April 9, 2020
Do You Really Need to Stick to Just one Thing?? 🧐🧐

Do You Really Need to Stick to Just one Thing?? 🧐🧐

You’re not Elon Musk! Work on less things.
Focus You only need to pay attention to one thing
and do it Over & Over & Over Again and then yoou’ll
SUCCEED Thats the typical business advice that you
see online Or I see online anyway
As you can see from this channel, I am not following that at all
and I am gonna tell you why in this video Expert after Expert telling us that if we
focus on just one specific thing and get very good at that skill, we’ll succeed. And I thought that I was in the wrong for
a while cause I don’t have that kind of attention-span. I can’t work on one specific thing. I remember I even got into Agency business
because I wanted to work with multiple clients and multiple industries. I needed to be doing a million things at once
or else I would go crazy! I don’t know how people do just one thing. So, in this video I want to talk about how
‘Everything applies to everything else’ You might be wondering how am I able to run
a tshirt company? Now available Wohello.com
Run a consulting business for multi-million dollar companies? Experiment27.com, check us out if you wanna
meet billion-dollar brands. How am I able to release 3 YouTube videos
a week on this channel? And do business coaching and run Lorelia films
where we make documentaries for top business book authors (New York Times and Amazon Best-selling
Authors). And Garblic where we’ve worked with Pauly
Shore and a bunch of these comedians. And produce comedy shows, and make art, and
make music. How am I able to do all this stuff? Well, it comes down to one simple insight,
which is – Everything Applies to Everything Else. I’ll tell you a few stories so that its clear
what I am talking about here. I started this tshirt company – Wohello, and
I’ve documented that I think there’s two videos already up on this channel. We might have a third or fourth coming soon. So I came up with this Tshirt idea and it
required me to learn how to setup a shopify store, it required me to learn how to negotiate with
printfull and find a vendor to come up with these items. Creating Wohello gave me the confidence to
draw more. So, Tshirt company has influenced my Art. But also, Tshirt company, playing around with
shopify apps, has given us new ideas for our shopify company – SimpleApps. So, Tshirt company has influenced our software
business. Thats one. Walking into Art galleries, Buying Art, Negotiating
with vendors, that whole process of going through the art world and seeing those pricing
structures. I even talked about in the Martin Lawrence
Gallery video and a couple of these other videos. That inspired the changes to the coaching
pricing with Bumpsale. So there’s 2 on that actually. That inspired the changes to the coaching
pricing and finding Bumpsale. Which i did a review of last week or next
week, depending on how the schedule works out. But that also led to a new shopify idea, which
also improved SimpleApps. So the Art world has now improved Coaching
and SimpleApps and possibly X27 because we’re launching a group coaching program that I
haven’t announced yet. And a lot of the storytelling that is going
in the copy for these emails and the launch sequence comes from adding art to copy which
has come from the movie business. So, Garblic and Lorelia have influenced these
YouTube videos. Another way actually, Notice the lighting
is so much better on these videos thats because I got into film-making with Lorelia and with
Garblic. Notice the costuming is a lot better, that’s
because I am into clothing design – Wohello. Everything applies to everything else. Here’s another one that is like completely
out of the field. So, we’re pitching TV show ideas with Lorelia,
we don’t just make documentaries, but we’re talking to these NYT best-selling authors
to get permission to use their stories to pitch major networks. And one thing I realized from pitching shows
is- as soon as you come up with that concept for a show, all the episode ideas flow from
there. From instance when we were pitching our show-
International Tycoon, which got picked up from 1-episode run on Entrepreneur btw. So I am a filmmaker. As soon as we figured out the show was called
International Tycoon, it was me traveling around these developing countries to talk
about Entrepreneurship, all the ideas flowed from there. That has influenced the way we sell Art because
now and I’ll talk about this in a future video, I structure the way I draw and the way I paint,
and the way I sell these paintings around specific themes similar to how you sell a
TV show. For instance this painting behind me is part
of a series of Chinese Art called ‘Outsourcing Art’ and the setup that I came up with is. We’re gonna show the original picture that
this is based on. We’re gonna show the notes similar to that
mini-documentary on how I bought a painting from China. We might even show that documentary in the
gallery, just have it playing on loop. And then we’ll have this painting here. And that entire setup is what people are gonna
buy. So its not just selling once specific painting
or getting that painting into a gallery. By the way, this is all theoretical, I will
not run with this until its tested. I’ll get back to you in a few months how these
tests play out. But, we’re pitching based on that TV show
concept that we learned. Giving notes on movie scripts and improving
the flow and the story of those scripts at both Garblic and Lorelia has improved how
I give notes on cold emails, and its improved how I give notes to our YouTube video editors. So the moral here, or the lesson here is – Test
a lot, follow your passions because, you never know an insight from one of projects is going
to infleunce your main project. Or one of your passion project is going to
become your main project. You don’t know. And the way I am able to do so many projects
is by seeing that through-line. By recognizing that – Everything is the same
thing. If you want the proposal that we use at Lorelia to sell our video production, you can have that for free. Thats is at Experiment27.com/proposal. If you want the questions that we use at X27 to qualify marketing clients, you can have that for free as well. Experiment27.com/discovery If you want to work with X27 to grow your digital agency, you wanna work with billion-dollar brands, that is over at Experiment27.com If you want this shirt, that is the Basquiat over at Wohello.com Share this video if you want, and I’ll talk to you later. I am Alex Berman. Thanks for watching.

11 thoughts on “Do You Really Need to Stick to Just one Thing?? 🧐🧐

  1. Sticking to one thing and sticking to 1 job are different things boss, you're doing marketing, it would be a bad ideia for you to start farming.

  2. I think this is very true of anything in the creative space, and I was the same on my youth.

    But I don’t think it’s true of other things or areas. A man can focus on one thing and feed many … other focus on many and cannot feed themselves.

    It’s really is a case by case thing – and it’s takes someone being brutally honest with themselves.

    Great info for polymaths — but If you aren’t one then I think this approach can be dangerous.

    Lastly the ability and desire to do multiple things often means you should be an overseer as opposed to a worker — a broad knowledge and ability to understand all things but not master them as such, rather outsource them.

    Thanks for the upload always good for thought – have a great day Alex 👌♥️

  3. You might enjoy a book by Marlane Miller called Brainstyles. Let me know if you read it. It’s based on a ton of research. The author splits her time between Dallas and Aspen And it’s pretty accessible if you decide you ever want to interview her.

  4. LOL, love the video Alex! Hope you're doing amazing! See you at SumoCon again in 2019?

    Ping me… @jasonkeyz on almost everything!!

  5. Hey Alex could you make a video about building a lead generation company?? Getting mobile app or web design companies interested in lead generation has become very easy for me, thanks to your email script, but I've never been able to close any of them because I'm also not sure about how I can really find serious leads for the companies

  6. If you want to grow your business and start working with clients that can afford you, check out our free presentation at Email10k.com

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