April 7, 2020
Do You Wait For the Muse?

Do You Wait For the Muse?

Do you wait for the muse? Hi, I’m Brian Pombo welcome
back to Brian J. Pombo Live. Today we’re going to be talking about an
issue that is most common with artists and so forth where they wait for the muse
to enter their lives and to give them inspiration and I’m wondering whether
you do the same thing either for your creativity or for your business or
anything that you do professionally. Do you wait for it to hit you? We’re going to get into that a little bit, but first I wanted to give a quick
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you’re interested in what it’s talking, fill out the application. DreamBizChat.com, like I said, link is in the description. So let’s talk about creativity
and how it comes about. I’ve always been involved with creative
things all through my life. I’m not that artistic of a person. I don’t have one of these things that
I do really well that everyone looks to and goes, Ooh, ah, you know, but I’ve
always been interested in creativity. I’ve always been
interested in artsy things. I did theater and things like that
in High School and everything else. I mean, I played football and
everything too. I did everything. But when you’re interested
in those types of things, oftentimes the attitude is that you
have to wait for it to come to you. And if you do, it will
come to you eventually. If you’re waiting for it, whether
you’re creating a piece of art, whether it be form of creation, it’s going to eventually hit
you on its own. If you let it. The problem is you’re
always on IT’S schedule. You’re always waiting for some inspiration
to come out of the ether and hit you. One thing I found out, I found
this out relatively later in life. It doesn’t need to work that
way. I didn’t know that. I thought it had to work that way. I thought you had to wait
for these types of things, but there’s a lot of people who do this. When I started producing podcasts, started doing video chats like
the one we’re doing here today, that if I have it in my schedule, the creativity shows up. It just comes, it comes naturally. Once I start putting pen to paper,
if I’m talking about writing, the late great Gary Halbert
who was a marketing guru, he said that you just
got to start writing. You just got to start
putting pen to paper. If that’s your goal is to become a good
writer. You just have to start writing. And I’m not sure if he’s the one that
mentioned it or if it was someone else. It doesn’t matter. Even if you write down nonsense words
or you just wiggle your pin on the piece of paper, just start the process and eventually
something will start coming out and eventually those things that’ll
come out will take form. The more you train, it’s a habit. You can train your brain to be creative
at a certain time of day or a certain time of the week or or what have you. You can train it to happen every time
on command and it may not start up immediately. It may take a couple minutes to get going, but you can do it and you can train
yourself to tap into that part wherever it is in your mind and pull out
what’s needed for creativity. Now, it doesn’t mean you’re
going to be the best every time, but you’re going to create so much more
than you would have otherwise and you will find patterns and systems
to be able to build off of that. Now I look down on my notes because
I wrote down some ideas about this. Habits are a big thing about that
and having some form of a schedule, if there’s any way that you can set aside
a little bit of time for creativity, for whatever you need to be creative
about and test out different things. If you’re just trying to produce content, like when it comes to your
business and so forth, like we’ve talked about
before, try out doing video. It doesn’t matter whether
you show anyone the videos, try out recording your voice. Doesn’t
matter if anyone ever gets to hear it. Just start going through the
process, try out writing, try out doing it by hand or try typing
in a computer so one of these things is going to appeal to you more than another
and you ought to stick to that and start doing it on a
regular basis. If you do, you’ll get better and better and
the creativity will flow on its own. You’ll see it. It really does
work. I never believed that, like, really only the last couple of years
have I started doing this and it’s really had a huge effect and I could see that
if I did it in more areas of my life, I’d have an even better effect. Now you can see examples
of this out there. I was talking with Sean Douglas,
the producer of our podcasts, and he was saying that Adam Sandler, his production company puts
out real similar movies, cookie cutter movies, and then
they’ll expand out into other areas. Like they started doing kids’
movies and everything else, but they find a formula and they
pounded out one right after the other. You’ve got a lot of people
that will complain, well, those are just garbage movies. Well, yeah, but look at all the
people that watch them, look at all people that
pay for the tickets and
everything else. I mean, that’s pretty impressive. Also, James Patterson who writes books and I
don’t know how many he writes a year, I think he puts out a couple a year, if not every other year. But it’s consistent. I mean,
the guy has, I don’t know, hundreds of books. Go and look it up, James Patterson, and look at the fact that
they’re all best sellers. He hits it time after
time after time again, he’s found a pattern. He stuck with it. He doesn’t wait for the muse to hit him. He just produces and he produces
and he produces where you compare that to the a writer of Game of Thrones. What was his name? George
RR Martin or whatever. He still hasn’t finished the books
and they put out the TV show. The TV show went faster than he did
and he never finished the books in time because he’s waiting
for the muse to hit him. I believe he’s made statements
similar to that out there. So don’t be like that. If you can try and be a producer, it doesn’t matter if you produce
a whole bunch of garbage, you’re going to produce more gold in
the long run by just getting active, get in the movement and start
producing and don’t wait for the news. Hey, I hope this was helpful
for you. Come on back. Tomorrow we’re going to have another talk. I want to talk about the same type
of thing tomorrow as far as what it takes to actually get something
moving. If you haven’t started moving yet, what that’s going to take and what’s
one thing that might get in your way? We’ll talk about that
tomorrow. In the meantime, get out there and let the magic happen.

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