March 30, 2020
DON’T Use Paid Ads My #1 Organic Marketing Strategy | Neil Patel

DON’T Use Paid Ads My #1 Organic Marketing Strategy | Neil Patel

Google generates over
a 100 billion dollars through paid advertising, per year. Facebook generates over
40 billion dollars a year in revenue through paid advertising. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m gonna share with you
my number one organic hack. In other words, don’t
use paid advertising. Check out this organic hack. (upbeat music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. That way, when I release
my next marketing video, you’ll get notified. Now, I have a question for you. How many of you leverage paid advertising? If you spend money on Google Adverse or Facebook ads, or Taboola, Outbrain, or any of those sites, just
leave a comment below with yes. If you don’t, leave a comment with no. Here’s the thing about paid advertising, yeah, it generates a ROI, and if it’s positive for you, you should be doing it. But the majority of the traffic doesn’t go to the paid listings and I’m gonna show you one hack, that’s how I get the majority
of my organic traffic. It works really well, I just ask don’t replicate it in the online marketing vertical, cause I don’t want more competitors. So, here’s what I do. You got a website, you got a blog, you’re writing content, you’re
already ranking for something other than your brand name. If you don’t know what you rank for, go log into Google search console. Go into Google search console, it’ll show you all the terms
that you’re ranking for. Look for the most popular terms. Now that you’ve seen the
terms that you’re ranking for, look to see what page it’s going to. Now that you know what page it’s going to, we’re like alright,
this page is generating all these visitors from this one keyword. Let’s say you rank for the term
digital marketing like I do. You wanna take that phrase,
head over to Ubersuggest, put that keyword into Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest will show you all the long tail
variations of that keyword. These long tail variations
are other variations of it, like digital marketing jobs,
digital marketing consultant. Whatever they may be, but
they’re longer tail phrases of the head term, digital marketing. You wanna take those terms, like digital marketing jobs,
digital marketing tips, and see which ones are
relevant to the article or the page that’s already ranking. Then, you wanna go to that page, and let’s say for me
it’s digital marketing, and you wanna end up rewriting the content to be more detailed to
include the long tail phrases that you haven’t already included. What you’ll find is, Ubersuggest shows you
the most popular terms that are related to the head term, they’re just longer variations. And it even lists them out
in order based on popularity. If you take a minute, integrate
them into your content, you’ll find that within 30
to 60 days at the latest, you’ll also start ranking for
all those long tail phrases. Now, the trick with this
isn’t to just take those words like digital marketing tips and just shoving them in
your content everywhere. Because if you spam, it
creates a terrible experience and people are gonna bounce back. Instead, you need to adjust your content. So, my digital marketing guide got ranks for digital marketing, is roughly or around 10,000 words. Cause I kept going in,
taking all these keywords and adjusting that content, so now it’ll just be
around digital marketing. But also all the other
long tail variations that are around those phrases like digital marketing tips,
digital marketing consultant. And by going in depth on all
of the ones that are relevant, cause you still want the article to flow, you will notice that you’ll quickly rank. But, I’ve also done the experience of just shoving in
those long tail phrases. It doesn’t work if you
don’t adjust your content. Now that you’ve adjusted your content, make sure you take some of the most popular long tail phrases, and put them in your title
tag and meta description. When you do Google search, the title is a title tag, that sentence description under
that is a meta description. By including those
keywords, or some of them, within your title tag
and meta description, you’ll also find that is easier
and faster to rank for them. Now, the last thing I want you to do is, when you’re updating your article, feel free to link out to other
sites to site your sources or that could be relevant
and benefit your audience. Because when you’re linking
out to other people, it makes them flattered and happy. And if it’s good for your audience, it also makes their life better as well. So, let’s say I link
out to a guy name John, and he has an amazing
online marketing blog. I’ll notify him. I’ll be like, hey John, I have to say I’m a huge fan of your work
on So much so, that I even linked
out to you in latest post. You can check it out here. Cheers, Neil Patel. P.S. if you share the
post it will make my day. And you’ll find a lot more people will share your content
on Facebook and Twitter. This will get it more visibility and some of those people will then, even link back to you which
will boost your rankings for the main terms as well
as all those secondary terms. That’s it, just doing
that one little hack, will get you so much more organic traffic. I did it for my digital marketing guide. I went from over 9,000 visitors a month, and now, when I did that,
I went to 17,000 visitors. Just by adding in more long tail phrases. It works that well. If you need help growing your traffic, feel free to check out my
agency, Neil Patel Digital. Of course, if you have any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll answer it. If you like the video, appreciate that. And of course, share it with your friends, tell them about it. Thank you for watching.

100 thoughts on “DON’T Use Paid Ads My #1 Organic Marketing Strategy | Neil Patel

  1. No, i never paid and never made my first sale, im from brazil and trying to get some money with digital marketing, any advice ?

  2. Great again. The words must be consecutive in the long tail phrase? If you insert in the article separately these words digital, marketing, jobs but in different parts of the article, it means that you are ranking for the whole phrase?

  3. Neil how many times do you suggest we add a Keyword to the Content, just once or multiple. Many Thanks for this Awesome Tutorial says TripAdvisor Top 1%, Please be sure to View Neil"s OTHER VIDEO"S, All Great Info.

  4. Hey Neil. Tell me how to add website in google console i means where do i nees to add given link on site ground ??

  5. Does Google Ads Affect SEO? I Mean If I Run An Ad Campaign On A Particular Post Does Its SEO Affect Or Not???

  6. is getting authentic google reviews also part of improving one's organic marketing statergy

  7. Do high ticket online personal trainers need them ads?

    I’ve heard from many successful coaches that they paid for ads, do some blogging and have a great Instagram.

    They suggested I run ads, a webinar, have prospects apply and close the deal on the phone with the quality leads.

  8. I prefer organic marketing because it is evergreen although paid is faster. Some of the ways I use UberSuggest longterm keyword results within my niche content articles include as bullet points, captions under photos, subheadings, article titles, title tags, meta description, link text to my sites internal pages, link text to external sites I recommend, quoted callouts snippets placed artistically within content layout. I try to be creative without being spammy…it works…Neil's right.

  9. Algorithms are getting smarter every day and user experience is the rule of the game, seo is dying..

  10. I'm trying to build blogs to get organic traffic . But i havn't got any yet after almost 2 month. Does it take a long time for google to send traffic?

  11. As always greatest tips for optimizing the process of content creation. Masters at work! Thanx Neil!

  12. I totally agree with you about paid ads. I get so frustrated with these "training" systems gut hat cost tons of money and then tell the student all they have to do is place Ads on Facebook or do paid search ads on Google. I have NEVER seen one of these gurus mention the horrible conversion rates … or how much money the student will waste on clicks that bounce before the visitor even sees the page.

    It's bad enough with organic searches to lose traffic to bounces because of slow loading pages or poorly designed pages that don't capture the visitors intent. But to PAY for those wasted clicks is PURE insanity.

    Doing paid ad campaigns without first doing all the SAME research and optimization you need for a successful organic campaign is yet another way to throw away money on non performing ads. So if you're going to end up doing all the same work you would do for an organic campaign then why not save the money spent on nonperforming ads and put it into producing more solid content and promoting that content to build more links.

    Money spent on paid ads has ZERO residual value while money spent on organic campaigns will continue to generate traffic for months if not years with little or no additional work or cost.

    There simply is no good reason to do paid ads … unless you are already ranking for multiple positions on the search results page and the only way you can generate more traffic is to claim the top paid listing.

  13. My website was blocked in Facebook but I didn't publish any bad content.. How can I solve this problem??

  14. Recently i've been watching your videos and the content is too good as a beginer who is learning….
    Well i dont have anything to offer excpet subs. ♥️
    But if there is something i can help you out with please let me know

  15. I suppose it depends on what you are actually doing online Neil. To simply say – don't use paid ads is not necessarily the correct strategy either.

    SEO takes time to get ranked and yes even for long-tail keywords. Part of the problem or issue for myself, Google keeps driving down the organic listings on page 1. So your organic reach and results become less and less relevant. Eventually, your page 1 listings could become top of page 2. I'm not saying this will happen, but if you look over the past 5 to 10 years, it's heading in that direction.

    Google really wants everyone to use paid ads – period – full stop. Just like Facebook, they want you to use paid ads – period…For me personally and just me, I like to use more of a balanced approach. Utilize SEO for a long term strategy, but incorporate paid advertising. With paid advertising, I can instantly scale my results and know in almost real-time if my offer is converting or not.

    I remember clearly awhile ago on another one of your videos, when you said going forward, you just buy other websites for new traffic sources. How is that different vs the above video strategies? What I mean by that, you are still paying for traffic.

    Appreciate your videos as always….Make it a fantastic day…

  16. No. I haven't tried paid ads yet. I prefer organic. 🙂 There was I time when a certain blog post got thousands or views a day. I will use that hack. Thanks a lot! 🙂

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