatever so it really depends how much time you have and to
learn about it and put in work for it so like yeah for me I try to get tell them
to get one a week and then builder I’ll also house like an affiliate calculator
so you can put in let’s say I want to get one in one a week so 52 throughout
the whole year that have a calculator so you punch them in 52 how many sales are
your people who under you gonna get sales like let’s say they do less of you
maybe they do like 20 weekend how many people convert you get your average
conversion rate and then it calculates what your residual income is going to be
without builder our calculator so that’s kind of cool too so that’s kind of how
you can make your goal but again it just comes down to like how much time you
have put in or do you want this to main be your main source of income or just
like that aside now summer whatever so it’s different for everyone by it say
like turning from wanna meet me so I’m that’s good thanks that’s good feedback
and it’s it’s possible if you guys don’t have any audience is fine you can do
like the paid ad route to to get if you do one a week I’ll give you guys like a
little like example like if you do one week plus you have 52 and like let’s see
up a hundred Tier two leads they get a little bit less than you so basically
you’d be out like exactly maybe three or four thousand residual I’d have to look
at the calculator but you know it’s not bad just putting in you know a couple
hours a week to gain that sales eventually build up over time and just
building that into your marketing mix of other things you could totally be
promoting as an affiliate marketer and overall if you like using builder all
you learn Li how to get that two or three sales and you get the tools for
free so like if you enjoy them one of the tools on there just get a couple
sales you go free Sonya said in their upcoming event they’re gonna start
they’re supposed to do and they asked me to like don’t speak there but I think
they’re really they’re just working on like improving the platform like I said
this newer he will speaking countries that they’ve you know super busy this
year so I think they will eventually like do markets and stuff like that
they’re really community driven like they’re the only really the CEOs and
stuff they go live in their Facebook groups like once a week and do weekly
meetings update stuff like that and they’re really good support team so I
just like their community in the way they brought stuff and I know they’re
gonna be pretty big on in a couple years see you guys here’s the freakin crazy
part I’m not even signed up under Chad he
ain’t making nothing for seeing me succeed he’s actually building up you
know that he’s doing a favor and it just goes to show how supportive people are
and how it’s not like competition where there’s not enough to share there’s just
so much abundance especially for and just like online marketing landing page
software industry like there’s only 50,000 people signed up for builder all
right now and I’m gonna share how many click funnels users there are four and
forty thousand only forty thousand people in the world also
I think active it’s like I don’t pull the end I don’t know but yes maybe now
it is and it’s not that click Mona Lucy you can’t make money
with affiliates you can it just is more saturated than build a role just um okay
guys what I’m gonna do is this I put together for my peeps I sign up on my
builder all team I want you to win I want you to win I want you to make money
I want you to get the car I want us to race cars I want to select do I want to
show up to the conference in our cars it is just be fun
so I give people that sign up under my link free frontals free trainings free
Facebook group coaching calls the works I want to see when it’s like joining a
paid group coaching program and course without having to pay each I just the
only thing is get on my builder all link um and a lot of this I learned from Chad
like Chad that’s one of your keys right to keeping it’s great to get a sign up
but then it sucks to lose a sign up so what are some of the ways you like keep
your team motivated is that group coaching calls one-on-one for me I do
weekly black strings in our private Facebook group so I just kept like
updates on the software because I kind of I talked to the CEO like one on one a
little bit and then yeah weekly live streams and I just offer like one on one
call like mentorship if they need any help or anything how many questions look
like that and it’s fun huh I would you know do tell people your age on the
internet yeah Chad’s 21 21 year old young hustler
freaking I don’t know it’s inspiring to me you know I mean why why is it
important for you to succeed ah for me like I was going to college at
the time because I started all my marketing like two years ago and I
didn’t make any money like I kind of got a shiny object syndrome just like did
different things for like eight months zero money and I’m like I’d like a super
addictive personality so when I get into things like I like I have to like figure
it out until I actually learned it so for me yeah I was just like freedom I
got it I didn’t want to go like I hated school always did that graduate like a
2.3 GPA in high school didn’t really know what I wanted to do just came
across like all my marketing yeah it’s kind of like from there well um I’m sure
it’s just gonna keep going from there and then you know only for my builder
all like you teach people how they can make money online with like Clickbank
products and Max bounty and people can find more about that on your youtube
channel like I said the little system extra but uh yeah if you guys want to
check me out on more content youtube channel just youtube.com slash at
Bartlett or you can check me on Facebook I’m tacking this post go follow me in
there I post a lot do some live streams also have a Facebook group although over
8,000 members called the affiliate marketing mastermind group and go join
that too we’ll put the links in the Facebook and
I think this is actually probably good for YouTube so I’ll put is in the
youtube description too what else before we cuz I don’t think we have any other
questions but if you guys come on here later ask questions and then Chad will
come back and answer them whether you’re on Facebook or on YouTube yeah so you
guys are questions just lean down below and I’ll get back to them like they’re
today if you have any now spin them right now we can answer them
Sonya said what’s your YouTube channel ticket surcharge Bartlet right yeah okay
yeah all right and I was wondering um what’s like next
for you like some people they would be like comfortable with like making 10k
months or whatever they’re like it’s fine I’m I’m done whatever aspire to but
for you like where do you see yourself in like one year um I have a few plans I
want to do a bench day I want to start like a software company but that’s not
for a while you need more capital for me it’s just like more comfortability
obviously how big dreams like getting a beach house getting the nice cars all
that stuff but it’s really not about that just form out like kind of enjoying
her life and just becoming a better version of yourself and just you know
getting better but obviously money is important to me it has to be if you’re
an entrepreneur so for me and just like keep going until I’m like so comfortable
that like ah like I just enjoy it like pronounce it for me it’s like kind of a
good game and I just like enjoy the growth it’s not really about the money
just like keep growing and getting better because if you’re just staying in
the same place because I know a lot about like all my business and business
in general it’s all about momentum so once you have some momentum like just
like a train so like a train like it starts off kind of slow and house them
went up and it’s really hard to break it’s the same thing about my business
like it’s hard to start out but once you get momentum it’s easier to go and go
faster and faster like I said yeah and it’s really it’s really weird how it
works but yeah so that’s just kind of why I’m doing it again like I’m young so
I’ve nothing really to lose and just keep going after my goals I love it love
it sue got Lindsay on here – gosh it’s fun to collab um where can people
like meet you in person if they would have ventured like you wanna do any
mastermind wish to a party yeah I mean I was gonna wait till my brand grows more
eventually I’d like to do some meetups I’m in Orange County Southern California
so if you guys live down here and like everyone get launched or something but
it’s cool yeah yeah partying chats house like I said Rachel just messaged me like
last night yesterday yeah she’s like I’m coming back from Hawaii my mom lives
down here do you wanna go meet up get coffee or lunch whatever so it’s always
good to network with people it’s not like that but cool thank you
Party Time mastermind all that fun stuff collabing alright guys thanks for
watching and leave your questions below and I’m going to put Chad’s links and
put my links and subscribe to our channels and we’re just gonna keep
putting out the contact for you guys yeah thanks for often on guys thank you
for having me Rachel see you guys later

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  1. What?! Orange County is full of hustlers. I'm in Huntington Beach. I started off with Builderall when it was first rolled out. Got so pissed that it didn't work properly. Went to Click funnels, but am moving back to Builderall this weekend. So much more stable now.

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