April 1, 2020
Donald Trump Jr.’s Life in His Father’s Shadow

Donald Trump Jr.’s Life in His Father’s Shadow

When your name is Donald Trump Jr. it is pretty
hard to escape your father’s shadow. I’d introduce myself as just Don. Avoid the last name at all costs. I didn’t want to have to deal with everyone making those assumptions It wasn’t until his father’s presidential
campaign that he emerged as a full-throated Trump. You can’t give a Trump a mic and not expect us to take our turn Donald Trump Jr. is very similar to his Dad. That’s Kevin Cirilli, chief Washington correspondent for Bloomberg television Both are ambitious, driven, and not afraid to pick a fight, even if it will lead to controversy, and scandal She deserves everything that’s coming to her And now the spotlight has turned on Donald
Trump Jr – as his meeting with a Russian who promised damaging information about his
father’s political rival, Hillary Clinton, raises serious questions. If a foreign government offers to aid your campaign the answer is no. I think anyone even a rookie would realize that was inappropriate This is how Donald Trump Jr. went from prodigal
son to company man to political lightning rod. Donald Trump Jr. was born on New Year’s
Eve 1977 to then real estate mogul Donald Trump and his wife Ivana, a former model and
skiing prodigy from Czechoslovakia. Donny, as he was then called, grew up in Trump
Tower’s 53 room penthouse –surrounded by nannies and bodyguards. Donald Trump Sr. has said that he was going
to be a much more engaged father with his children when they were adults. Don Jr. spent summers with his grandfather
Milos in Czechoslovakia learning hunting and fishing. There he developed a love for the outdoors
that would follow him throughout his life. At the age of 12, his parents had a very messy
public divorce. Blaming his father, Don Jr. did not speak
to him for over a year. To insulate him from unwanted attention, Ivana
sent Don Jr. off to boarding school. While refusing to attend his father’s wedding
to Marla Maples, Don Jr. still labored on his father’s construction sites for minimum
wage and attended his alma mater- The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School – earning
a degree in finance and real estate. After college he took some time for
himself. He went to Colorado. He worked at a ski resort. And he was someone who didn’t immediately
go into the family business. In 2001, Donald Trump Jr. changed his tune. He reported for work at the Trump Organization
in the same building he grew up. Don Jr. eventually rose to Executive Vice
President – joining his father in the real boardroom – and the fictional one – appearing
alongside him on The Apprentice. Who would you rather see continue on with you? oof, Don Jr. That’s a very good question. I am officially running for President of the United States Along with his siblings Ivanka and Eric, Donald
Trump Jr was a key part of the campaign from day one. If Hillary Clinton were elected, she’d be
the first President who couldn’t pass a basic background check. Unlike Jared Kushner, Ivanka and even Trump himself,
Don Jr’s ideologies align a lot more with the conservative base. That’s Shannon Pettypiece, I’m a White House reporter with Bloomberg
News. He is incredibly popular with the
Trump base. He speaks their language. He’s a big sportsman, gun advocate… Which has landed him in hot water at times. The Trump sons became targets themselves earlier this year after photographs of their big game kill surfaced online Just like his father… He’s not a politician. He’s not politically correct and he’s
gotten criticism for it. And he is pugnacious on social media. He’s said things that are considered insensitive…Comparing
Syrian refugees to poisonous Skittles… He does not appear to think the rules apply
to him. You can look at his father as defying the
typical rules, and that’s sort of the culture around the campaign, then you could see how
he was fitting right into it. After the election, Don Jr., along with brother
Eric, were put in charge of running the Trump Organization. We used to joke we are going to get him elected
so we can get some peace and quiet because he is a tough boss. He has not stayed out of
politics and just been focused on real estate. He’s a very effective fundraiser. And the assumption is that he was, and maybe
will still, continue being very involved in the RNC. As the accusations mount, Donald Trump has
come out in support of his son. In his own way. My son is a wonderful young man. Great young man and fine person. And I think it’s a meeting that most people in politics would’ve taken. If Donald Trump Jr. can somehow weather the
growing legal storm with his reputation intact… If anyone from the family was going
to have a political future, it seems like Don Jr. would be a real natural for having
his own political career. Which would likely prove to be a wild ride. Donald Trump Jr…he’s authentic. The public may not agree with it, but you
know if you ask Donald Trump Jr. a question you’re going to get what he thinks.

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  1. Donald Trump junior is such a stud….
    Whoops I missed out the pi in stupid and completely missed the word c**t

  2. Don jr. Inadvertent American hero. Keep up with bringing your father's crime wave to a halt. We'll owe you a debt of gratitude if he gets impeached and removed from office.

  3. Nothing better to report Bloomberg? Get a life. His family is still winning no matter how hard you try to tear them down with your biased libtard reporting.

  4. There is nobody talking about this Russian meeting anymore and they've gone above and beyond to belabor the fact that it was a meaningless encounter. Why not focus your resources on real news?

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  6. This mutherfucker is no longer a kid, they need to stop referring to this piece of shit like he is.

    Grown ass pussy ass chicken-backed fuckers always complain about other people, but are thin-skinned dog-fuckers.

  7. Then the solution is to stop caring what junior thinks. The US dynasties have been caudled for far too long the way it is. A retroactive negative income tax and a full repeal of the controlled substances act might not even set reality back onto the correct path toward any kind of freedom to choose.

  8. Oh really, well lets ask him what he thinks about minority's in America. Last time I heard he doesn't sell units to black people. But he loves given them away to Russians.

  9. Ffs cant you just get them to talk in a mic.
    why over the phone???????
    It doesn't make you guys look any cooler quite the opposite actually

  10. Love the way the try and paint him like the everyday man in the beginning. He worked for minimum wage on HIS FATHERS construction site lol. Give me a break!

  11. pussies..  who their dad trumputin is a 5 time draft dodger… and a traitor to America…  Great job Mueller is doing!

  12. Bloomberg invited more illegal immigrants to NY. He was essentially a Democrat pretending to be a Republican, so he always hated the Trumps.

  13. Somebody needs to kick Juniors little punk white ass. Donald Jr. is a little scared chicken. Poor people should smile more? You dirty little shithole.

  14. Don jr and i have a lot in common. My father also divorced my mother and married the mistress and I didn’t go. I’m still not speaking to him.

  15. He cheats on his wife like his father does. How can you rely on a cheat and chronic liar??Righties will believe anything Trumps' say but the smart won't!

  16. You can’t trust these type of people but apparently America did and I think they know they made the wrong decision

  17. It's ' History repeats itself ' . Remember Donald Sr. while still married to Ivana & here comes Marla Maple parading herself in Trump Tower + chasing Trump on the way the family on vacation ( I think Aspen) Marla is really a thick face that is why Ivana really hate her up to now. That's when Donald jr. , Eric & IVANKA were just little children. Now with 5 little children Jr. follow his Dad's behavior perhaps with O Day. Well it's a sad news but it's their life.

  18. Jr is a pathetic miserable moron who has no clue how to be a man because his father controls his life.

  19. donald trump jr….."sniff sniff……my dad's alway's calling me a fuck up! I thought he wanted me to meet with those Russians to get the dirt on Hillary! gee dad, I want to earn your trust. look, I'm even getting better at contorting my lips into a little round ass hole shaped configuration just like yours when I speak!"

  20. How about we get some real poor people running for president, not some rich little pretty boy given everything and anything by his thieving and coniving pathetic excuse of a father

  21. Would this be just another gratuitous anti Trump bit of media propaganda ? Yes I think so. Trump is doing a great job against the full force of the liberal elites.

  22. 2:50 Don Jr "Hillary couldnt pass a basic background check". True, While he didnt know what he was talking about or the lingo. She was irresponsible in securing information but the Trmps' foregin ties and interests should also preclude them from having a national security clearance. But just like Hillary, they also are immune from the rules.

  23. The very best of the Trumps it's that they are NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT people, but they are CORRECT people… That it`s the best of them!!!

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