April 6, 2020
Dominate Your Service Areas on the Web: How to get more leads, reviews, and customers!

Dominate Your Service Areas on the Web: How to get more leads, reviews, and customers!

Welcome to today’s webinar dominate your service area on the web
how to get more years reviewed and customers I’d like to thank everyone for coming
today this is Jennifer Clark I’m a marketing manager show and today
provided presenter it back over and a sure-fire
social customer success manager and I think I can they went down that
most view on whether today are implementing some kinda our
prime marketing right your goal for the coming days left
in our it’s over and helped me your activity more local show if your benefit the local survey
definite no K you work with the air yes and your
online marketing but you’re talking there is going to be
region that will go in. in today presentation bass is energy use
your note by two areas that make up your local online by then trial where you optimize
your website for who are very rich technology media &
escort at ya know online directory know your
customer transactions and director today aren’t did your ad say example white
background and today we’re going to help you
prioritize and getting it back nobel I wonderful be here today if they have to recognize her as I
mentioned and he’s retiring yes small local business day hereafter
fire helping them create a John hi my friend
and watch West I A and location ferreted shugart in-house
gour expert art mobile marketing I and she had a lot of experience helping
home current netday with their marketing I yellow and the best part about that is that you
could be in for it or get past see yeah so without further adieu bad over N excellent thank you again
thank you everyone for joining us this morning are afternoon rather and I wanna go ahead and start out with a little bit
introduction admitted you noticed who sure by Richard Pryor social but I also
wanted to mention about what we doing we are at a were company and offered added you know Software as a
Service we also are building a website for a
client we r doing but marketing material that and
what I wanted to conquer on today’s webinar is is numba can ever
acted interest on how be in our strategy our main strategy
for how we’re trying to accomplish domination I’ll hyperbola local a marketing for you and
for Ajmer I that we have today so I figure
out this webinar you don’t have any questions
you’ll notice that there is a a little chat window it also question
poll manager here and I have my my friend here john
andrews is right here wit me you going to be covering that we are
going to be answering questions here at the end know it please as we go you know please make sure you mention something in that
you can you know on your difficulties or your you have a
question that comes up just go ahead right down and US and walk you
them up for very and there was i headin star of
asking you guys the question at to get you started thinking about what
we’re going to be covering here where you see it how many are asking a
question how many service Aaron into orbit mister no I
when I’m talking about a I think about sure-fire for example
growth located in Tysons Corner Virginia and I would say recurvature all entire
United States but if I were roofer maybe I wouldn’t
say I service Herndon Virginia rest in prison
yet sterling virginia and Reaper in that
that would be something around or area no gonna give you can in a
minute think I heading pixel x1 is just following air when the
following whether you the service one main town maybe you
service attend you know maybe your in a small
hamlet but house around eight you have more than 10
and we want it wanna get to know you guys when I
understand a little bit more about who we have on on I the list right now am already
thinking that a lot of the service a lot didn’t area an and I i cant a day at you know right now you guys are still operating in ever about it reviewed 50 percent year-to-date so back you can
go ahead with the thank you john so that I think that I’m
seeing that about 50 percent if you are saying that
you are at I 10 areas or more and so didn’t this is important for us to
know BK we’re were trying to more it multi
tasked with ensuring fire transit target multiple areas for
our client like you that we’re not just targeting
one area you guys are the expert in your area and you know where you want to do business in the future
still hopefully we’re gonna be able to answer some questions house UK target multiple areas in one
sitting still but let’s talk about how did
someone find you and baby tiny bit a drill-down I’ll where you know people might star it people are going to start in some
kinda search area and we’re going we’re talking digital marketing here right we’re gonna
star and someone is gonna I to go to Google we’re
going to talk about Google mostly here but they’re also going to Yahoo and Bing and they’re going to just type in some
kinda search term meet the word search query or we use the
word you keyword interchangeably here they’re
just gonna hi something in and hopefully find
something related to you include on you there are gonna find you be on
recommendations from not only you know their friends and
neighbors but they’re also looking for recommendations from other people online and that that’s not just a you know I’m I’m thinking sometimes without other
every recommendations by but I’m I really talking about reviewed
here people are going to find you baby on your review such on reviewed by
yell and people it and they’re going to find
you based on how welder your ranking in there they’re
also going to be looking for you social media they’re
going to be looking for you on mass I on Google Maps especially Google my
business and we’re gonna be looking for you in paper yet the little ads that appear and
search result page or sir paid and they’re going to be seeing
you eventually they’re going to get your website and
still well what we want to focus your it how how did they find you from the first
section this that goes both ways right we can
start with your website on he SEO on-page search engine
optimization and then we can go back to you search
how how does accusing talk to each other how do we
get your website rank higher in search how would someone going to be able to
find you and I’m today webinar we’re gonna be
talking about really or major areas in which we can
improve your search today it unites take the big takeaway you can take away from here and I’m
gonna mention you know maker kit here the one thing I don’t like you
focused on eternity category and you could make major changes that
you would be able to implement day and it it’s not just you know by
your product and talking about things that you guys can get today to improve your credit for to find
you locally on jan was mentioning that I’m
and customer success manager and I i
utilizing for sure fire here and it’s an Account Manager
for I have on you about 12 I have my own at
that I am responsible for your website built I have a I’m
responsible for their read I’m responsible for getting them right
to the places where they want to rank but in addition i’m ok though helping other
quiet other clients within the company you you know look better I’m I’m kind of
an analyst they call you know I take a look at this site and
I I can help free back an outlet what kinda things we
could do to improve no I wanted this couplet make away from here and
again if you guys have any questions that because throughout the don’t hesitate to take them into the
chat and bill Booker for no yet we’re gonna talk about website
content and how how you can get elected on online
directory a lot of them are free and you will have
a opportunity cue get you know pleaded and people will find
you again social media and then how did mobile how
did your mobile phone play into all that don’t need me to the
four main category here that we’re going to be talking
about about connecting you with your client and I would say the
biggest question I I had is from Mike Ryan is they can be
meeting I I know what it good SEO II read all the blood I reading that tell me what I should be doing I
don’t even know how to get started Oakley I’m gonna help you guys at least
get started with an understanding and wrap your head around it little bit
so really start with that one one major a you know anecdote that
i’m gonna be for al gore and anything here is yeah
Google and in talking about web site and content
I’m going to be talking about Google as a library and Google is the indexing search engine
meaning that Google is it pretty much like our
librarian here they’re the ones that are sitting at the
front desk saying the you know the book that I
think you should read on that subject and you know here here the list if they so I
would say Google is both librarian librarian and they are the one telling us here here’s
everything that you should be reading here internet is
RR playground here and Google is the one telling us where we
should go and your website within it libraries the
book a Google is it constantly looking over
your your website for information to know how
they should rate you how they should index you and
each one a pure aidid it been treated and a landing
pages within that book so you know a lot of time someone from
your website someone visiting your website is gonna
come thru the table of contents they’re gonna come in through the front page and we’re we’re gonna try and make that
hate look as appealing it possible to get them to turn the page and look even
further get more information from you but you
know somebody’s gonna take a look at your
front page and decide within three seconds this is the right book or not I mean it
they’re gonna it we need to include a lot of information
back for are are a folks that are trying to find
you in transit get an issue you know either fire
product or for more information about you and again Google is definitely a and search engine that is looking for
tech at tech is probably the most important
thing on your website Google can’t read image in very well and
that’s why you know all those but accurately
capture they’re using immediate see you try and get different
he human from robot and Google kinda like
the ultimate robot here that is on including information %uh you know you include a lot of text that
we always want to include a lotta tech and you know not all packed
is created equally equally at okay it better than others and we are really it will talk more
about it back and I i won drill down a little bit more about what
kind attacks were looking for but I’ll we want to mention that in a
particular it back to our library example so you
know i’m looking for. somebody is probably if you’re looking
to look more closely I your book if you update frequently on and we’re not talking i biggest
question I have for my client did you know they a canister fire an
eight-day I I I don’t understand why competitor mine is raising hired me I had up for
your website I had better content and I look at it
you know the last time the page is updated and it was a year ago I needed did missus absolutely a ranking
factor and it if you’re not updating on our frequent basis in a regional basis I
mean we we use the term recent be how rethink we was your website updated and also how
frequently what your website updated and were also
going here you know along with those future back to
the proximity factor how how many terms are you
including that in ball a your local search area okay and let me and again review and
overview that’s right here we’re gonna chill down second but then also not a website are
created equally at what what makes a good website
visually and and I’ve I really want to mention that and
you could have the prettiest website in the world and it will not convert because did
essential items army thing here and didn’t light and again I I talk you my on you know another I you know Account Manager coach here that said at you UK you Candice I within three seconds whether
this is the right site or not then that I is gonna be ignored we need
to get people as much information we stay above the fold that usually right around before you have to start
growing down into a page we want to upload as much information as
possible to a potential client he to give them to
make that decision fact and you can’t their different school the thought here you can have the
the contact form in the upper right hand
corner it you want to make sure you have a phone number above the fold but it you had if you’re waiting until are you know three
quarters the way down down to throwing page before you even
start mentioning what you you probably will not be at high a interest in what you’re doing and
someone who has all that information first so let let’s talk about let with go a little bit further it we want
you to be found locally so I’m gonna make an example %uh a
sure-fire we’re gonna pretend that we’re a group
for in Tysons Corner and no I i’m a river corner I wanna be
located locally so what kind of information should I
include immediately and and still will first thing in what do
you do what kind of services do you provide and
usually I’m gonna sure-fire we’re usually pretty meh and
information in our menu they’re gonna say I we are home page in our menu be at the top home about us ribbing citing and gutter we do we know that and on maybe
other services then testimonial contact page I mean
those are the essential thing here but the big thing here remaining
out you know with the word grouping we are saying
exactly what mister are so for example on you know quality you can trust from
North America’s largest grouping manufacture if we want to say that we
offer TAS product because we are referring to anti quarter all we’re gonna wanna day that
we do ripping we are ripping contractor we r me
improved replacement review recruiting we do I single
replacement always kinda thing are services that we
provide different ways to say it going into that he were are idan but we are in a what kinda
thing you provide if you do not let your with
the services above the whole I guarantee somebody
else who does is going he be up just a little bit more
we want to assure we want it reassure everybody who come
to your site they had down the correct thing that they wanted to
click on there’s a lot of sight out there people have to come to go on a treasure
hunt to find information probably you are both do not have a lot
patients here so you can find information three
seconds you gotta try and fix that 0 how can we reach you how they can
determine a lot of information from phone number and we always let
their phone number in the upper right hand corner and this is gonna be the first clue to
them it you are in their search area so again back to a you know back to that
local I’d right a lot of clients come to us
saying I I have a and I’m in the on Northern
Virginia an example again I have a 703 number which is the area
code four you Northern Virginia Washington DC be
but I really wanna hit an you know maybe get
more into the Washington DC market there can
you get me a phone number ahead a 202 area code which would be Washington DC at and we can actually we
can provide from number three column tracking number and we can’t make them look like a very
Amanda areas that way it looks it another visual clue that we are and the right to
area are also you know some company of were a toll-free number and 8 hundred-number or
888 number to appear and that they are a big for they are
large company would have a toll free number two there you’re paying a lot call time and ended out we’re all looking for your
address he I and didn’t this is something huge II have a lot of trouble finding a company
address on a website but Google is looking for
that and though or people visiting your site
another clue as to whether you offer their services in their area is where you’re located I’m if you’re
located in Miami you probably served at Miami Dade County
on it you are located is and you know for
me again mclean I know being local I know that mean
service I corner you probably will service rest
then and beyond Arlington all efforts to so week you want to make
sure that you have an address displayed I’m your above the fold on your website
know that it you offer a service that it something someone needs to come visit
you for our date they know that they can find you quickly
and this is all information that will I’m also contribute I later we’ll talk
about showing up on Google my business but now there another day I’m went on a call you a allotted read it read it in discussing work of nasty that name address phone
right but then we also are are talking about hours this is this is
the new a new trend here that a included in here
and we want to include I what are your hours of operation
somebody did not want to call you at and unit doesn’t want to waste the
time to call you at 8 o’clock in the morning if you’re
not open till nine they want to get a hold of the person they want to be able to talk to someone
and they want it be able to talk to someone when you’re
available not leave a message that might get lost in translation they want to talk to them that so we
like to display all this information on above the fold again to try and get
that in get someone to your call it doesn’t give you more that authority to get not only somewhat
get somebody to call you at high okay and another think good great website good
west facing great let’s say had a contact form about the fall they
have away for you to contact someone after-hours
that does not involve leaving a message I’m sometime somebody I know you know
I’m trying to get a dentist appointment they
have contact form on their website I can’t call cuz I’m at work I don’t
want someone to call me I just want to fill out the contact form it happened
one email me and so eat it in the way for have a contact form on their on is is
the ability for you to reach out and explain it something without being misunderstood
and you’re able to right out something that is direct
contact with somebody and beat beat our goal for for sure are we put a contact form on
oliver I and we are also including phone number
name address you know our all that there is information about
the fold at at that this weekend and including you
know best the information that Google crawl and
and what are folks can read as well so that all the information the
biggest takeaway here is it you can have your services and
your all that information included that the biggest takeaway a contact here
what you’re ready should display at will be you can be
talking about other information on any attack but bit this will make a
huge difference and be found for both trying to find it but
let’s go back a little bit let’s say they found all the information but how
are you down originally how are you even down
before they got here Wed had a baby click on you I’m no that your someone that they want it talk
here it’s all in the money to investigate and we ate we talk about he work a lot I
A sure-fire and the term is it kinda talked around a lot
%uh you know with somebody that make sure
you have the key word and I not on my I’m no idea what I think you
are I don’t I don’t know what you’re talking about so I day them %uh common word hi into Google are are what people are
thinking are search terms on these either the search
term either way described he worked I and and we are we
are really looking for and really years he works here on no we want you to stay something like
I am a trooper in San Francisco purses I am a roofer in
California at I want you to think for a second if
you were looking for I usually example I’m with my client a
Pirate Day I am a I’m looking for a restaurant in my area are you gonna hide in
Virginia restaurant or are you gonna type in Northern Virginia restaurant for
me I would probably even go a little bit further I happen to be an account sterling I’m gonna I think sterling
virginia restaurant I want to get very specific
about where I am I i kno the the area that I am trying to target in
trying to go to I’m going to be very Pacific in my
search terms and Hedo you should be very that about what kinda
words are including included on your site and I you can’t be here we have a a word I’ll
hear that showing from I words are more important
than other I you know something they’re going to be
more important to you somebody visiting your site in other
words and you can use various tool to find out what what are your
competitor you know whether they’re he works what kinda thing today
including on their site are a lot of time there Boldin and you
LinkedIn a book they look really good in their
their term that people are using our you can also use Google Adwords
Canada investigate you a little bit up research
as to what kind of words are people using in your area describe what you do but usually when I say versus being
general I get mad at me the frequently asked
question on but what I deserve more area than the
one you just that so back to my my group for anne mcclain
I did rigging contractor claim Virginia
I’m a roofing contractor McLean Virginia people say that I hurt more area in like
you guys just said you deserve it more than 10 area I want
you to think about going ahead and making it me have page dedicated each one of those
locations that user each one is past you should have a
dedicated page or dedicated amount of time talking about
the services that you offer in that town again Google Mar Google the robot but who will it not
perfect yet they’re not perfect human on and nowhere we’re trying to help them
along the way and II week we announced that it will
not let people to think that you only knew service in that area I someone is the root for in Sterling I I know that they will probably service
rest and is me enough opportunity to call and ask will you take service in my area to know
that we for their starting I’m be we are always more pacific here then be every day the cocky up our
website rather than being a very general here
and some people say what I just dump a bunch
is because on my website will that be good enough I personally know out Google it martina know that that
tactic that a black hat SEO just going into your
Twitter putting Ubuntu disco dancing there we go
I did my SEO for the day at that probably not going to be good
enough for you in fact that my even get you what we call being that
might even contribute cue I it not you not do it now cell are next next section I want to talk
about and online directory we talked about
on-page SEO let’s talk a little bit about what’s
going on of your website with online directory and so are I’m gonna show you here
didn’t busy to big takeaway from this webinar
guys II wanna day the one thing that you go out and do
that you haven’t already done it I want to go take your Google account
and sign up for Google might it and create a
business page are did Google is you know proprietary they they like their their
own um in that they use a developer will map
right and they are integrating anytime you have a
Google Page Google my business page it will in your grade and with your
Google Google searches so on bit client for example you can be had a location little got here if these are
our little and map & on the area and E he got it because I N E be here in Google review he got more here because I’ll all the information that he
created on it lamented page and it you need to have a Google
account so if you haven’t at gmail dot com you have a Google account and it will
be. free way to get listed online and reviews
here reviews within a Google a Google my
business page are goal they’re absolutely golden let
me %uh them out a little bit more show you here
your hand on it a Google Page here I’m typing and home
remodeling southern New Jersey and in fact it might therefore you can
the this bird result here showing up underneath the
paper like at right we know that either ask
because the the yellow mall it’s a I’m and yellow here the
first result here Hindi home remodelers and again this is
because he has a very nice looking Google my
fitness page she shows up first yet in Google review shown up above the guy
for the VMware 9 a.m. at the Home Depot but you can a outbid
local business showed up here because here I in his in your actual you know in Agra on Google my 8 reviews this you know it you don’t even have a
website you can be ranking well here if you have
a Google my fitness the you can click here and be taking the
Google page are still one thing that you go out and
do the one directed at you create you don’t already have it it to go I
take care of that but you the reviews here are what’s really making that
different this is why he is ranking very very well here are but beating up a
review let’s talk a little bit more this is a
screenshot having L page in you have the ability with
Danielle are you know yell me all the talk about
indeed let me talk about many other review sites in which people
will find you we’re trying to be as globally minded
possible we want to include basic information you
didn’t really wanna still all now you wanna bill every directory that
you’ve had out to the max and yet you’re ready to add your website receive messages
from potential customer and people will find you people will use
yell as a way to search for businesses in the area you are you probably know people will
use nd let at the way fine services in their area and we r though we with her to homeadvisor
it will you house P people who use are I Yellowpages yellow dot the research a mentor
MerchantCircle their third I any number online
directories that you could be let and you know there are under out there that helped you get elected on
a local one but we’re going for consistency we you know if you’ve ever milt outbid you might have a few directories out
there that late the wrong information the incorrect
address and that is going to you that a huge affect what weekday immediately one thing I I’m I its
weekday we are going to day the major directory for you and at
least get a consistent front to show Google that you are torque
mated and you have the same information across
multiple directory alright still a sure-fire I want it small club we’re
gonna give you another of another way detected at the end here
this link here a sure-fire usual dot com domini sure
get you have the ability to actually check how you are listed how your business elected which
in our major directory and you me we’re gonna hit we’re gonna
show this link again at the end here but I am you have the opportunity
visitor Skinner and just see how are you how do
you look happened in argue I you have it incorrect address
listed across I are you not represented at all on
Yahoo and they can give me 10 insights and
actionable items that you can pay and again another takeaway here we want
to be consistent as much as possible at issue Google that
you are who you say you r you are located acted actor you are so next session I have a little bit
about social media and I’ve already begun to hit on and we’re and I’m gonna
go ahead and talk about Facebook for at their absolute minimum
you guys can against Google my business page and
then go out and create a Facebook page neck I’m so I you people is it I ask you guys map in a poll you again but for that if
I ask you you got that Facebook was going to
become more important in the next year or less important I’m
hoping you’d probably day it’s going to become more I you
don’t get it average age has increased for using
Facebook and that is exactly for a lot you know we deal with a lot of
contractor but that’s exactly where a lot of our folks are looking for information they
are using Facebook starts to search for companies in your
area because people can read and edit I can get is in Riverview and they can find more
information about our company and people who don’t have a website this
is exactly where you want to be people who’ve you have a website you can
get paid on here and you should absolutely have it linked on your website to say this is our
Facebook page and its kinda more your it that it book that describes more information
about your company a look at what you were doing yesterday
right this is the more the place for you can update and say
what you guys are doing now I’ll talk about that so people can like
and follow you and you know understand what you doing and didn’t get you another opportunity
to get more what you do out there for local books to
get back to that will affect people are booking for you in baseball
already so you might as well have a good day
show them and just to give you a little bit more drawn-out they can take a rave reviews for you
here in and talk about what’s going on I and you also have to be ability to
respond to these reviews and people consider these reviews they reported because you can’t be anonymous you can’t
just make up an account with Facebook had a lot of instantly you have to display who you are and you
can written company hit I company actually
can’t delete these reviews but you can respond to them today UN and talk more about that no neck you know people also offers %uh little
bit more information about targeting based on geography know
when you’re creating your your business page for I Facebook you
have the ability to target and there were a number of ways you can
party it based on what address are focusing on more than
you maybe you can exclude don’t include this information here for
everyone in it location included I want you to be shown show my page to all of the ok in the
area and I you can even you know I think a about that are are you cannot beat you
people that are even travel to that area they will say
where they checked and and you’re at your particular page will
show up on the site not so you have a lot of the information
I in this play out there well %uh talking
about other places I’m you ought to have Pinterest at
interested is a rapidly growing place for people to include pictures up what they’re doing on a
given time I’m I would say that a pocket more beneath
that didn’t interest but it definitely I’m think they have a specially if you
have eighty visually based service I interior designers we had a lot of our
office managers in place to every person even our are
getting great you know landscapers are getting great pictures and putting them
up on Pinterest and now you can add painted and you can
say where the picture with take in a geographic can today check out bit be it version job that have been done in your
area and there when you’re reading of the paying you can edit where exactly it
happened and you know it it how he developed the end service area up where things are happening are
looking or restaurants in your area hopefully in you can add a pin out here a great
picture of your restaurant to show up on their cell on let go ahead and give another all here I’m sitting
here a little bit we’re talking about are
still talking about social that here but I i want it talk a little bit now West are your on how often would you think you guys
are using your mobile device for business no I’m not just talking
about using you know just using your phone you know
that in your pocket a lot of folks are using not your all your phone for making phone call to
customer maybe you can GPS find customer find a location but maybe
you’re also using it to check in on social media maybe you are alternating phone call
that GPS doesn’t mean I we’re we were again get a little cents per how
often you are using your your mobile phone
with it and for perfect no idea what have you thank you so much for a better day I’m I
see a lot of you guys are already very end and it looks like
there is a a small percentage in you that eating on just for opened it yet but a lot if you are using it for everything
you’re using it your 35 percent if you are using it for
phone call for EPS for social media and for review no I talked of recruits here and a I it you had other options on your
phone would do you think you reviewed them are create would you use your phone again it
again become increasingly important or is it going to become less important
for you guys as we go into the future and II weekday
again I’m pretty sure you’re gonna say it going to
become increasingly important here for you and no I’m we’re going to talk a
little bit more about mobile more from me client night the end
customer you knowing that you guys use your own a
lot for many things we are left with him that
people that are trying to I don’t care I are all using your phone
increase and at an increasing rate and go I lookit downtrend that are happening right now
we have the ability for you know I met are user a homeowner that once defined a restaurant
it might area and I’m able to check in and there are I’m location-based
notifications that are trending right now you the ability to be alerted it there
sale happening in your area on you up there can’t know that their a
restaurant that is is giving away something free in your
area are you have the ability to find a
restaurant or you know other other basic services you can’t be
as something that training and that we talked about
yesterday is that and people are with training right now
people typing in group you’re near me right there i think im near me into
Google today I want you to get me I’m turning on my EPS tell me exactly
what nearby now I know you know how to plan my day
accordingly if they are on there’s a couple other
sites that are are offering any kind services I think yell immediately I mean you’ll
is pass right into my GPS says a you’re if you’re here restaurants
within walking distance but you know for summer contractor they
you know it this is definitely the trend here
happening for my so wouldn’t it be great to be to be showing
up any kind places and the you know the company
looking for something in your area you’re able to pop up to be in front of
more people at a given time it was definitely a trend you’re gonna wanna take with you cue be
talking about I’m going into the future there let
let’s not talk about your website and how you and a business are trying to be you know make yourself available for your
customers to find you Intel I’m gonna ask you guys how are in your web site mobile friendly
meanie I a remember that your a website is people are using your home increasingly you use your phone bill I
we find increasingly amount of traffic coming
straight from people cell it we can determine where weather
traffic incoming from that of corporate coming
from a mobile phone and it Google even
recognize it that this was a huge trend started
happen and they made it a actually they made it
harder algorithm that somebody who it mobile friendly
birthday someone who is not it is going to break
higher in so many not mobile friendly mediate
it is your website ET navigate on a small L aren’t
you able to you find a phone number easily
are you know the menu items it packed the
right side day a you know images pictures it menu
items appear correctly you it back correctly and I around 80
play for a change how how their algorithm work and me
found that are like that %um sure-fire make sure
they’re all over writer not only mobile friendly we’re working on getting
there mobile responsive meaning that they look good I’m any
device they’re not just looking good on a desktop or laptop but also looking good on I have it for right now about and no I’ll again I at
work on board I want you we’re about to jump in in very %uh
external here so you have question I really want remind you guys talkin are haggling over after question
said that we have the ability to answer your question here at the end cell I read residents turned out here
for you and II what you did think about them for
attacking while you’re in there are making your
web site mobile friendly and you know if your that means changing
it actually in helping stack are changing how how
big your your taxes how images look here on your
site other thing that you’re going to want to think about at including are you know back to my
migrated ample you’re gonna want to include my for data and schema and your targeted
content so I was talking about my library again
Google is our librarian are the Internet in the
library your essay the book might for data is kinda like
looked at you decimal code is on the end that’s fine
if your website we’re thing hate my period exactly the kind
information out where we should be located within
the huge library the Internet i’ma roofing contractor Eve mark me as a roofing contractor and show
me people that are booking for proving contractor
I’m probably try and include schema which is kinda at different
heights with my crazy that we’re trying to say I’m a local business I N I and this is my this is exactly my
phone number exactly my %uh exactly address in all
the information in be included in %uh indexing Yahoo are infecting your site and get
white-hot more about you why don’t you should also include
your targeted content locations if they can entice contact the
people it’s not it good that you included a
photo you say where that photo was taken it is
they who took it he say what company you represent or
even what you I great that you have reviews listed on
your site you explaining you-know-who who sent that for you late
what what time yes was where did it come from water
that quarter net how how authoritative our
teacher is that we’re talking about and he gave you a little bit a left here
I wanna say that beating you can you man really you credit you have a choice I’ll
having someone hired someone for near a adair Nokia include all the title nine
your site I you create act then you’re probably
talking about a hundred dollars per hour and day I need to include he migrated all the information I
include years targeted information for me on and you know we’ve had people who do not
it difficult and it it pain and we have a lot at ok
I’m I know that have it did you call taking care I’ll multiple night I time trying to leverage having multiple I multiple a businesses with different I me small
club here i wanna talk about here GA switching at
sure-fire Martin named act on the go and Jen
mentioned I N you know kinda expert here sure-fire so
I I always get really excited when I be
there a kind-hearted decided to include you part of their acted because I know as
being responsible for their weed I know that they’re going to are due a lot better than to my client
that might not I might not including cutie are packet
yeah ideally the idea is that you’re able it
take a photo of a job that you’re doing include a brief text about what’s going
on what problem you just all so you’re
checking in with book what location he were and you’re
able to I’m also ask for reviews from a high and
many you are able to do that all from your I’ll
again you guys mention you are all using your phone out on
appeal and you’re using it for more thing this accomplishes bull checkin on that
he obeys content including Yuma and micro data on your
site so that that Dewey Decimal code and
mention they didn’t believe him at auction and were also may be sure to include
reviews from client and then we also are able hasn’t shared a few Facebook and
Twitter meet me are able it a lot of things here
week redeveloped Guga other way
two-and-a-half accomplished although you think I need in one fell swoop and making it very easy for our high out appears to be able to accomplish all
the things on the dow cell let me talk about what you know I should ask yourself the question real
fast for me maybe you don’t actually have a visible location or US physical
location but need a way to target other outside your service area out here it
might be the answer for you here I’m your the
example what it’s going to look like my pics
install on your site you get it intractable google map it populate with
all the end of time here are actually job they’ve been performed and you’re
able here to go out to the field take a photo and that photo would automatically sync
years I you think they are big game party fiber cement siding I Beechworth window
at making progress they’re just doing at check in talking about an estimate it doesn’t
have to be a job they can be about anything either any kind to the event that they were you talking about this
the word never talk about you can get on here and with night did you know that they
didn’t mention anything about where they’re located underneath there it is near picker and
dry in Roseland New Jersey and important it’s already happening in
here on GPS so did busy away to get I geo-targeted information with the
hotel in appealing to vote customer and search
engine and we get all the information out there
in appeal to that recent the frequently in proximity section we
talked about earlier so again I’m I’m very excited about you
38 here I love talking about it I think it’s a
fantastic product and I’m will you know we’d love to hear
more from you that’s something that you would like to investigate further with us but are you know all be say all the things
they’re to a little bit review here you know it you have happy taking a look at the
content on your website make sure that the information you’re
trying to convey found within three seconds someone
visiting your site and make sure that you are also listed socially how how do you look on social
media how are you found online directory you have all your
consistent information on there and what kind is a what kind of way are you being found from people locally
on their cell how do you appeared somebody in search
when they visit your website and using you know remember to keep all
those thing I’m year in mind your you’re going
to see a major difference and and how your web site are town by people that are trying to find you okay yeah let’s go ahead and I final you little bit on the whole again for
you you know what to do now you guys are you feel more confident how
successful what I it you know if you can give me a
little be back here and tell me how how do you feel about a you know where what’s going on
here and actor I really appreciate everything
a huge an overwhelming yes to an elected you
here are it we want you guys is feel empowered
here and we want you to be able to take all the information with you cue either you know trying to find out
what to do next you know that that would be my biggest goal for my higher is you know I know kinda
know what to do but I think I i wanna go get started now and they know how to take care cell out actually i yet we’re kinda on a a on it a little bit more to look ahead okay as funny as let you want to
continue the conversation notable I’m it is it something that maybe you
want to talk more about we’re about the reading the same
question that has been hacked throughout I again you have any questions that are
lingering let’s talk a little bit more about it but then also let I’m you know it if this is if any of these items are something that
you guys would a like to continue the conversation will
have lost the contact information for you at the end and we can talk about trying to get the
thing implemented on your site so I’ll
excellent it looks like I got a little bit a picture so I think we’ll will go ahead and continue in personal
questions wrote back just you really make me happy question
wrote back one one question that he might are so
what are the questions that came and met Wireless so what should I do if we wanna rank in different areas actually
question so %uh you know get if some idiot is
ranking it let’s say you’re doing on thank you
and and we have our our information right here okay if you want
you have that shirt again that to look for how how are you
listed on a local directories and then also talking a little bit more specifically
about you but on your question how what can you do to
rank well different service area I’m gonna go back
to that he worked I’m gonna have day you should have a
page dedicated cue the services that you do in that
area know it you are me a briefer in it are Tysons Corner I would wanna have up a
page dedicated saying something like rubin Tysons
Corner another pH ripping a sterling virginia then another page dedicated routing up
regrouping roofing contractor in Reston Virginia
and I get me builder their I’ll webster fire with
you and that what we would do for a lot of
as the marketing strategy it that way make a whole page with about
300 you know 300-350 word dedicated copy shoe that service area and not service
and that we’re talking thing Lake you know
are you’re looking for roofing contractor in
in sterling virginia make sure that you take a look at in for
company here and you just go on Tuesday exactly what
kind of services you offer what kind manufacturer warranty you offer what kind other are how’s your
estimate process work and maybe the additional
services that you offer in that area and for further you know for further information all we
have a call to action at the bottom saying give us a call today for a free
estimate or get a quote now and so I I was just focused on having
different landing pages different pages focusing on key to the services in the
areas that he wanted on me think that show another question that
just came in at No from Brenda is if I just have to 110 or
redo my website in it hosted by them can i still
incorporate geologist %uh still requested be the quick answer
is yes and me I quietly crimes that fall into
that category and unit there are a few caveats and we’re looking we really love to work
with nice that are Word Press I’m but if you’re not
repressed be we had we have other site people that are
dotnet framework and we have other thing the first
question with the how is your your website are what it what it was
title with a you have what is the the MS in the
background are mode %uh what your website is and we worked with me work with other
marketing company who I’m you know me we say to them we’re
not trying to steal your client we’re just
trying to install something that is gonna book helped you and the client that the
marketing company and the client year I years you in a very powerful I had a conversation with a marketing
company recently he said I’m you know I would Insectarium healthy
here we were working together to install it on me like the client had bought it and eat
that this is very powerful you mind I as ever /url can I record 15 I wanna get it on
my other client site so week me have not when people
understand the value I’ll what he owes it does including all
that my true data and that really p the hyper-local information on the
site I’m me we’ve not had a lot of issue and
where were we have and high-end that on just happy
issues with that so it is a very easy after install on and it you know it works really really
well with the multitude website a great question okay got two more
questions here but maybe you can answer from you know both many in one answer
after first one is out what where offer local the worst track to be stalked your
website okay but other question is out what do I
do to set up a on my fitness peso maybe her hammer
those two together still on everything they are different
question still where where L as shit I V only thing I’m you word other than my website I would be
focusing on your directory your online
directories including in that you know when they ask you four
tell me about your business what your business information I would
make sure to include you were there I would include I love that crawl a book
to Google and Google are paying attention to all that information I’m I will still be paying attention %uh wherever you talk about your website
maybe I’m your your social media I would also be
including keywords important that you do there in blood
hope that you write you have a blog are you know on every
time we talk about your website are you talk about your
business I would be including their and then it’s already on a first that I’m getting your Google my business page
started I would a if you have a Google account the first
decade sign up for one if you don’t have one already and it they’re they’re free to do you
just typing you know it starter maker free Google
account and then you you sign up for Google but which you
you’ll see in the upper right hand corner yet the ability
you a I’m optimize a Google account your you click on your name your
name and you click on it no be able to see it
a lot that you want to have a Google cap you on a date yet and then you gonna do the object is making a
Google account it’ll feel very much like filling out a making a Facebook profile
and go left can be utilized that way you can you Google+ were sharing eating
invite your friends and all that in Perth the important part here is what he’s
been up for Google account you had delivered %uh are additional options
that you can do and usually goes the left hand corner me it’s at home and you click on that
you’re able to quit on pages that will you be able to a just got a little bit more out
creating Google+ whom I didn’t page waiting and
want you to do I’m you might not rely that your page already been created without creating
I’m Google sometimes will create know that a
business is located in that area so when I’m with you is I would go to
Google and search your business and you show up on the map she see if your
business is showing up as already having a Google page in st. it’s a lot easier if you find that is
already created you should be able to claim it any you
should be an option claimed business profile for your own
and that where you at active control over it until I’m in both cases I it was talking more about that we can
help ended up me you know I think we had we we may have a
blog post on am Not sure but we probably that one out the how you get
your Google my business page Starnet now happily been I want to thank you to bat for the
really Act one presentation that day and thank you John from the question thank you all for coming back
presentation we’re going to be sharing 11 are a me enough of it and he has
never won him could make it today and yeah we’ll be
finding out more information on future webinars the

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